Ao Ashi Chapter 363 Spoiler Revealed

Ao Ashi is in an exciting stage right now, and each story makes fans wonder what will happen next. The well-known comic comes out every week all over the world.

We will also talk about when Chapter 363 will come out and what it might be about in Ao Ashi. Read all the way through to find out more. 

Ao Ashi chapter 363 Spoiler 

Mr. Santos With headphones on, Edwin is seen dancing while watching the game from the stands. Eddie meets Real’s DF Sefina Lera and FW Albio, who had seen Edwin score a hat trick earlier in the game.

Although Edwin asks if Albio is watching Demian, who is his foe, Albio thinks that Demian won’t be in this game. Two-thirds had a great game with three midfielders. But Edwin and Albio both think Esperion is more interesting to watch.

Barcelona has the ball in the middle. But Esperion feels more oppressive. They scored the first goal. Takasugi tells Rindou to stop pressing Powandgo. This confuses Barcelona about Esperion’s trigger. At ten minutes and eighteen seconds into the game, Esperion starts to pressure Barcelona.

Coming in off the left and facing Ashito, Xhaka wants to hit Esperion straight on. Andres Ashito tells Xhaka to “come.” Then he stays still, thinking about a loss to Trepone in the past.

Fukuda wants Ashito to learn from the experience. It doesn’t matter if he loses. While pushing Xhaka and Kuroda, Ashito imagines the field above him. Xhaka tries to send the ball up the wing. But Ashito reacts faster after learning from his mistakes.

At faster speeds, Ashito kicks the ball out of play. He does this to show appreciation for what he has learned from Barcelona. Ashito’s moves determine the first half, according to Albio.

Ao Ashi Chapter 363 Spoilers

Ao Ashi Chapter 362 Recap

Esperion felt like they had lost when Ascari easily saved their goal attempt. Thirty-four minutes and fifteen seconds into the game, Ethan was talking to Claire Cant about how Esperion’s efforts had been pointless and that Barcelona had won through sheer force, leaving Takasugi speechless with guilt.

Gato stayed on the ground because he hurt his hip and thought about how he could have expressed himself through a shot. In a quick flashback, he heard Barcelona’s leaders talking about how good he was, but they planned to sell him for a lot of money and get Premier League players instead. 

Gato got up from the ground and joined other people who were also determined. Yuri remembered Obsidian’s words from Chapter 362 and emphasized their goal of impressing the top team.

Claire asked Ethan what the point of playing for appeal was, and he casually mentioned a friend who played just for fun, which made Claire give him the side-eye and then ask what the player was worth on the market.

Takasugi and Ashito looked down, but Fukuda, shouting from the bench, praised their efforts and urged them to keep going, saying that if this was the result of their teamwork, then it was fine and telling them to keep going. The bench repeated the words of support and emphasized how important it was to try again and again.

Takasugi locked eyes with Obsidian, ready for the battle that was about to come. Meanwhile, Ashito, who was focused on Xhaka, remembered something he had forgotten during the Funabashi match: a skill that could beat huge opponents like him.

When the game started up again, the ball went back to Barcelona’s defense. Even though they had given up a goal, Esperion seemed to have momentum on their side, showing a toughness that suggested a possible comeback.

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