Codename Anastasia Chapter 37 Spoiler Revealed

Codename Anastasia Chapter 37 is a Korean manhwa series.2024 will be a big year for Manhwas. Many famous series will start new ones or release new chapters of old ones. After Chapter 36 ended, Wondering about Chapter 37’s release in Codename Anastasia.

Codename Anastasia Chapter 37 Spoiler

The previous chapter ended by leaving fans at a peak. This chapter will answer the questions that were left unanswered in the previous chapter and how Taejkoo and Zhenya are going to confront their enemies will be seen. Let’s decode the upcoming chapter, and what is expected to happen in Chapter 37:

The chapter may start with the injured Taekjoo discussing with Zhenya what to do next. They stay confused, about whether to fight back or flee away. With FSB and NIS agents surrounding them and guns pointed in their direction, they know they must act fast to survive.

They try to find a moment of clarity and realize that if they simply fight back may result likely to their deaths. They discuss and opt for a strategic plan to retreat the FSB.

They will discover the truth behind the murder of Petrov, and they find that someone is betraying them.

The injuries of Taekjoo will continue to worsen, which may make it difficult for him to fight more. Zhenya will come to help Taekjoo and try to lead correctly through the twisted maze ahead to Anastasia.
The FSB member who shot Taekjoo will report the incident and Zhenya is helping him, making them suspect the actions of Zhenya and doubts on what he is up to.

His background will be revealed in this episode and his connection with Anastasia will be shown up.

Through cunning and resourcefulness, Taekjoo and Zhenya discover Anastasia’s truth and use control forces to survive as they explore the risky streets of Russia.

Codename Anastasia Chapter 37 Spoiler

Codename Anastasia Chapter 36 Recap

The previous episode witnessed the development of brotherhood between Kwon Taekjoo and Zhenya. While confronting the FSB members, Taekjoo gets attacked by one of the gang. Zhenya comes to help the injured Taekjoo, with his medical knowledge and quick decision-making ability.

Taekjoo understands Zhenya is not an ordinary man, and he has something connecting to the Anastasia project. He tries to understand his past and immediately creates a friendship between them.
He’ll express his feelings to Kwon Taekjoo. He’ll ask for his confidence. He will claim to be an undercover agent rather than a criminal. His responsibility is to prevent the criminal usage of firearms. In addition, he will reveal to Kwon Taekjoo his true identity and his relationship with Anastasia.

There are FSB and NIS officers all around Kwon Taekjoo and Zhenya, and they appear prepared to open fire. They are unsure about whether to flee or fight back. The chapter concludes quickly. We’re left wondering what their next move will be. They have astronomical odds. Both agencies’ agents are encircling them. The agents aim their weapons at them.

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