Serena Chapter 77 Spoiler Revealed

Serena is a Korean manhwa series. In chapter 76, the main characters made a lot of progress. The next part, 77, will be out soon.

In this article, we have accumulated everything you should know about the new chapter. Read the article until the end to learn more about Serena Chapter 77’s spoilers, recap, and much more.

Serena Chapter 77 Spoiler 

The chapter starts with what happened after the main character and their partner had a surprise kiss.

The main character is dealing with strong feelings. They are unsure about their growing relationship.

There are marks on the main character’s neck that show physical closeness and love.

The main character thinks about how they interacted with a character named Frederick. This makes their mental problems more complicated.

They’re not sure what to do and need time to get used to being so close to their partner all of a sudden.

When the partner goes, the main character is left to think alone. They begin to doubt the truth of their experiences.

There is a new character who challenges the main character’s actions and presence.

The main character goes to a lake to find peace, which is a metaphor for looking for truth.

They say they feel like hurting themselves. They also say that they want their partner more.

There is tension and hesitation to share personal details. This happens when questions about the partner’s past and family come up.

The partner’s cautious answers make them more mysterious and keep the reader interested.

This chapter sets the stage for more exploration. It will show how the characters’ interactions change and grow.

Serena Chapter 77 Spoiler

Serena Chapter 76 Recap

In the last chapter, the main character was having a hard time dealing with their strong feelings after a surprise kiss. Along with this, they don’t understand what their partner’s behaviors mean. It’s told in the form of a river of thought. 

There are a lot of confused and mixed-up thoughts in this piece. The plan gets harder when you add marks. The sudden link with a character named Frederick does too. There is doubt about the main figure. They need some time to think about what’s going on. This makes me wonder if their conversations are sincere.

After that, the main character is left alone to think about what took place. The quiet is different from the pain of the kiss. When their partner left, it was quiet. The main character isn’t sure if this strange event is real or just a dream. This makes them worry about how quickly Selena acts.

A new person comes onto the scene. They question what the main figure does and why they are there. The story is now different. Thoughts are still keeping the main character busy. They find peace and quiet by thinking near a lake, which is a metaphor for getting clear. The characters’ talks get less clear. Self-destruction is talked about, and a wish is made.

The main character has a lot of different emotions. They think about doing what makes them happy. The tone then changes to having a look at oneself. It gets more important to trust and understand each other. This makes you wonder more about the partner’s past and family ties. The way someone answers shows that they don’t want to share private information. Their family is giving them trouble.

In the last part, the partner won’t trust the main character, no matter what. They also don’t want to understand them. They’d rather not talk about private things. The partner’s relaxed attitude makes things more mysterious. It makes the reader wonder about the motives and pressures that are hidden. 

The story’s emotional ups and downs set the scene. It makes us want to learn more about how complicated people are. It shows how things change between them over time.

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