Hunter X Hunter (Season 7) Chapter 402 Spoiler, Release Date – Everything We Know So Far

“Unveiling the Hunter X Hunter Saga: Chapter 402 Spoiler, Release Date, and More!” Are you a huge fan of the Hunter X Hunter manga series? If so, you must be waiting for the next chapter of the epic thrilling saga.

When will Hunter X Hunter chapter 402 come out? And what will happen in it? Is the Manga ongoing or is it on a hiatus? and what is the Author’s statement behind it, will the chapter be released in future or remain in archives? All these questions would be answered here! Read on to find out everything you need to know before reading Hunter X Hunter Chapter 401.

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Plot of Hunter x Hunter: Delving Deep into the Riveting Plotline of Hunter X Hunter.

Hunter × Hunter (pronounced “hunter hunter”) is a Japanese manga series, with Yoshihiro Togashi being the writer and illustrator. The Hunter X Hunter manga series follows the exciting journey of Gon Freecss, who one day finds out that the father who left him in childhood is actually a world-class Hunter.

We see this determined young boy following in his father’s footsteps and becoming a world class skilled Hunter. Joined by his newfound comrades Kurapika, Leorio, and Killua, Gon heads on a dangerous quest filled with supernatural encounters, exhilarating battles, and revelations about his own potential.

From the rigorous Hunter Examination to thrilling clashes with the notorious Phantom Troupe, navigating the enigmatic realm of Greed Island, and confronting the terrifying Chimera Ants, their exploits shape their destinies and push the boundaries of their abilities. As the saga unfolds, the emergence of the perilous Dark Continent and a high-stakes succession war escalate the tension to really unprecedented levels.

Hunter X Hunter masterfully shows us themes of self-discovery, unwavering friendship, and the relentless pursuit of extraordinary dreams with intricate character dynamics and complex plotlines. In Hunter X Hunter manga, Gon Freecss aspires to become a skilled Hunter like his father and find him one day.

Reason why Hunter x Hunter manga Chapter 401 is on a hiatus.

An extended period has passed from the release of Hunter x Hunter chapter 400, which was officially released on December 25, 2022 (JST). Fans are desperately waiting for the Hunter x Hunter chap 401’s release.

When will Hunter x Hunter Manga chapter 402 come out

The fandom of Hunter x Hunter is used to long Hiatus periods as The Author and illustrator of the Manga Yoshihiro Togashi is suffering from health issues. After a long Hiatus, the Author provided us with a few more episodes up till 400 manga chapters, now that his health problems are worsening, the next chapters of the Manga might be delayed.

When will Hunter x Hunter Manga chapter 402 come out? : Release date and Time

Chapter 402 of Hunter x Hunter doesn’t have a fixed release date announced.

However, looking at the tweet by Yoshihiro Togashi on 8 march. We learn that the Hunter x Hunter manga chap 402 is completed and submitted to Shounen Jump for the final edits, publication and polishing.

The publishing company announces no official news. But it won’t be too long before Chap 401 is released, taking an estimation, we can expect the chapter 401 to be released by the end of 2023.

This is very similar to how the series initially returned back in 2022. While Togashi tweeted showing that he would be done with Chapter 391 in July of 2022, it wasn’t till October that Shounen Jump officially published the series’ return. Thus keeping this in mind fans can be assured that chap 401 of Hunter X Hunter would soon be released around late 2023.

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Hunter x Hunter 402 Spoilers; What to expect in Manga chap 402 of HxH :

So, what can we expect to happen in chapter 402, looking at the events that occurred in the previous chapter and from the Tweet. Some possible plotlines could be roughly imagined, The tweet by Togashi does make it known that chapter 401 will contain around 19 pages in total.

The last chapter ended on a cliffhanger where Kurapika was talking with Prince Tubeppa’s security team, so we can expect more development of these events in the upcoming chapter. As for the possible events, based on the previous chapters we can assume some scenarios.

One theoretical scenario could be that chapter 402 will focus on the aftermath of the battle between Kurapika and Tserriednich, the prince of Kakin who has a powerful Nen ability.

Another likely event is that chapter 402 will reveal more about the Dark Continent, the mysterious and dangerous land beyond the known world where the expedition is headed. These are just some of the possible outcomes that could happen in chapter 401, but the Author or the publisher does not confirm them.

What happened in Hunter x Hunter’s previous Chapter of the Manga; A brief recap.

In chapter 400 of Hunter x Hunter, we see the Phinks, Feitan, and Nobunaga of the Phantom Troupe search for the Heil-Ly Family’s hideout on the Black Whale ship. They find out that the Heil-Ly’s boss, Morena Prudo, is on Tier, while the other Mafia families are at war on Tier and enter Tier 2 through a secret door of the Cha-Ri Family and meet their boss, Hinrigh Biganduffno.

Hinrigh reveals that he has an alliance with Morena now, who can create a separate space with her Nen ability. He also says that Morena wants to kill everyone on the ship and he is helping her for a part of her Nen power. The chapter ends with the scene of Hinrigh taking the Troupe members to Morena’s hideout, where they face off her followers.

What the Mangaka and the publishing media said about the Upcoming Chapter Updates and official news

Through the official tweet, we see that the Company has announced that the manga series would now not be released in the weekly format but instead in other formats, while this would mean a delay in new chapter updates, this decision is taken to prioritize Yoshihiro Togashi’s health and consideration of his health. The fans of the Manga also respect and wish for his well-being and are ready to wait no matter how long the Wait is, kudos to the Hunter X Hunter’s Loyalty.

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Where can you read the Hunter x Hunter manga Officially

Want to watch your favorite Manga officially? no issues, we’ve got you covered! You can enjoy the manga directly on the Shounen jump app. One more option would be to read Hunter x Hunter manga is on Manga Plus by Shueisha.

Is Hunter x Hunter anime better than the Hunter x Hunter Manga?

Regarding which is better, Manga or anime, it depends on the person; everyone enjoys the story differently. Entertainment is subjective after all. A fan who prefers comic-like art and a deep detail to the arcs and stories would enjoy reading the Manga however on the other hand a person who enjoys colorful and vibrant visuals and life-like shows would enjoy the Hunter x Hunter anime more, not to mention Madhouse is known for its excellent productions.

The anime does a better job of attracting and luring a larger audience, but the Manga captures the true tone of the series and makes the story more interesting. This question essentially boils down to asking do you prefer to read the story or watch it.

Reason why Hunter x Hunter manga chapter 401 is on a hiatus.

The 2011 anime was excellently executed and most that like action prefer fights in anime a lot more than action in Manga. Some fans of Hunter x Hunter on reddit express that Manga has pretty average art most of the time while the Anime has great art. While the animation might have better art there are scenes like Palace invasion that are more suited for manga reasons, it is a lot of reading and ends up only as narration in the anime.

Manga has few perks as well, one of the biggest is that it has more content than anime, and is released sooner in comparison to the long gaps in anime production. And the most known statement that any art holds the best experience in its true form would certainly be applicable to an extent here.

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So what do you prefer? Hunter x Hunter Anime or Manga?

Confused at which chapter of Manga the anime ends? : There are currently 400 Hunter X Hunter Manga chapters released, The chapter at which the Anime ends is Hunter x Hunter chap 339.

So if you’ve watched the Anime, and would love to know what happens next in the plot, you can read the Manga from chapter 339. The Wait continues… In conclusion, the highly anticipated Hunter X Hunter Chapter 401 remains on hiatus, leaving fans eagerly awaiting its release.

Despite the Author’s health concerns, the series continues to captivate with its intricate plotline and well-developed characters. Whether through the Manga or the anime adaptation, the world of Hunter X Hunter offers a thrilling and immersive experience. While the Wait may be frustrating, fans understand the importance of the Mangaka’s well-being.

As we await the return of the series, the excitement and speculation surrounding its next chapter only continue to grow; at the same time we respect the Author’s work till now and as fans wish for his well-being and are grateful for his creations, keep promising more unforgettable adventures in the world of Hunters.

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