How to find a GPO Second Sea Map? What Level You Need to Be?

Greetings, fellow players! Do you want to find a GPO Second Sea Map? Or are you interested in learning every detail about it? If so, you’re in the proper location. Through this piece, we’ll provide you with details on the GPO 2nd sea map and an overview of what to expect when you get there!

The guidelines will give you ample information about all of the most recent updates to the GPO Maps, which were released in August 2023.

Then you will be fully informed about the latest map modifications and not feel excluded. Without spending any more time, let’s get started!

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What is GPO?

Another Roblox game that draws inspiration from the immensely popular manga as well as animated series One Piece is called Grand Piece Online (GPO). Players can explore a large, sea-encircled globe in this game by visiting many islands in search of rare devil fruits and hidden treasures.

Grand Piece Online encourages you to be cautious of your surroundings when exploring because certain areas may have bosses and monsters far stronger than you are capable of handling.

GPO Second Sea Map 2

This game’s concept is derived from the popular anime One Piece. Similar to the locations where Luffy and his pals travel as pirates in the anime, you can explore areas in the game that are encircled by large bodies of water.

The game has a large number of islands to explore, plus new ones have been introduced recently to increase player enjoyment. While exploring the islands, you can also have fun playing minigames.

These games’ engaging gameplay and distinctive maps will ensure that you never get bored. The nicest thing is that there is no age restriction on the game, so both adults and children can enjoy it.

What level should you be for GPO Second Sea Map?

When compared with the first Sea, this second sea is an even more hazardous area. Even though the majority of the islands in the Second Sea require a level of 325, it is preferable to develop your character a little bit more until you’ve accomplished level 350.

In GPO, you have to find your way over the oceans and around obstacles to get to Foro Island. It’s in the Second Sea, south of Thriller Bark. As soon as you obtain a World Scroll that extends from the Shrine close to Marine Base G-1, make sure you are Level 325. From Sphinx Island, head west to Reverse Mountain. Give a monkey your World Scroll, and you’ll be able to cross into the Second Sea, beginning on Rovo Island.

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Grand Piece Online Expiations

Your goal will be to grow into the most formidable pirate on your server as you set off on an incredible journey. You can customise your character when you initially play the game by selecting from three options: a cunning devil fruit user, a justice-seeking marine, or a brawny swordsman. This decision will determine your in-game fate.

Once your in-game character is set up, you can head to the practice section to brush up on your fundamentals. Below is a summary of all the fundamental controls:

  • WASD: To move about the game, press using WASD keys on the keyboard.
  • Mouse: You can move the mouse to aim your strikes and glance around.
  • M1: You can utilise the left-click mouse pointer to deal minor damage to your adversaries.
  • M2: Heavy attacks on your adversaries can be carried out by using the right-click mouse button.
  • Space: To jump across objects or launch aerial strikes, use the Spacebar on the keyboard in conjunction with M1 or M2.

Once you have the hang of the controls, get ready for intense battles against opponents who are eager to see how strong your pirate skills are. To advance through the ranks and become a formidable opponent, you will need to fight your way up.

GPO Second Sea Map Locations

In this game Grand Piece Online, a navigational aid called the Second Sea Map is utilised. It’s a digital map that shows where many islands and other sites are located in the Second Sea in the game, which was formerly known as the Sea of Phoeyu.

The map is separated into various zones, each of which has a unique collection of noteworthy islands and places. Here are a few of the Second Sea’s most noteworthy locations:

  • Town of Beginnings: A starting location that can be reached in several ways for new players.
  • Marine Fort F-1: An island-based covert military installation.
  • Sandora: Players level 10 and up can access this island.
  • Shell’s Town: An island town reached by a certain route.
  • Island Of Zou: Players level 30 and up can access this island.
  • Baratie: Only a “blackleg” can access the restaurant ship.
  • Orange Town is a town on a small island that no one can reach.
  • None can reach the Star Clown Buggy Cape.
  • Mysterious Cliff: Rokushiki provides access to this cliff.
  • Roca Island: Players level 80 and above can access this island.

How to redeem GPO Codes?

GPO codes can be redeemed shortly as you start playing. It’s not that difficult. It is not possible to redeem coupons by putting them in the chat box, nor will you see the recognisable Twitter bird emblem here.

To redeem the GPO codes:

  1. Open Grand Piece Online using the Roblox account you want to use to redeem them. When you’re free to explore, hit the Set Sail option.
  2. Then, press the M key to display the menu. When the Settings screen appears, press the gear icon to access the text entry field labelled “ENTER CODE.”
  3. Enter or paste a functional GPO code by clicking or tapping the text field.
  4. When you’re ready, check for invisible gaps and press enter or return.

When a code is successfully redeemed or expires, the text inside the box will update to reflect that, and any prizes will be added to your account right away.

GPO Second Sea Map 1

Grand Piece Online Codes List

The Grand Piece, on the internet through, the Discord server is an excellent place to obtain additional GPO codes. Nevertheless, the server is frequently full. Not every time will you be able to become part of it when you want to.

The majority of GPO codes expire in 24 to 48 hours. It’s also important to remember that, without a code, playing from Friday to Sunday each week instantly awards double legendary fruit rates!

There’s only a link for the GPO YouTube page, which hardly ever posts new codes, rather than codes on other social media pages linked to the game page. The only useful information on the GPO Trello page is also general.

You can level up your persona and obtain Geli and in-game cash with the use of these codes. But keep in mind that these codes have an expiration date, so use them while you can. The following is a list of active GPOs that you can use right now:

  • FREE10ROLLS5 – 10 rolls

FAQS about Grand Piece Online

What is Grand Piece Online?

Grand Piece Online is a Roblox game that allows players to explore a sea-encircled globe, similar to the locations in the One Piece anime, in search of rare devil fruits and hidden treasures.

How do I redeem GPO codes?

GPO codes can be redeemed by accessing the in-game menu and entering the code in the “ENTER CODE” text field.

What level should I be for each island in Grand Piece Online?

Most islands in the Second Sea require a level of 325, but it’s recommended to reach level 350 for a safer exploration experience.

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