Oshi No Ko Chapter 143 Spoiler Revealed

Fans all over the world love reading manga and comics about sports. The manga series Oshi No Ko has more than 143 chapters, and there are no plans to end any time soon. Since chapter 142 came out not long ago, manga fans have been eagerly awaiting the next chapter. 

Here, we’ll talk about all the information we have on when Oshi No Ko Chapter 143 will come out, which could include spoilers and comments on previously published chapters.

Oshi No Ko chapter 143 Spoiler 

The story has Ruby and Aqua kissing, but Ruby thinks Aqua might not love her as much as she does.

Akane had a similar experience with Aqua. She tells Ruby what happened. She suggests that Aqua may have been thinking about someone else when they kissed.

As a result of Akane’s hint to Ruby that Aqua might like Kana, Ruby confronts Kana about marijuana.

After initially denying having feelings for Aqua, Kana finally says, “What if I do?” in Aqua’s presence, indicating that she likes him.

After hearing Kana’s confession, Aqua might understand his feelings. She might find an answer to the “friendzone” problem.

Ruby and Aqua may have kissed and stayed close. But Aqua may struggle to feel romantic feelings for Ruby. This is due to his complicated emotions and unsolved problems.

This raises questions. It’s about Aqua’s personal growth and true romantic feelings. Later chapters of Oshi No Ko will need clear explanations. They will explain any sudden love developments.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 143 Spoiler

Oshi No Ko Chapter 142 Recap

In the previous chapter, Ruby and Aqua had many different feelings. But their bond as siblings is stronger. It comes from having been through the same things. Their bond is stronger than their temporary jobs as doctor and patient. Ruby said she never thought of Aqua as a brother. 

But the situation suggests she may have been pretending. She did it to get back at Aqua for hurting her by accidentally telling Ai’s secrets. Aqua’s feelings for Ruby, who has been his sister for a long time, go back before he met Sarina. This suggests a deep and lasting love between family members.

Aqua’s feelings for Sarina are complicated and lean toward a non-romantic world. They are mixed with his genuine admiration for Gorou, the caring persona he used to play. As the years go by, brotherly love has grown stronger. It has stood the test of time. This has made Aqua even less comfortable with the idea of lovingly embracing Ruby.

In her second life, Ruby searched for Gorou. This suggests a deep link, like Aqua’s search for justice for Ai. But she didn’t seem to feel anything when she found out that Aqua and Gorou were the same person. This lack of feeling raises problems. 

The difference comes when she begs Aqua to kiss her like Sarina would have kissed Gorou. This blurs the lines between her past and present selves.

Ruby may not be in direct conflict. She has a more nuanced view of how Aqua changed. She knows that he is no longer Gorou, but Aqua. Emotional arguments can make people say things they don’t mean. 

But Ruby doesn’t seem to be upset about Aqua’s dual nature. This makes her character more mysterious. Readers want to know more about her feelings in this complicated sister relationship.

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