The Symbiotic Relationship Between The Rabbit And The Black Panther Chapter 131 Spoiler Update

The Symbiotic relationship between the Rabbit and The Black Panther has been garnering attention for its fantasy theme, revolving around the romance of two animals and humans who are shape shifters, which makes it for an interesting combination and premise for a manga. 

Read the article further to know the plot line of the symbiotic relationship between the Rabbit and the black panther, its previous chapter summary, release date of chapter 131 and expected spoiler of the same.

The Symbiotic Relationship Between The Rabbit And The Black Panther Chapter 131 Spoiler

In chapter 131 we can see Evelyn trying to sneak Miss Rabbit into the estate and Lord Ahin is searching for his grandfather. As Miss Rabbit becomes restless in the bag where she is hiding, Evelyn excuses herself to leave the place to get some rest. 

But Lord Ahin beats her to it, and asks her to stop by pointing a sword at her. Miss Rabbit again tries to jump out of the bag, and this time, the rabbit ears are seen out of the bag and she is caught.

Lord Ahin is surprised by Evelyn excuses the situation by stating that she had brought in a rabbit that resembled Miss Rabbit to keep Lord Ahin company. Lord Ahin is clueless about the truth and instructs the rabbit to just stay out and that she will be returned to the academy the next day. 

Vivi, who has transformed into a rabbit at present, is shocked to see Lord Ahin’s cold behavior. He is quite possessive of his things and also Vivi’s belongings, and doesn’t let the rabbit into the living room or near any of the other things.

Vivi tries to jump in on him but is stopped by him and she tries to get to her doll, but again put on a stop by Lord Ahin stating that the doll is Vivi’s alter ego. Ahin wonders to himself that whenever he sees a white rabbit he could only think of Vivi. And he regrets asking her for his birthday present and risking Vivi’s life. 

But apparently Ahin had his death in his mind and it was an either-or situation, where either Ahin dies first or he goes through something that will likely kill Vivi.

Right then, Vivi deeply wishes for Ahin and her to stay together and she immediately transforms into human form. She says that they can hold each other and be together again, as she transforms into a human in front of Ahin’s eyes.

The Symbiotic Relationship Between The Rabbit And The Black Panther Chapter 130 Recap

Dojun will still be alive after getting shot, but he will be crippled. Eunha will try to hide him, but she could be caught. There may be sadness in the world. She might be tired and shocked to see her dad with them. I will try to steal her.

With the help of Dojun, Eunha will turn into a bunny and run away from the hunter. She’ll put something over his cut and take care of it. She might even reach out and touch Minho, Jihyun, and Seoyeon, their friends and partners.

Eunha is going to talk to her dad about chasing shapeshifters while leaving her behind. To get her to sign up, he will tell her about his past and why he wants to do it. He could also show the secret of her birth and how the shapeshifters were made.

Dojun is going to see Eunha and her dad in the morning. He’ll feel hurt, and angry, and think she betrayed him. The fact that he thinks he’s not good enough for her will make him feel awkward and unimportant.

No matter how hard he tries to push her away, she will tell him she loves him and stays with him.

Dojun and Eunha will fight hunters with people they know and trust. The bad guys will win and get away, but they’ll lose things and get hurt. They might even learn that companies other than hunters are after them.


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