Teen Mom OG: Single Motherhood for Amber Portwood! Does She Have a Relationship?

Amber Portwood has been very responsible with her life and the duties that come along with being a mother.
Since her debut on MTV’s hugely successful reality series 16 and Pregnant in 2009, Amber Portwood, now 31, has been involved in a number of highly publicized romances.

She was seriously involved in a relationship with the well-known celebrity Dimitri Garcia. After they went their separate ways, however, they achieved greater levels of success in the public eye. The couple welcomed their children into the world before deciding to end their relationship and raise their children apart.

There are a lot of speculations going around about the cause behind their breakup, as well as their current situation and the relationships they have.

Dimitri Garcia and Amber Portwood’s Relationship Status

In January of 2021, after her very public breakup with Andrew, Amber was spotted getting close to Belgian native Dmitri Garcia.

The romance rumors between Dimitri Garcia and Amber Portwood began to circulate in December when it became known that the pair had been communicating on social media.

Garcia and Portwood shared a number of parallels when it came to matters about their parents. Both parents raised their children alone. He was the sole parent of two children from his ex-girlfriend, while Portwood was the sole parent of one child from her ex-boyfriend.

A source informed HollywoodLife in October 2021 that although the pair is no longer together, they remain in contact.

“Amber is still speaking with Dimitri, although he is currently abroad,” a source added. “If he returns to the United States, it is possible that they may reunite. This is the only male she is conversing with. They remain close, but Amber has been intensely focused on her own development.

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Dimitri Garcia and Amber Portwood’s Separation Cause

Because of the pandemic, the Teen Mom OG star and her Belgian boyfriend were unable to effectively communicate with one another, which led to their breakup.

they were unable to go on dates together or even meet in person. Before they finally consummated their relationship in 2019, Dimitri saw his lover for the last time a few months before.

They started getting into disputes, and eventually, they made the conscious decision to quit a relationship that had begun to become unhealthy for either of them.

People were eager as to whether or not the pair had decided to end their relationship however they were disappointed to learn that they came to the conclusion that the easiest method to resolve their issues would be to separate.

Is Amber Portwood in a Relationship?

So far, Portwood has not divulged any information to the public about whether or not she is seeing someone or dating, anyone. The teenage mother is rumored to be unmarried at the present time and is not apparently involved in any kind of romantic partnership.

She has been devoting her time and attention to taking care of her children, observing their development, and finding new meaning in life all while concentrating on herself.

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