Is Dylan Eason Still Alive? Who Is Dylan Eason Biological Mother?

We bring you another family-crime article here to satisfy your curiosity regarding murderers and the crimes committed by them. This article is all about Dylan Eason who murdered Cynthia Eason in 2016 in a cold-blooded manner.

This incident went on to become a part of the documentary series titled Evil Lives Here: My Son Should Die in prison on the Investigation Discovery channel.

We are going to cover the motive for the murder, who is Dylan Eason, his family and personal life and his punishment for the first-degree murder committed by him in this article.

Who is Dylan Eason?

Dylan murdered his stepmother who was a popular veterinarian in Burlington, Colorado. He was 19 years old at that time and he along with his friend, Isaiah Churchwell (24 years old) were attempting to steal from Cynthia’s home and was caught in the act.

She was beaten to death and the cause of her death was blunt force injuries. The whole plan to steal stuff was to find funds for their drug habits.

The whole town was shaken as Cynthia was a well-known veterinarian and a kind person. They were also taken aback to know that one of the murderers was her stepson, and he soon was arrested after a tip-off to the investigators of the case.

His father, Joe Eason is quite sure in not wanting his son to get back to normal life as he thinks he deserves the punishment for his crimes.

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Is Dylan Eason Still Alive

Who Is Dylan Eason’s Biological Father & Mother?

Dylan Eason is known to be a murderer for murdering his step-mom along with his friend, Isaiah while stealing from her. His father is Joe Eason, and due to the heinous crime committed by his son, he wanted his son to have the death penalty.

Details regarding his biological mother’s name and personal life are under wraps. Joe Eason was married to Cynthia Eason after Dylan’s biological mother. Cynthia is a well-known veterinarian in the town of Burlington and she was beaten to death using a crowbar used by Dylan and Isiah.

Is Dylan Eason Still Alive?

Dylan Eason is alive and is charged with first-degree murder, first-degree burglary, theft and aggravated robbery. He is sentenced to lifetime imprisonment and charged with sentences related to the crime committed by him.

Further details regarding his life or demise are not much exposed to the media, but according to resources online, he is alive and is serving his sentence.

Where Does Dylan Eason Currently Live?

Dylan Eason is currently imprisoned at the Fremont Correctional Facility in Canon City, Colorado and he was refused any parole or acquittal considering his severe crime committed. His father Joe Eason wanted his son to have a death penalty as he had lost his beloved wife and his son as well.

Details regarding his schooling and college studies are not revealed to the public and there is not quite enough information regarding his family details and ethnicity as well.

How did Dylan Eason start his career?

Dylan Eason’s career works are unknown to the public and any details on the internet haven’t specified his career or studies. He was 19 years old when he killed his stepmother along with his friend Isaiah to bring in money and funds to supplement their drug habits.

They were caught later on after a tip-off was received by the investigators. As per the sources quoting his father, Dylan had a hard time growing up and he was kind of hard to handle for his parents.

He got into multiple troubles in the school for his absurd activities and eventually dropped out. Also as per certain other sources, he was often caught by the police under different circumstances.

Where Does Dylan Eason Currently Live
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What is Dylan Eason famous for?

Dylan Eason is notoriously famous for the first-degree murder and theft committed by him along with his friend, Isaiah Churchwell while trying to secure money for meeting their drug requirements.

Both Dylan and Churchwell were trying to steal from Cynthia in her house but were caught red-handed by her. As they saw that she had become a hurdle in their plan to get the money and run away without any notice, they beat her to death with a crowbar and she succumbed to her injuries.

Her cause of death was revealed to be ‘blunt force trauma’. For now, Dylan is imprisoned for life while his father Joe, wishes him to be sentenced to the death penalty.

Family Background

Nothing much is revealed about Dylan Eason and his family except that of his father and his stepmother. Dylan lived with his father until he got remarried to Cynthia. Dylan’s biological mother is not revealed to the public and her details are unavailable as well.

Personal life

Joe Eason, Dylan’s father was vocal about Dylan’s troubled childhood, making him an outcast in the school. He caused trouble in the school, making him drop – out of school altogether.

Dylan would later on move in with his friend, or a classmate, and most of his friends and mutual friends would describe him as someone ready to snap at any moment if the limit is pushed. It describes his violent nature and following of bad habits.


Personal details of Dylan’s relationship status are unknown. As his personal life is not much discussed in comparison to the crime committed by him, the news regarding his status in a relationship or if he is in one at all is not disclosed.

Nominations and Honors

He was sentenced to imprisonment for killing his step-mom who was a reputed veterinarian in the Burlington town of Colorado.

Award Winnings

He is sentenced to the charges of first-degree murder, theft, and aggravated robbery. His father wishes him the death penalty as he lost both his wife and son on the same day to a fateful event.

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Dylan Eason Net worth 2024

Right, Dylan is serving his prison time and it is hard to estimate his net worth in 2024. As far as the information online is concerned, most of the articles are about his crime and the death of his step-mom who was highly praised by the community people and online commentators.

FAQ About Dylan Eason

1. To whom was Dylan Eason killed?

Dylan murdered his stepmother who was a popular veterinarian in Burlington, Colorado.

2. Is Dylan Eason Still Alive?

Dylan Eason is alive and is charged with first-degree murder, first-degree burglary, theft and aggravated robbery.

3. Why Dylan Eason killed his stepmother ?

The whole plan to steal stuff was to find funds for their drug habits.

4. When did the murder of Cynthia Eason happen?

It happened in April 29, 2016, when Dylan was 19 years of age and Cynthia was 50 years old. 

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