Serena Chapter 78 Spoiler Revealed

This is a Korean manhwa story known as Serena Chapter 78. A lot of people are surprised by this manhwa because it has a great story and beautiful art. As fans wait for the latest news on the upcoming chapter 78, we will talk about the last chapter, chapter 78, in great detail. Which means you should read all the way through.

Serena Chapter 78 Spoiler 

The Grayan family has two kids. The older one talks a lot and smiles a lot, and the younger one is serious.

Their parents love both boys. Even though he loves his parents, the younger son has a serious attitude.

Not only physical violence but also too much and the wrong kind of love can be signs of abuse. Dustin Grayan, the father, says it’s out of love that he has dedicated his life to making his family successful.

Serena Chapter 78 Spoiler 

According to the narrator, Dustin’s deeds are more horrible than loving. Dustin’s loyalty was seen as a way to gain power and keep the family in charge.

Dustin is so focused on making sure his family is okay that he can’t see how other people are feeling.
When you look at how families work, you can see a darker side of power and manipulation.

People see love as a way to control others instead of a real way to show care and respect. The rich and privileged look different from the suffocating and twisted love in the family.

Chapter 78 of Serena probably goes into more detail about these family issues, which could give us more information about the characters’ ties and why they do the things they do.

Serena Chapter 77 Recap

In the previous, the older son of Grayan’s family talks and smiles a lot, while the younger son is usually very serious. Their parents love them very much, but the younger son’s mood stays serious even though he gets lots of love. 

Rich parents and a good upbringing may seem like the perfect life, but that’s not the whole story. Not all abuse is violent; it can also result from having too much or the wrong kind of love. Their dad, Dustin Grayan, worked hard all his life to make sure the family was successful, saying it was out of love. 

From the narrator’s point of view, though, Dustin’s acts look more evil than loving. He doesn’t see Dustin’s loyalty as an act of family love or fate, but as a way to get power and keep the family in charge. Because Dustin is always thinking about what’s best for his family, he doesn’t seem to notice their wants or feelings. 

This makes the home a place where love gets suffocating and distorted. In this situation, abuse includes more than just physical harm. Dustin’s relentless chase of power and status also hurts people’s minds and emotions. 

On the surface, the family seems wealthy and privileged, but there is a darker side of manipulation and control at play. Love is used as a power tool instead of a show of care and affection.

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