Is David Cholmondeley Gay? David Cholmondeley’s Career, Biography and Net Worth

Do you know the latest tea regarding the British Royal Family? This time the news is about THE David George Philip Cholmondeley!

The latest gossip is that David Cholmondeley is GAY and isn’t able to hide it in the closet anymore! Is it really true? Or is it a way to shame David and his spouse?

In this article we will cover David Cholmondeley‘s royal life, his career, dating history, sexuality, spouse, achievements, honors and so much more! So read this entire article to know this latest gossip.

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Who is David Cholmondeley?

David Cholmondeley or, David George Philip Cholmondeley is the 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley as well as the former Lord Great Chamberlain of the United Kingdom. (He retired on September 8, 2022).

He was born on June 23, 1960, and so currently he is 63 years old! He is currently living in Houghton Hall with his family. He also owns Cholmondeley Castle.

He is the descendent of two great families: The Rothschild family and the Sassoon family. David Cholmondeley, by profession is a filmmaker and goes by the name David Rocksavage.

He and his wife Rose Hanbury have been reported to be great friends with Prince William and his wife the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton.

Who is David Cholmondeley
Full Name David George Philip Cholmondeley (7th Marquess of Cholmondeley)
Date of birth27 June 1960
Age63 years
Country of CitizenshipUnited Kingdom
ResidenceHoughton Hall Cholmondeley Castle
EducationEton College; Heatherdown Preparatory School
OccupationPolitician, Businessman, Film Director, Aristocrat, Film Producer, Screenwriter
Position heldLord Great Chamberlain, Member of the House of Lords (1990–2022)
SpouseRose Cholmondeley (Marchioness of Cholmondeley) 
FatherHugh Cholmondeley (6th Marquess of Cholmondeley)
MotherLavinia Leslie
Noble titleMarquess of Cholmondeley (Hugh Cholmondeley, 6th Marquess of Cholmondeley, 7, 1990–)
Earl of Rocksavage (courtesy title, 1968–1990)
Viscount (courtesy title, 1960–1968)
Award receivedKnight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order; Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic

Is David Cholmondeley Gay?

David Cholmondeley has been rumored to be gay owing to the fact that he married Rose Hanbury who was much younger than him (David is just 8 years younger than Rose’s father). This rumor has blown up ever since Rose’s friends have reported that Rose has been feeling isolated and lonely lately.

This is probably because David spends most of his time away from work due to work. Some tabloids reported to have seen David without his wedding ring while he was attending a Trump State Dinner.

The couple has been tight-lipped and haven’t given any explanation regarding the missing wedding ring which is peeking everyone’s curiosity. Tabloids also report that David spends most of his time in France where his best friend François-Marie Banier lives. These two have been incredibly close for years and it has sparked some rumors that they might be more than just friends.

However, there is no solid evidence to support the fact that David is gay and his marriage with Rose is just a cover up.

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What Is David Cholmondeley Sexuality?

David Cholmondeley has always been thought to be straight because he has always been looked at as ‘a catch among the blue bloods’.

Since he is a public figure and that to a royal one, he seems to be very conservative about topics like sexuality and gender. His friendship with François-Marie Banier have been best friends since the 1980s. They have been reported to buy a Parisian house together where they party hard during their young years.

These inside details have surfaced right after the rumor of Prince William cheating on Kate Middleton with Rose Hanbury spread like a wildfire.

Is there more to just friendship with the French novelist or is it a secret love? As of now David has not come clean about his sexuality, but his actions are highly suspected to be “classic closeted gay behavior”

Who Is David Cholmondeley Dating partner?

David Cholmondeley had been dating for fun since his young days and had always been called the perfect charming rich man every woman wishes to marry. However, only Rose Hanbury was able to win over the high value man.

It is said that the royal couple met when David was 42 and Hanbury was just 19! The shocking age difference does make our heads turn but we don’t judge here!

The couple started dating in 2006 when the model was 23 (some even say they had been secretly dating since she was 19 and it  brought quite a shock in the royal society).

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David Cholmondeley: Dating History Explained

David has dated a long list of high-profile beauties, from French filmstar Isabelle Adjani and Irish heiress Sabrina Guinness! (Sabrina also dated King Charles III as well).

David then met his future wife Rose at a scandalous Italian party. Why scandalous? Well because the host of the party Lord Lambton was seen in the bed smoking Marijuana with two sex workers and the shocking photos left a bad taste in the netizens’ mouth and Lord Lambton’s image of being as conservative MP was shattered into pieces.

After the party, it’s said that the couple grew more serious about their relationship and finally got hitched.

Is David Cholmondeley Married?

Our royal playboy David is beautiful British model Rose Hanbury’s husband. They got engaged in June 2009 and Rose’s mother Emma made her daughter’s pregnancy announcement.

They got married in the same month at Chelsea Town Hall in London. The event was reported to be private and these huge events happening one after the other within the same month shocked Britain.

To the people their marriage is often regarded as scandalous but it was reported that the couple was very much in love and after Rose gave birth to her twins, Alexander Hugh George (Xan) and Oliver Timothy George, the hate comments about the couple seemed to turn into congratulatory ones.

Is David Cholmondeley Married

How did David Cholmondeley start his Career?

David Cholmondeley made his name in Film making and chose to go by David Rocksavage (derived from his title Earl of Rocksavage), in the film industry.

David has not only made films like The Wreck (better known as Shadows in the Sun) in 2009 starring Jean Simmons and James Wilby but has acted in Eric Rohmer’s “4 aventures de Reinette et Mirabelle” of 1987.

He was appointed as Lord Great Chamberlain during Queen Elizabeth’s reign and retired after her death on September 8, 2022.

Why is David Cholmondeley very famous?

David Cholmondeley was initially very famous for being the perfect ladies’ man because of his immense wealth, good looks, and charm.

He became even more famous because of dating a much younger partner, Rose Hanbury and then marrying her hastily within a month of their engagement.

For a long time, he was out of the media’s eyes but then again the rumors of Rose Hanbury cheating on David with Prince William surfaced online and poor David and his history got dragged online.

People criticized him for staying quiet about the situation and he started to face allegations of being queer. Many even pointed out that Rose and David don’t seem to be a happy couple anymore and there are friends who have secretly informed the tabloids.

David was also seen not wearing his wedding ring at one of Trump’s State parties. David just can’t seem to get off the spotlight!

David Cholmondeley Career

David Cholmondeley recently became the Lord in waiting for King Charles III in May 2023 at the King’s Coronation. Before this he served as Lord Great Chamberlain from 1990 to 2022.

He was replaced by Lord Rupert Carrington who is the 7th Baron Carrington.

Aside from his royal duties, David Cholmondeley has made movies like Shadows in the Sun and Other Voices, Other Rooms

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Family Background

David Cholmondeley comes from a very wealthy and royal background. He is the son of Hugh Cholmondeley, 6th Marquess of Cholmondeley, and Lavinia, Marchioness of Cholmondeley.

He has three older sisters: the Ladies Rose, Margot (who got married to Tony Huston) and Caroline (married to Baron Rodolphe d’Erlanger).

Personal life

David Cholmondeley is a family man. He and his wife Rose Hanbury have 3 children, two twin boys and a daughter named Lady Iris Cholmondeley, who was born in March 2016.

Alexander bears the title of Earl of Rocksavage as the heir to the Marquessate, while his brother Oliver is known as Lord Oliver Cholmondeley.


Currently David Cholmondeley is married to Rose Hanbury and their marriage seems to be a matter of gossip.

Some say that the couple is on the verge of getting divorced.

David has been associated with his best friend French novelist François-Marie Banier but as of now it is known that he is just a very old and trusted friend of David.

Nominations and Honors

David Cholmondeley was honored as a Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order for a whopping 17 years of his service as Lord Great Chamberlain.

He was nominated for this honor in the Queen’s Birthday Honors List for 2007. Lord Cholmondeley also received a Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order in the Honors list on the demise of Queen Elizabeth II.

He has also earned the post nominal letters DL for serving as Deputy lieutenant of Norfolk County.

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Award Winnings

Some of the awards David Cholmondeley has won are the UK Version of the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal in 2002, the Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012 and was given titles like Viscount Malpas (27 June 1960-16 September 1968), Earl of Rocksavage (16 September 1968-13 March 1990) and The Marquess of Cholmondeley (13 March 1990-present)

David Cholmondeley Net worth 2024

The Sunday Times had estimated the networth of David Cholmondeley to be about £60 million ($76.6 million) during the time of his marriage.

He owns an estate worth up to £112 million (close to $126 million) which he inherited in the 1990s.

Though David’s net worth in 2024 is not yet published, it is estimated to be somewhere between $100 Million to $150 Million. David Cholmondeley is living a royal and luxurious life and his net worth proves it.

FAQS about David Cholmondeley

Who are the children of David Cholmondeley 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley?

David and Rose have three Children, two twin boys and a daughter named Lady Iris Cholmondeley.

Who is the current Marquess of Cholmondeley?

David Cholmondeley, 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley.

Who are the twins of Lord Cholmondeley?

The heir apparent is Alexander Hugh George Cholmondeley, Earl of Rocksavage, the elder of the twin sons. His younger twin brother is Lord Oliver
Timothy George Cholmondeley.

What is the net worth of David Cholmondeley?

David’s net worth in 2024 is not yet published, it is estimated to be somewhere between $100 Million to $150 Million.

Are Kate Middleton and Rose Hanbury friends?

Rose’s friendship with Kate Middleton, whom she met after she got married, has been well chronicled.

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