Nano Machine Chapter 196 Spoiler Update

Nano Machine is a Korean manhwa series. This article is here to keep you updated on the previous chapter 195, the spoiler for the upcoming chapter 196, the plot of Nano Machine, and the release date of chapter 196. 

Nano Machine Chapter 196 Spoiler 

  • The deadliest threat is seen as the Heavenly Demonic Cult, a strong and independent group of Murim.
  • Individuals connected to the cult, including its leader, broke into the Imperial Palace without warning, which has led to suspicions of ulterior intentions.
  • In response to questions about their identity, the group leader says they are innocent and that the hair change is due to a special way of growing plants.
  • By protocol, the guards have to handle the situation politely and tell their bosses about it so that they can take further action.
  • A growing worry about breaking the non-aggression deal with Murim raises tensions.
  • If the guardians upset the sensitive balance, they think about what might happen as a result of their actions.
  • Despite efforts to keep things calm and quiet, the cult leader’s threat is still a real problem.
  • The non-aggression pact’s future is unclear, and tensions are rising, making the situation difficult.

  • Section 196 spoilers hint at the ongoing conflict between the Imperial Palace and the Heavenly Demonic Cult, leaving readers eagerly expecting how this complicated and intense storyline will end.
Nano Machine Chapter 195 recap

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Nano Machine Chapter 195 Recap

In the previous chapter, since the time of the First Emperor, when the government and the Murim, a group that could pose a threat at any time, made a deal not to attack each other, the Guardian Hall has kept the Imperial Palace safe. 
The Heavenly Demonic Cult is the most dangerous of the Murim. It’s like an independent army with thousands of devoted members. 

According to reports, cult members would do anything their boss told them to, even if it meant risking their lives. Because of this, the sudden arrival of people connected to the cult makes people think there are hidden agendas.

When asked about his name, one person, who is probably the cult leader, admits to trespassing but says he is innocent by saying that his unusual hair color change is because of how he cultivates plants. The guards are being careful because they know the situation is delicate, even though they broke the rules. 

They are trying to solve the problem diplomatically because they know how important the cult boss is. However, there is a lot of doubt because it’s not clear what the cult leader really wants. 

Adding to the stress is the thought of breaking the non-aggression pact and starting a fight with Murim. As things get worse, the guards think about what they should do next and how their choices might affect others. 

As the fight gets tougher, the guards have to figure out how to keep things under control while facing a strong enemy. Even though everyone is trying to find a peaceful solution, the cult leader’s danger is still very real, so the guardians are getting ready for anything that could happen. Dealing with uncertainty and rising tensions, the non-aggression pact’s future is unclear, and bad things could happen soon.

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