Lookism Chapter 487 Reddit Spoiler Is Now Leaked

If you are interested in finding out when the spoiler for Lookism Chapter 487 will be released and what will happen in the chapter, we are now providing you with an official spoiler, which can be found on many different kinds of websites.

Lookism Chapter 487 Spoiler

The plot will go deeper into Vin Jin’s history via memory in Lookism chapter 487. This section will elaborate on his rise to the throne of Cheonliang and provide insight into his relationship with Yuk.

In addition to serving as a sacrificial gift to the shaman, Vin Jin was subjected to a secret experiment in which an unknown drug was administered to improve his physical talents as a guinea pig.

Furthermore, Vin Jin will explain his plan for eluding the shaman’s clutches with the help of Yuk, who was also suffering from the same illness.

Lookism Chapter 487 Spoiler

Vin Jin and Yuk will establish a powerful alliance with the goal of exposing the shaman’s evil and freeing the other victims.

Daniel will also hear Vin Jin tell Daniel the story of how he met Mari, the judo champion who later became his love interest and source of inspiration.

After the flashback, Vin Jin and Yuk will face the shaman and his men, who are desperate to capture them and apply them for their malicious plans.

Lookism Chapter 486 Recap

Vin Jin’s encounter with Yuk and the previous shaman’s sacrifice is described in the previous chapter, which delves more into Vin Jin’s personal past.

The chapter opens with a description of Vin Jin being forced to go to the ritual’s appointed location.
The sacrificial motive seemed to be laid to rest by his offering to the baby’s divinity.

Vin Jin was upset and filled with despair as he watched in horror as the shaman and his followers cruelly tortured and killed the last of the offerings.

But immediately before the shaman began the procedure on Vin Jin, an unknown person appeared and attacked the shaman and his protection.

In the end, it was determined that the person in question was Yuk, who had risen from the shaman’s spell to become one of the six monarchs.

Yuk recognized Vin Jin as the young man who had visited him and asked to be put to death. Because of his affinity with Vin Jin, Yuk decided to save him and go with him on his adventure.

He also disclosed that he suffered from the same illness as Vin Jin, which was typified by having two pupils in each eye.

Yuk further, said that the shaman had been experimenting on them and that neither he nor Vin Jin had been cursed.

They had been given a drug by the shaman that improved their physical skills. Yuk also said that he made a deal with the shaman in which he agreed to live alone in exchange for a share of the profits.

Lookism Chapter 486 Recap

But the shaman had a strong desire for wealth and planned to capture Yuktoo and use him as a bodyguard for Vin Jin, who had just been named as shaman.

Despite the shaman’s orders, Yuk stayed where he was and showed he was determined to fight back by enlisting Vin Jin as a fighting partner.

Finally, Yuk and Vin Jin faced off against the shaman and his guards who were carrying knives and guns.

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