Villain To Kill Chapter 139 Spoiler Alert | Gadam Vilzone stands ready to meet any threats with alarms

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Villain To Kill Chapter 139 Spoiler

When Cassian is presented with the opportunity to join his brother, he will decline it and instead opts to work against him.

The promises made by his brother will be disregarded by him, and he will continue to be faithful to his current way of life and friendships.

In addition to this, he will make an effort to discover the objectives and methods that his siblings use.

Cassian’s followers will join him in the fight and lend their help after they have entered the arena.

They will likely be taken aback and perplexed by the information about Cassian’s brother, which will cause them to inquire about his history and the true nature of his identity. In addition to this, they will come across further foes who are looking for the artifact.

Uncovering the underlying malignant force that is driving events, possibly only making a passing allusion to it, is going to happen.

The scheme that they have devised, as well as their connections to Cassian and his sibling, will become clear to us. In addition, we will have the opportunity to learn about their goals for the artifact as well as its capabilities.

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Villain To Kill Chapter 138 Recap

A very dramatic and action-packed fight is about to take place, and things are starting to get ready for it in Villain to Kill Chapter 138 which is titled Invasion by the Seven Captains.

Cassian has instructed the oil fields that are located in the vicinity of Seoul to gather together to be ready for an assault by the Seven Captains to take place.

Because it is equipped with alarms, tracking systems, and the most capable forces that it can dispatch directly to any crime site, Gadam Vilzone is prepared to deal with any threat that may arise.

Because Gaichi claims to be a member of an assaulting organization, Juac unexpectedly extends an invitation to Gaichi to come over for steak and to make business agreements. This invitation could prove to be risky.

A scenario that was already unstable is made even more difficult by the fresh information that has come to light.

When Don King suddenly appears, he not only makes things much more challenging for Cassian, but he also makes it abundantly evident that he is trying to demonstrate his authority and dominance.

There is a big battle between Cassian and the invaders that is going to take place in the upcoming installment of the series, which gives the impression that it will be quite interesting.

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