Kelly Baltazar Wikipedia, Height and Weight

The name Kelly Baltazar has recently become a trending sensation on several social media platforms. But the reasons behind this sudden internet fame of hers might shock you.

This article will lay down all the information about the life of Kelly Baltazar, including her personal and professional life, as well as her controversies and arrests.

Let’s dive into the article for the latest scoop and learn about Kelly Baltazar and what led to her name appearing in the limelight.

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Who is Kelly Baltazar?

Kelly Christina Baltazar, also known as Kelly Jiayi Wang and Amelia Wang, is the daughter of Karen Y. Wang and Kevin Baltazar.

She was born on the 19th of June in 1922 and will turn 32 this year. Before all the online scandals, Kelly Baltazar was just a regular student at Georgetown University. She gained notoriety in 2018 when she was charged and arrested for possession of marijuana in her dorm room.

Authorities found her with 1.5 pounds of weed. Once they discovered baggies, scales and other items needed to weigh and package drugs, she was also charged with the intent to distribute.

She belongs to a wealthy family. They tried to bail her out of the charges. Later, the authorities ordered her to perform community work and permitted her to free her from the charges. After that incident, some of her private videos got leaked.

These videos contained some adult content, and it was harmful to her image. She has gone through a lot.

First, she was arrested for marijuana, and now her videos got leaked. Furthermore, her father is a wealthy man. He bought all the rights of those videos and got them off the internet. It must have been difficult for her and her family to go through so many ups and downs.

Kelly Baltazar’s height and weight

Kelly Baltazar is known to be about 5 feet and 6 inches tall. In centimetres, she is 167 cm. Her weight, in kilograms, is estimated to be 61kgs, and in pounds, it is 134 lbs.

Where is Kelly Baltazar now?

As of 2023, Kelly Baltazar is inactive on all social media platforms. Even her LinkedIn profile has had no recent updates, which could indicate that she is currently unemployed.

It can be presumed that after all the internet scandals, she is enjoying a low-key and private life and does not wish to be under the scrutiny of the public eye and the media any longer.

Who is Kelly Baltazar

After going through so many traumatic incidents, it is natural that she wants some space from the limelight. As per reports, she is focusing on herself and living her life peacefully.

What is Kelly Baltazar famous for?

Kelly Baltazar is notorious for being involved in online controversies and scandals, including drug possession and her father leaking her pornographic videos. She has stirred up plenty of debate on online platforms.

She gained a lot of popularity in 2018 when she was charged with drug possession and distribution. She was arrested in November 2018 and was later released on bail. Kelly eventually signed a deferred agreement with the prosecution, which required her to do community service to redeem herself and avoid any more arrests. The charges on Kelly were eventually dropped when the agreement was concluded.

She also earned some attention in her brief career in the adult film industry. When her father found out that his daughter had been working as a porn star and filming intense porn sequences right after she turned 18, he decided to purchase the rights to all her videos and remove all footage of her from the internet.

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Kelly Baltazar career

Although Kelly Baltazar’s official profession is unknown, she is said to be a public figure or a social media personality.

Before she went inactive, presumably as a result of the controversy and debate being circulated on the internet around her name, Kelly had a well-maintained social media presence. She posted regularly on her accounts and gained many followers.

She also had a short career making pornographic videos under the alias Mayli until her father discovered them and put an end to it by purchasing the rights to her videos and erasing them from the web.

Family Background

Kelly Baltazar was born in Los Angeles, America, to parents Karen Y. Wang and Kevin Baltazar. She is of mixed Asian descent, and her nationality is American.

Her father was one of the vice presidents of Goldman Sachs. He sadly passed away in the year 2020 because of complications due to the COVID-19 virus.

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Personal Life

Other than her conflicts with the law and substance abuse problems, there is not much information about Kelly’s personal life.

Details about her relationship with her parents are unknown, along with whether she had any siblings. Kelly was a student at Georgetown University prior to her arrest.


Kelly reportedly has not been involved in any serious relationships. It is said that she remained focused on her career and, hence, did not have time for romantic relationships or dating. She did not wish to do anything that would put her professional life in jeopardy.

If she ever was romantically involved with someone or had a boyfriend, she did not disclose any details of it to the paparazzi. She did not want to create rumours and wanted to keep her romantic life private.

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Nominations and Honors

There is no current record of Kelly Baltazar being nominated or honoured on the internet. However, it is common knowledge that she was a first-year student at Georgetown University before she was prosecuted for possession of drugs.

Kelly Baltazar’s Net Worth

As there is no consistent or credible information about her occupation or income, it is challenging to estimate Kelly Baltazar’s net worth. But Kelly did come from a good family, and her father was a vice president of the successful company, Goldman Sachs.

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