On My Block ⇒ Age Rating & Parents Guide, Does the Movie On My Block Cover Mature Topics

On My Block is one of the popular romance and drama movies that came out on March 16, 2018, On My Block, is an inspiring movie that has many life lessons, and in this article, you will find out the Age rating, movie ratings of On My Block so before watching the movie go through the article and know all the details related to On My Block.

On My Block Movie Overview

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On My Block Quick Info

On My Block (2018-2021)

on my block
  • Movie Name: On My Block
  • Writer: Eddie Gonzalez, Lauren Iungerich, Adam Starks
  • Director: Arlyn Richardson, Alexi Gonzalez, Lauren Iungerich
  • Cast: Kevin Lam, Natalie Ramos, Sierra Capri
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama
  • Music: Kovas
  • Producer: Arlyn Richardson, Hal Olofsson, Jamie Dooner
  • Cinematography: Joe Kessler, Tommy Maddox-Upshaw, Kris Denton
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Original Language: English
  • Available Languages: English
  • Available On: Netflix
  • Filming locations: United States
  • Release Date: March 16, 2018

Storyline Of On My Block

The story of four smart, streetwise friends as they go through high school together in harsh South Central Los Angeles, strive to get one of their own out of a gang, and find that their friendship may develop into more than just that.

Parents Guide for On My Block

On My Block parents Guide will help parents to know what content the movie has and for which age group the movie is appropriate to watch, as the movie On My Block has a PG-14 age rating, so people of age group 14 and below should avoid watching this movie. The Parents Guide of On My Block also includes the details related to the avoidable content of On My Block, such as the movie On My Block contains many violent scenes. Monster killing people, use of different weapons, and strong language.

Tips for Parents Guides

As a parent, there are many things to keep in mind when watching a movie or television show with your children. Here are six tips to help guide the way.

  • Always be sure to check the movie’s or show’s age rating before watching it.
  • You should hunt for a synopsis or review of the movie or television series online.
  • It’s probably not a smart idea to let your children view the movie before you do. Either watch the movie with your kid and talk to them about why they shouldn’t or don’t watch it with them.
  • Be aware of what your child is watching. It is important to be familiar with the content of the movie before allowing your child to watch it.
  • Pick movies that your children will enjoy. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is important to remember that not all movies are appropriate for children.
  • Start with G-rated movies: It is important for parents to start with G-rated movies and then move on to PG and PG-13 ratings as children get older.

What Parents Need To Know Before Going To Watch With Their Kids

When parents are watching any movie or series with their underage children, they need to pay attention to the content of the movie as the movie involves violence and d*ug, a*cohol use or any n*dity science can leave a bad impact on the children, so before watching any movie or series, parents need have the clear awareness about the age rating of the movie.

On My Block Movie Age Rating?

The movie On My Block has an age rating of PG-14, There is some content in this show that many parents would deem inappropriate for their children under the age of 14. The Federal Communications Commission recommends that parents “take some care in monitoring this show” and discourages children under 14 from watching without a*ult supervision.

Jurassic World Movies Country Wise Age Rating

Country Age Rating
United Kingdom15
United StatesTV-14

On My Block Movie includes

  • Some S*x & N*di*y.
  • Gore and violence
  • K*ssi*g
  • String language
  • D*inking Al*hohol
  • Strong Violence Scenes.
On My Blocks

On My Blocks

Violence & Gore In On My Blocks

  • A gun is used to shoot two characters in the final episode of season 1.
  • For a few seconds, we see a dead body lying in a hole. It’s a little gory.
  • On the streets, homeless males are frequently the targets of harassment.
  • Although violent scenes are infrequent, when they do occur, the show doesn’t hold back.
  • Two of the main characters get shot. The blood on their chests is visible.

Harsh Language And Profanity in On My Block

  • use of “s*it”, “a*sho*e”, and “d*ck”.
  • use of “b*tch”, “d*mn”, and “h*ll”, etc.
  • Only 2 F-words in the entire series.
  • The word “p*ss*d” is used.
  • use of “b*tch” and “s*it” heard.

What’s The Meaning Of the TV-14 Age Rating?

On My Block is suitable for viewers aged 14 and up. TV shows with a TV-14 rating may not be appropriate for youngsters under the supervision of an adult. A program with a “TV-14” rating features extremely graphic violence, s*xual scenes, or language.

Is On My Block Appropriate for Kids Under 13?

Since On My Block has a certain amount of strong content in it, which includes body horror, gun violence, domestic violence, and torture, it is hard to say that the movie is suitable for kids under the age of 13 years because all of the strong content in the film might be heavily traumatic for the kids under the age of 13.

Why Do Parents Need To Give Importance To The Age Rating?

  • Parents must pay closer attention while selecting a movie to watch in front of any child.
  • The age rating is a very important factor when it comes to the movie as many movies or series contain different crime scenes and illegal activities.
  • Parents need to be aware of R-rated movies and should not allow their kids to watch such films.
  • Movies containing illegal content can disturb the child’s minds, and they can also learn unnecessary things from them.
  • All the movies have different content and screenplay in them that makes them different than the other therefore ensuring the delivery of the content to the right age group.

Release Date Of On My Block Movie

After watching the trailer of On My Block, On My Block was eagerly waiting for the movie’s release date. This new movie series on Netflix was released on March 16, 2018, and the movie is available for streaming on Netflix.

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The movie On My Block was released on March 16, 2018, and was known to be one of the most popular movies on Netflix. And due to the huge success of the first sequel, the movie is now renewed for another sequel, The Netflix On My Block.

What Is The Runtime Of On My Block

The runtime of a movie is the length of the movie. The runtime can be found on the internet or in theaters. Most movies are about two hours long, give or take a few minutes. However, there are some exceptions. The runtime of On My Block is 30 minutes.

On My Block Movie OTT Release date

On My Block was released in theatres on March 16, 2018, in theaters all across the world. On the other hand, after the success of the movie in theaters, the movie was released on OTT platforms on March 16 where Netflix video has the ownership of the rights to stream this video on their platform all across the world.

Where Can You Watch On My Block Online

On My Block is a new science fiction thriller that should be at the top of your list to watch if you are seeking something On My Block to watch in this genre. On March 16, 2018, the movie On My Block will be made available to the public. If you want to view this movie online, your only option is to use the streaming service Netflix.

Review of On My Block

The excellent show, brilliant script, and brilliant performances from virtually all new cast members. The Netflix original series On My Block is fantastic. It has a really strong central cast and is both humorous and clever.

On My Block Movies Rating on IMDb

Many people who watch the movie live their reviews on IMDb, whether negative or positive. These reviews will be helpful for those audiences who haven’t watched the movie yet, as they will give them a clear picture of whether the movie is worth watching. The movie On My Block has an IMDb rating of 7.9/10, and around 16k IMDb users have given this vote.

On My Block Movies Rating on Rotten Tomato

The movie On My Block is pretty old and has been known as one of the best Comedy and Drama movies. The film has also received many positive reviews from viewers and has 93% ratings on rotten tomatoes, with an average audience score of 77%. And this rating proves that the movie has On My Block scores and is worth watching.

Our Rating Of The Movie On My Block

On My Block, everything worked perfectly and was quite fluid. Both the performances and the music in the movie are excellent. In particular, the acting. Four adolescents who have been close friends for many years are currently dealing with the myriad difficulties that come with experiencing first love and maturing, all of which pose a threat to their friendship. I felt satisfied by the conclusion of the tale. It is deserving of a score of 9 out of 10, which is the maximum achievable.

On My Block Movies Character & Cast

Natalie RamosProm Candidate
Miranda KildeeMayfield Girl
Jae’Lyn Ayauna Godoy.Prom Queen Candidate
Kevin LamFootball player
Dana GaierSahar
Kendre BerryProphet Gang Member
Layla MoralesHayden
Danny RamirezMario Martinez
Sierra CapriMonse Finnie
Jason GenaoRuby Martinez
Brett GrayJamal Turner

Set Photos, Poster, and Promotional Images Of On My Block Movie

On My Block Movies Trailer

On March 16, 2018, On My Block was released and almost immediately became a classic. The tale of a humble guy who possessed a tremendous amount of compassion moved people on every continent to tears. The movie was a financial triumph at the boOn My Block office and was nominated for numerous Academy Awards. On our website, you can find the On My Block trailer that you may view.


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Frequently Ask Questions About On My Block

Is On My Block on Netflix Video?

Yes, you can watch On My Block on Netflix Video.

What is the age rating for On My Block?

On My Block’s age rating is TV-14.

Is On My Block on Apple Tv?

No, On My Block is not available on Apple Tv.

What genre movie is On My Block ?

On My Block belongs to the Comedy and Drama genres.

Is On My Block on Disney?

No, On My Block is not available on Disney.

Is The movie On My Block rated?

Yes, On My Block is TV-14 rated.

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