The Breaker: Eternal Force Chapter 101 Spoiler Revealed

The Breaker: Eternal Force Chapter 101 is a Korean manhwa series. This Manhwa is shaking every reader’s world with an interesting plot and beautiful art. Lastly, spoilers alert because we will discuss the last chapter, chapter 101, in detail. So keep reading till the end.

The Breaker: Eternal Force, Chapter 101 Spoiler 

  • Kang Sung is talking to someone, maybe an adult, about important issues in the Murim community.
  • The Immortality Sect is talked about, along with problems in the Murim and Kang Sung’s thoughts on meeting with the Immortality Sect.
  • Even though there are risks, Kang Sung seems set on going after the Immortality Sect.
  • People are worried about a character named Siwoon who got away from a care center and Kang Sung’s haste to deal with the problem.
  • Kang Sung tells them he wants to take over the Immortality Sect and questions them about who he is.
  • The Sun-Woo Clan and how it is changing is talked about, along with the effect of Lady So-Seol’s death. Kang Sung hears that Siwoon might be trying to get in touch with him through the Sun-Woo Clan leaders.
  • Kang Sung thanks you for the information and gives hints about a bigger plan involving the Immortality Sect and the Murim society.
  • At the end of the chapter, the authors, Jeon Geuk-Jin and Park Jin-Hwan, thank fans and say they will be taking a break to improve their work.
The Breaker Eternal Force Chapter 101 Spoilers

The Breaker: Eternal Force, Chapter 100 Recap

In the last chapter, a thrilling tale connects people’s lives. They are still dealing with the effects. The effects stem from the Elder Ghost Hands Divine Healer’s departure. The absence is always felt in the daily tasks, but there is a shadow over everything as tensions rise. In the story, the main character, Kang Sung, is accused of theft. 

The Immortality Sect, a group that hates the Murim, accuses him. The Immortality Sect’s actions among regular people cause problems. The Murim Special Ops have to deal with problems caused by bad people.

Kang Sung is caught in the middle of the fighting and has to deal with important issues while he heals. The care center calls him right away. They tell him that a key person, Lee Siwoon, has gotten away. This makes the situation even more dangerous. Kang Sung makes the brave choice. He will go up against the Immortality Sect. 

He is willing to take the chance to protect his master’s health. The Immortality Sect wants to get back at those who destroyed their sanctuary. They lead you down a dangerous road. Kang Sung is not scared, and he wants them to recognize who he is. His friends are not sure about this plan.

As the story goes on, Kang Sung’s link to the Immortal Demon Supreme’s memories becomes clear. This is because of the Ki transfer. Kang Sung thinks about telling the Immortality Sect who he is. He is worried about his master’s health. 

At the same time, news that the Martial Arts Alliance chief locked up Siwoon leads to a search for the truth. The Sun-Woo Clan changes. This makes the story more complicated.

Surprisingly, Sect Leader Ma Young-Sik shows up, adding another level of mystery. At the end of the story, there is a note from the authors. It thanks readers and reveals a break to improve the work. The Breaker: Eternal Force is an exciting martial arts saga. It skillfully weaves a web of tension, loyalty, and unexpected alliances. These leave readers eagerly awaiting the next part of this captivating story.

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