Who is lana rhoades baby daddy? Know About Her Career, Net Worth and Police Case

Who is Lana Rhodes and lana rhoades baby daddy? Lana Rhoades needs no introduction, as Lana Rhoades is super famous in the adult film industry. But what do we hear in the gossip town? She has a baby. Who’s the father?

Hold on! You all must be having all these questions, and if you are her fan, then you must be scanning the internet to find out the truth and who the baby daddy is.

Don’t worry, this article will give you the entire truth about the story. We will also look into what she has been up to in recent years, as we hear that she was involved in a nasty police case!

In this article, we will be looking into Lana Rhoades current life, her affairs, her baby daddy, and the reason she had to go to prison. So let’s get started!

About Lana Rhodes

NameLana Rhoades (Amara Maple)
Date of birthSeptember 6, 1996
Place of birthChicago, Illinois, U.S.
ProfessionInternet personality, podcaster, former adult film actress
Height1.6 m
AwardsAVN Award for Best New Starlet in 2018, XBIZ Award for Best New Starlet in 2018
YouTube ChannelLana Rhoades
Podcast3 Girls 1 Kitchen
Social MediaX, Insta

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Who is Lana Rhoades?

Who doesn’t know Lana Rhoades?! She is a famous adult film actress and adult model who has appeared in multiple iconic adult magazines like Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler. She was born on September 6, 1996, and currently she is 27 years old!

lana rhoades baby daddy 1

On top of her career in the adult film industry, she is a famous internet personality and a chill podcaster. On Instagram, she has over 16 million followers. She also has a YouTube channel that focuses on her life and her struggles with pregnancy and motherhood.

After retiring from the adult film industry, she has ventured into entrepreneurship, and she is now the creator of Skinny Confidential, her brand and blog.

Who is Lana Rhodes’ Boyfriend?

Lana Rhoades’ baby daddy has been a matter of everyone’s discussion on TikTok. Many people, including Adam 22, have been dishing out to fans as to who can be Lana Rhoades Baby Daddy. Some say it is famous NBA player Bruce Brown Jr.

Some say it is Blake Griffin. Lana Rhoades gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Milo back in January 2022, and since then she has been asked about Milo’s dad’s identity.

However, the former adult Flimstar has been very secretive and has been dropping hints rather than giving us a name. Lana Rhoades baby daddy mystery has now become popular meme material!

Who is Lana Rhoades Baby Daddy?

According to Logan Paul, it is Kevin Durant. Lana Rhoades was, however, said to have given a hint through an X (twitter) comment when she hinted that it might be Bruce Brown Jr. of the Denver Nuggets. This comment finally shifted the backlash Blake Griffin and Kevin Durant were facing previously to Bruce Brown Jr.

Lana has also shared multiple stories involving her NBA player baby daddy, and they are quite negative, according to netizens. She has also mentioned that the baby daddy is absent and has a small penis.

This is quite a sensitive issue, as Lana has not yet given us a name. However, many netizens feel that the baby daddy has to be Bruce. For now, netizens have also suggested that Lana not save the baby daddy from embarrassment and that she needs to sue him for child support.

Lana Rhoades Marital Status and Affairs

If we talk about Lana Rhoades, her most recent long-term relationship was with Mike Majlak. However, it was not reported to be a happy one, as the couple had a very toxic relationship wherein they would constantly fight and drain each other out.

If you don’t know, Mike is a popular YouTuber. Their relationship lasted until 2021. Did you know Lana was married when she was just 18? Her ex-husband was Jon, but we know that the marriage lasted for 5 years.

Since 2021, Lana Rhoades has stayed single. She is reported to have gone on a date with Kevin Durant, but she said the date was boring. Currently, she is a single mother and has just given her followers hints about who Milo’s father is. She is single right now and focusing on her son and herself.

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Lana Rhoades Net worth

Real NameAmara Maple
Career Start2016
Notable WorksAppeared in publications such as Hustler, Penthouse and Playboy
AwardsAVN Award for Best New Starlet in 2018, XBIZ Award for Best New Starlet in 2018
Current WorkCo-hosts the podcast 3 Girls 1 Kitchen, designed a lingerie line with Yandy

Lana Rhoades is said to have a high net worth of $5 million. She has amassed this wealth due to her popularity during her years as an award-winning adult film actress, her spicy Only Fans, her chill podcast, her YouTube channel, and her brand Skinny Confidential.

She has also done many brand deals and launched a lingerie line with Yandy. Lana Rhoades is a successful entrepreneur and sets an example for all the women who are being exploited by the adult film industry and want to turn their lives upside up!

Why did Lana Rhodes go to prison?

Lana had revealed in a podcast with Logan Paul that she went to prison at the age of 16 and spent over a year doing hardcore drugs like heroin. Lana pointed out that while she was growing up in Chicago, she got into the wrong crowd, and her then boyfriend led her down the wrong path.

This led her to go completely wild, and her actions led to her becoming juvenile. She said in the podcast that she reflected on her actions in prison and called them the best thing that ever happened to her.

Lana Rhodes Family Background

Rhoades was born Amara Maple, and she was raised by a hardworking single mother in Chicago, Illinois. She has an older sister, and since childhood, Lana has wanted to lead a life full of glamor and be a model. She belongs to a very religious family, and so she has tried her best to keep her profession a secret from her family.

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Personal life

Also, did we mention that she has clearly mentioned that she doesn’t care about anyone’s opinion regarding her past and her present? Yeah, she is a real-life hot mom who could care less about what people think.

It seems like Lana is juggling her new-found motherhood, her personal life, and her work pretty well. Lana is friends with popular YouTubers like Logan Paul, and her blog and podcasts are all about her going through motherhood and embracing it.

Every now and then, she feels sorry that Milo’s father is out of the picture and isn’t as good of a person as she thought he would be.


As of now, Lana Rhoades has been in multiple relationships with not only men but also women. She did mention in one of the podcasts that she didn’t even know she was capable of liking girls, but prison changed her and exposed her to an environment where she saw herself liking women as well.

She was married to Jon at the age of 18 and divorced him at the five-year mark of their married life. Then she had a proper long-term relationship with Mike Majlak; they were introduced to each other by Logan Paul, and the relationship ended in 2021.

In 2022, Lana is reported to have been with an NBA player who got her pregnant with her firstborn, Milo. As of yet, she seems to be single.

FAQS about Lana Rhodes

Who is Lana Rhoades?

Lana Rhoades is a famous adult film actress, model, and internet personality known for her appearances in Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler.

Who is Lana Rhoades' baby daddy?

Lana Rhoades’ baby daddy has been a topic of discussion, with speculation pointing to NBA players like Bruce Brown Jr. and Blake Griffin.

Why did Lana Rhoades go to prison?

Lana Rhoades went to prison at 16 for over a year due to involvement with drugs, reflecting on her actions as a turning point in her life.

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