who is Danny Amendola dating now? Complete Details

Daniel Amendola, a wide receiver with the St. Louis Rams of the National Football League, was born on November 2, 1985.

Both of his parents hail from the city of Boston. He received his secondary education in The Woodlands, Texas, which is located in the metropolitan area around Houston.

Danny Amendola’s mother and father are of Italian and Irish descent, respectively, so even though he was born in Texas, he has a mixed heritage.

He is currently a member of the National Football League. It was in 2008 when the Dallas Cowboys decided to take a chance on him and sign him as an undrafted free agent. He participated in college football while attending Texas Tech.

Who Is Danny Amendola’s girlfriend?

Danny Amendola and Jean Watts have a healthy relationship. You’ve heard correctly. The current girlfriend of Danny Amendola is Jean Watts. And the relationship between them is so harmonious. As would be expected of any couple, they go on dates, to the movies, and shopping.


In addition, they frequently travel together. People usually respect their relationship and love for one another whenever they are sighted together. It appears as though Danny has discovered the love of his life. However, he has not disclosed his future intentions regarding whether or not he will marry her.

However, everyone hopes he will deliver the good news to the globe as soon as possible.

Danny Amendola and Jean Watts Relationships Status

Jean Watts is now dating Daniel Amendola. Jean Watts is a professional vocalist.

Amendola and Jean Watts first appeared together in Miami Beach, Florida in February 2020. Amendola flaunted his toned legs in a black bathing suit, whereas Jean flaunted her gorgeous body in a bikini with an animal print. The couple exchanged a few kisses while enjoying the beach together.

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Danny Amendola Previous Relationships

The woman who would one day become Danny Amendola’s wife is only one in a long line of partners that the famous player has had in the past.

Talor Reazin

Considered to be the celebrity’s first romantic relationship. It’s easy to see why he fell in love with her based on the fact that she had a terrific physique and a beautiful face.

Kay Adams

In 2015, the ex-couple had a one-year relationship. Although the relationship was short-lived, there were no controversies or negative reports associated with it.

She is a well-known sportscaster, pundit, and commentator.

Olivia Culpo

Mr. Amendola’s appeal is so strong that, in addition to the beautiful women mentioned above, he also dated Miss Universe. After he finished his relationship with Kay, they dated for over three years.

Bianca Peters

The football star’s reported affair with reporter Bianca Peters stunned netizens, despite the fact that it is not surprising since he is a player. Olivia was spotted enjoying a flirty holiday with him in Miami when she was still with him.

Emily Tanner

You were mistaken if you believed that a single allegation of cheating would suffice. After the conflict with Bianca calmed, our star was spotted hooking up with Emily Tanner, a social media sensation and model.

This may be why the former Miss Universe desires a breakup with him.

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