Blox Fruits value list finally Exposed with Detailed Tier List 2024

Blox Fruits value list is an important part of success with the Blox Fruits game. With the Roblox game Blox Fruits, you can embark on a voyage towards becoming a pirate king. The fruits in the game itself provide you perks, superpowers, and boosts, just like the devil fruits from One Piece.

You must utilise beli, or money, obtained via quests using Blox Fruits codes to obtain devil fruits from Blox Fruits. These devil fruits are always fluctuating in price.

We have put together a comprehensive reference with the fruit values in Blox Fruits to assist you keep informed about them. With that said, let’s get started to know more about them through this article.

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What is the Blox Fruits Code?

Blox Fruits codes are free in-game presents that can be used to get in-game titles, stat resets, or XP boosts. These codes are frequently made available by the developer in conjunction with game updates, holidays, and significant social media milestones.

Depending upon their rarity and abilities, the devil fruits found within the Blox Fruits games may become quite expensive. In addition to being uncommon, their fruit styles also affect their worth. In the game, there are three different fruit styles: Beast (Zoan), Elemental (Logia), and Natural (Paramecia). Below, we have listed every fruit value and divided it into categories based on how uncommon each one is.

Blox Fruits Value List March 2024 (Explained Every tier list)

All the information you need to choose the greatest beast, elemental, as well as natural power-ups for your pirating exploits is available in our current Blox Fruits tier list.

To help you locate the delicacy you must provide your brave pirate superpowers, we have ranked every devil fruit in the game using the Blox Fruits tier chart.

These power-ups offer the key to unleashing your pirate’s potential, whether you wish to become a magic door summoner to escape, transform into a legendary dragon, or become one along with volcanic magma.

The top Zoan / Beast devil fruit according to the famous Blox Fruit tier- list:

blox fruits value list 2

Even though there aren’t many beast devil fruits in Blox Fruits, the three that are present alone are among the strongest. If you wish to rise to the position of pirate king shortly, make sure you get these power-ups.

TierZoan/Beast Fruit
SDragon, Leopard, Buddha
AMammoth, Phoenix

The top Logia/ Elemental Devil Fruit according to the Blox Fruit Tier list:

The effects of elemental devil fruit are far more varied than those of beast kind, even though there are a few more of them overall. Dark stands out from the rest of the pack. Still, if you have a favourite build, the A-tier attempts are worth a shot.

TierLogia/Elemental Fruit
SBlizzard, Dark
AFlame light, Rumble, Magma

The top Paramecia/ Natural Devil Fruit according to the Blox Fruit Tier list:

Despite how modest dough may sound, the majority of Blox Fruit’s power-ups are naturally occurring devil fruit, with several entries in the S tier.

All of these entries are worth picking up. But, as can be seen in the C and D ranks, there is also a lot of beginner-level natural devil fruit that isn’t worth touching for all semi-professional pirates.

Here is the Blox Fruit Tier list, which includes unique rankings for the devil fruit varieties that are natural, elemental, and beast:

TierParamecia/Natural Devil Fruit
AString, Quake, Control
CSpring, Rubber, Love
BGravity, Paw, Diamond, Pain, Door, Sound
DKilo, Spike, Spin, Bomb, Chop
SVenom, Soul, Dough, Shadow

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What are the value of fruits in Blox Fruits?

As the game develops and also new updates are made available, these values could alter. Players must monitor the value list to make wise trade decisions. The value of the fruits in Blox Fruits is as follows:

Flame: 250,000
Dark: 400,000
Falcon (Bird): 300,000
Ice: 550,000
Diamond: 600,000
Sand: 420,000
Ghost: 800,000
Quake: 1,000,000
Spider: 1,150,000
Rocket: 5,000
Spin: 7,500
Chop: 30,000
Spring: 60,000
Bomb: 80,000
Smoke: 100,000
Spike: 180,000
Love: 1,150,000
Pain: 2,000,000
Sound: 4,000,000
Phoenix (Bird): 2,250,000
Portal: 5,000,000
Rumble: 5,000,000
Blizzard: 5,000,000
Buddha (Human): 6,000,000
Gravity: 2,000,000
Shadow: 6,000,000
Control: 8,000,000
Venom: 9,000,000
Spirit: 10,000,000
Dough: 20,000,000
Mammoth: 25,000,000
Rubber: 700,000
Light: 800,000
Barrier: 800,000
Magma: 1,150,000

How to Redeem Blox Fruits Codes in Roblox?

Redeeming codes for Blox Fruits makes it as easy as following these few steps, which are outlined here. Players should make sure the code is being input correctly if a code fails to function for whatever reason. If the code is still inoperative, it might have recently expired or been used up.

To use your Blox Fruits codes in Roblox, just take these simple steps:

  1. Start with Blox Fruits
  2. On the left end of the screen, click on an icon that looks like a Tiny blue Twitter bird.
  3. Select a code using our current list and click “Try”

Where to find more Blox Fruits codes?

Additional Blox Fruits codes are frequently released in conjunction with updates; you may discover them on Gamer Robot Inc.’s social media channels, such as Twitter and Discord.

blox fruits value list 1

How to obtain Blox Fruits Money?

The two easiest ways to obtain Blox Fruits money, or Beli, are by grinding missions and spending Robux. However, the fastest method to make money is to explore the world and look for treasure chests that are generated at random.

Middle Island in the First Sea is a fantastic location to look for chests. There are three chests: one on the pier on either side, one beside a tree in the middle between a few houses and one above on the main building’s balcony. These can be repeatedly collected by switching servers, or they can respawn every few minutes.


Blox Fruits is an action-packed, exciting adventure game available on Roblox. Players take on thrilling expeditions and transform into pirates. The primary goal is to acquire unique skills from Devil Fruits to become a formidable pirate.

Players select a character at first, after which they can enhance certain abilities. Obtaining and utilising Devil Fruits is an essential component of Blox Fruits. They grant you incredible abilities like being extremely nimble or commanding ice and fire. By engaging in combat with other players and computer opponents, you can advance in level and acquire new abilities.

An important aspect of the game is exploration. You’ll explore islands, navigate a vast ocean, and unearth long-kept mysteries. Blox Fruits continues to keep you interested with its furious battles, formidable monsters, and cooperative challenges. The objective is to become a renowned pirate by developing your character’s skills and going on numerous adventures within the Roblox universe.

A small wrap-up of the fruit tier is:

S TierDough, Spirit, Shadow, Dark, T-Rex, Blizzard, Buddha, Spider, Kitsune, Leopard, Dragon, Venom, Rumble
A TierBarrier, Ice, Ghost, Phoenix, Control, Rumble, Light, Flame, Magma, Quake
B TierSand, Portal, Gravity, Diamond, Pain
C TierSound, Love, Rubber, Spring, Smoke, Falcon

FAQS about Blox Fruits

What do Blox Fruits codes offer?

Blox Fruits codes offer in-game presents such as titles, stat resets, or XP boosts.

How do devil fruits' rarity and abilities affect their price in Blox Fruits?

Devil fruits’ rarity and abilities can make them quite expensive in Blox Fruits.

What are the three different fruit styles in Blox Fruits?

The three different fruit styles in Blox Fruits are Beast (Zoan), Elemental (Logia), and Natural (Paramecia).

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