My Landlady Noona Chapter 133 Release Date

My Landlady Noona Chapter 133 is the next in line to release and the readers are all excited to know that the story will be taking an interesting ahead.

The Manga has led some serious set of events and the next chapter is all set to continue but there is more curiosities among the audience regarding the plot and the release date.

We are here to share all the best information and details regarding the new chapter including the spoilers, release date and more about the next chapter so make sure to cover everything in this article.

My Landlady Noona Chapter 133 Release date and Time

Release Date – March 7, 2024

The good news for the readers is here as the new chapter 133 of My Landlady Noona is scheduled to release on March 7, 2024. The writers have announced that the readers will get to know more about the next chapters sometime in March.

My Landlady Noona Chapter 133 Release date and Time.
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My Landlady Noona Chapter 133 Spoilers

  • My Landlady Noona Chapter 133 is arriving soon and it’s a matter of time before we get to see all the new interesting story.
  • There are big predictions on the upcoming chapter such as Hari will now be heading to Korea and also she mentioned that she would try everything in her power to put the foster parent through all the tests and treatments until he get’s better.
  • Also, it is predicted that the readers will get to know the reason from where he got the cancer from.
  • It gets more complicated with time for Hari and she knows that she has a short time before the mansion is notified about the presence of this mysterious man. If the authorities will be informed, they would take the matters in their own hands and Hari will have no choice but to give up the case.
  • She thinks that Ryu has involvement in this because she did not make a deal with him but that was only the business talk. Things might be escalated from here if Hari actually reaches to the core of the case and if the foster parent be saved or not.
My Landlady Noona Chapter 133 Spoilers

Plotline of My Landlady Noona

The manga portrays the story of a Landlords daughter named Noona as the big struggles and hard time she goes through the period. The landlord has been though a tough time from the start and ended up losing everything.

The landlord has been left with only his home and his daughter has been trying her best to stand by him and look after him. He is known to be dumb for making big mistakes in the past which had him losing all the money. Her daughter is now taking all the burden and she is looking after him with everything. The father is known to be spending his last moments at his hometown while the whole of neighborhood have their own lives and they are said to be busy in it.

The other story focuses on Min-Charm as she is said to live in Harits Mansion and thus things get more interesting when she watches children playing outside and as they are forced to be separated. There is a certainly good cause about it and this is what the neighborhood has been talking about while the secrets are kept hidden from everyone. Min-Charm is not aware about the other secrets and mysteries which are packed inside the mansion as well.

My Landlady Noona Recap

  • The previous chapter of My Landlady Noona was interesting as it shifted to the new life of Hari and Naru.
  • The chapter was portrayed in the terms as it was narrated and Naru stated that Hari is aware about what’s bothering Naru and the new life of adjusting with the work has caused problems for them.
  • Naru is also aware that he would have to work so that the kids could get a better life and something that they have never thought of before. Naru mentioned that there is another major problem where he can’t take his eyes off from which was the father of the child. It was not late when he also thought about their girls.
  • He also received a news that Hari has now started working and is certainly happy with her new work. It might take a while for her to adjust in the new atmosphere as she is working part time and this was a big surprise for him because he did not expect her to perform like this.
  • There are bigger family problems that are taking place and this is something that cant be ignored. Later she realized that that she needs to go back to Korea because of the lung cancer that the foster parent is diagnosed with. This news came out as a surprising one for them and Hari was not ready for it.
  • Hari is now devastated with this news and is heading to Korea without looking at anything which includes her work and daily life routine. The foster parent is said to have a cancer and the news was tipped by a mysterious yet good attitude person.
  • There are speculations that the mysterious person could be the one who had an argument with Hari’s father. There is much more going to happen in the next chapter as the reason behind this emergency will be revealed.

Will Hari be able to confront the mysterious man?

We know that Hari is currently holding on to a tough position which also means that she will be using her abilities to track down the mysterious man as she had her doubts ever since she met him. Though he has been portrayed to be a positive character but made his mark as a weird stranger in front of her eyes.

This would no doubt consume her time and she would have to head back to Korea as this is her top most priority at the moment. The uncertainty is that she won’t be able to reach home in time if she wastes any time to confront the stranger.

The stranger tends to have a good knowledge of her secrets and showed that he had a record of the previous work she was involved in.

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