Is Darcy Moore gay? Darcy Moore’s  Career, Biography and Net Worth

Darcy Moore is one of the popular stars of Collingwood Football Club. The football club is a professional Australian rules football club that competes in the Australian Football League. The AFL is based on Melbourne, Victoria, where this league is an elite competitive sport in Australia.

This article has got you covered about the rising and popular Star Darcy Moore, his personal details, his winnings, and records.

Read the entire article to know the latest gossips about him.

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Who is Darcy Moore?

Darcy Moore is an Australian Football player who plays for the Australian rules football. He is a star player for Collingwood Football Club.

He is the son of the famous former player of Collingwood, Peter Moore. Peter Moore was part of the Collingwood team and was the captain of the team.

Darcy Moore also played for the Oakleigh Chargers in the TAC Cup. He was scouted by the Collingwood Football Club in 2014, and Darcy Moore has been the captain of the team since 2023 leading the team to success.

He was initially a key defender and later on became the team captain.

Who is Darcy Moore
Full NameDarcy Moore
Date of birth25 January 1996
Age28 years
Occupation Footballer 
EducationCarey Baptist Grammar School, The University of Melbourne
Original teamOakleigh Chargers (TAC Cup)
Height6 feet 8 inches
Weight100 kg 
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Is Darcy Moore Gay?

No, Darcy Moore has kept his personal life under wraps and any rumours surrounding his sexuality is false. He has not publicly commented or discussed his sexual preference or dating life in any news or magazines.

The fans of the star are often on the lookout for any juicy revelations regarding his dating life.

The rumours surrounding his sexuality arose as he was not publicly dating anyone, or news regarding any possible link-ups with girls were less. The lack of his dating news or history regarding his dating life were not revealed online, thus leading to him being rumoured as gay.

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What Is Darcy Moore Sexuality?

Any speculations regarding his sexuality or sexual preference is unknown, but as far as the reports online are concerned he is straight and any possibility of him being gay is remotely not possible.

Rumors are circulating that he might probably be gay, as he has not been clicked or seen around goofing with women or girls of his age.

He was mostly seen practicing or playing and around his teammates thus leading to the speculations of being gay.

Who Is Darcy Moore Dating partner?

Dee Salmin and Darcy Moore are dating according to certain sources.

According to Herald Sun, Darcy Moore and Dee Salmin are dating and it was confirmed when they both stepped out together. Dee Salmin is a known relationship specialist and a Triple J presenter.

During the opening night of Moulin Rouge, they made their first public appearance together, starting discussions and speculations regarding their relationship.

They also made an appearance together on the red carpet for the Brownlow Medal 2023 event, apparently hinting at the confirmation of their relationship.

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Darcy Moore Dating History Explained

Darcy Moore is currently dating Dee Salmin who is a Triple J presenter. And his earlier dating history and relationship details are not revealed.

He was rumored to be gay as he wasn’t found with anyone close other than his teammates.

In 2023, he and Dee Salmin made it quite official by attending events and red-carpet appearances together. Darcy Moore was rumored to be dating Jamie Elliott.

The news of them dating and the rumor surrounding it went popular on social media handle, TikTok but was not officially confirmed by both parties.

Is Darcy Moore Married?

No, he is not. Darcy Moore is not married and this 27-year-old player of AFL was seen at different events with Dee Salmin whom he is currently dating.

They appeared together for the opening night of Moulin Rouge and also appeared together for a red-carpet event of Brownlow Medal 2023.

Is Darcy Moore Married

How Darcy Moore started His Career?

Darcy Moore played Junior Football at the Ivanhoe Junior Football Club and as a part of Kew Comets in the Yarra Junior Football League.

He was the captain of Oakleigh Chargers in the 2014 TAC Cup Season. He was drafted by Collingwood in 2014 AFL draft, which comes under the father-son rule.

He made his debut in AFL against Hawthorn in the 2015 season. He made his first goal against the Western Bulldogs in Round 17.

He was appointed as the Collingwood Captain in 2023 after nearly 10 years of his role as a key defender in the team.

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Why is Darcy Moore very famous?

Darcy Moore got more popular and gained a solid footing in his career after his win in AFL in 2023. He took up the leadership position of captain for the Collingwood Football Club.

This Magpie star was always gaining attention for his looks accompanied with a flower boy blond hair. His consistent work in the field and skills as the captain of the team and a key defender brings in victory for the team.

Darcy Moore’s father is also a former football player, but he hasn’t won any major finals of the game. Darcy Moore was more praised for his good looks and ability to lead the team with good defending and planning strategies.

Darcy Moore Career

After being recruited by Collingwood in the 2014 AFL draft, in the father-son rule period, he was much more noticed and gained prominence solely owing to his skills and attractive appearance.

Darcy got the Jersey number 30 to wear and the amazing coincidence is that his father used to wear the same number on his jersey during his time of being a player in AFL.

His straight five goals against Western Bulldogs gained him recognition and made him a player to look out for in the AFL association while competing against him.

Family Background

Darcy Moore was born on 25th January 1996, to Peter Moore, who is a well-known former football player of the AFL in the Collingwood club. His mother is Jane Moore and with a talented gene in sports, especially in football, he was into sports right from a young age.

Personal life

Darcy is often praised for his skills in the game with his speed and agility as scoring points for his skilled game. He is also praised for being a tall forward and a key defender.

He has a history with Collingwood as his father Peter Moore was also a former Collingwood Captain. He was also a dual Brownlow medalist. He was stated to have completed his education in the University of Melbourne.


Darcy Moore is dating Dee Salmin at present. He was rumored to be dating Jamie Elliott as discussions and speculations regarding their close relationship were under scrutiny. He was also rumored to be gay as he wasn’t publicly seen with any girls in terms of dating.

Nominations and Honours

He is part of the Collingwood club, which partakes in AFL competition which is one of the highly hailed football leagues. He was a key defender before getting appointed as the captain for the team in 2023.

Award Winnings

Darcy Moore is the captain of the Collingwood team under AFL, Australia. He was awarded the Bob Rose award for his game as the Collingwood Player of the finals in 2023.

He was recognised for his skills and talent and was chosen as the honorary representative of AFL 22 under 22 team.

He was awarded the AFL rising star nominee in 2016 for his round 19 play, and was recognised as a Victorian Representative Honours in Bushfire relief match in 2020. Copeland Trophy was awarded to him for being the Collingwood’s best and fairest player in 2021.

Darcy Moore Net worth 2024

Darcy Moore’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million dollars and some speculate that his net worth may range from $1.5 million to $5 million dollars.

His income mostly arises from his professional career of being a football player for the Collingwood club in Australia and in playing for leagues like AFL.

He is often praised and highly helmed for his speed, agility and leadership which bring consecutive wins for the team and also makes for an interesting and strategic game.

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FAQS about Darcy Moore

What is Darcy Moore studying?

Darcy Moore is currently studying a Masters of International Relations.

Who is Darcy Moore's father?

Darcy Moore’s father is the famous Australian footballer Peter Moore.

What nationality is Darcy Moore?

Darcy Moore is Australian by nationality.

Is Darcy Moore Married?

No, he is not. Darcy Moore is not married.

What is Darcy Moore's net worth?

Darcy Moore’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million dollars.

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