What Is The Blue Smurf Cat On TikTok? Where Do Smurfs Live In Real Life & Why It’s So Popular?

The Blue Smurf cat meme that was created in 2014 created a buzz on social media. Nowadays setting trends has become so easy. Do you think people who make memes think that their memes would become so famous that it would be a trend?

Social media has become an inseparable part of our lives. Nowadays Genz creates memes as a coping mechanism for their problems, for every emotion whether it is sad or happy there is a meme.

Memes have become a part of news as well and sometimes we get to know news from a meme instead of a real news channel. Isn’t it weirdly funny? Who knew in the 21st century memes would become this famous that it would be part of our daily lives?

There are many sayings that if your friend sends you a meme related to the problems in your life they are your true friend. this meme culture has started defining our relationships and how humans should be happy, but technology always has its pros and cons.

For artists like Nate Hallinan, it’s an opportunity to showcase his talent through his imagination.

Do you think Smurfs Cat should be made into an animated movie like an upgraded version of Smurfs with all the traits of a cat and how a cat would solve the problems arriving in their life?

What is the blue Smurf cat on TikTok?

Smurf Cat is an outcome of a curiosity that was in the mind of the creator of the creature. He wondered what would Smurfs look like if they existed in real life. A Smurf cat is a combination of a Smurf, a cat and a mushroom.

It is a very cute creature created by Nate Hallinan that became a meme and is on trend not only in TikTok but other social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter etc. The Smurf cat was introduced with Alan Walker’s song ‘The Spectre’. The first video reached likes of around 2.3 million and is still increasing.

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What is Blue Smurf Cat Meme?

Memes are the medium of entertainment on social media. Memes do explain serious complicated things easily and funnily. Genz is the main consumer of content like this, understanding the audience and capturing the attention of a particular meme is not easy.

The meme should be funny and relatable then only the audience will connect to it on a personal level. The meme was posted on TikTok with the Russian hashtag known as Shailushai.

It has received millions of views. It doesn’t have a proper meaning it’s just a curiosity of the creator about how would Smurfs look if they existed on Earth. According to his imagination, it looks like a cat wearing a mushroom cap and carrying a dead snail.

What Is The Blue Smurf Cat On TikTok

Where do Smurfs live in real life?

Smurfs is a Belgian comic created by Peyo. He got the inspiration for the Smurfs from his daughter who was playing with small wooden dwarf toys. Initially, the characters were supposed to be supporting roles for a different comic book but it turned out to be something great.

Smurfs was famous all over the world through comics, cartoons and animated movies in which the Smurfs lived in a small village, where all the creatures were blue and lived in mushroom-shaped houses.

The Smurfs faced problems in their life and they solved it one by one. It shows how difficult it is for small creatures to live in a world where they can be crushed anytime. Smurfs is an interesting and unique story that was a hit not only among children but also adults.

There is indeed a smurf village in Spain. The village was white like any other village in the world but the Smurf village was painted blue for the promotion of the movie Smurfs and it was a huge success.

The Smurfs don’t exist in real life but imagine what if those cute little creatures were real. How would it look in real life?

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Viral Tiktok Trend Meme Explained

In this era of social media with TikTok and Instagram our attention span has reduced to 15 sec if we don’t like something in 15 sec we usually declare it’s boring. That’s why nowadays anything that catches the attention of the audience is a trend.

The creator wouldn’t even have imagined that his video would create a trend on social media as what is there in a smurf cat, but the idea behind it, the curiosity, the anticipation to know and to create is what makes it a trend.

Every new beginning in this world starts with the question of ‘what if’, the smurf cat was also introduced to the world like this. The audience liked and accepted it and hence made it a trend on TikTok.

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Why is Smurf Cat so popular?

Smurf cat gained its popularity from TikTok. The blue cat wearing a mushroom hat and carrying a dead snail doesn’t make much sense but when you see the meme it’s a cute little creature looking like a cat which resembles Smurfs.

The creature was created in 2014 and after nine years a TikToker posted it on TikTok with Alan Walker’s song named ‘The Spectre’. The video went viral and got likes and views over 2.3 million and it keeps increasing day by day.

There are hundreds of meme pages all over the internet but only a few memes gain popularity, creating a meme is not an easy job, it should be funny, relatable and also should not be offensive to anyone.

FAQ About blue Smurf cat

1. What Is a female smurf called?

A female smurf is called a Smurfette. 

2. Is the Smurf cat a boy or a girl?

The Smurf cat looks like a boy in the meme as he is not wearing anything in his upper body the creature looks like a boy.

3. When was Smurf Cat created?

In 2014, an artist named Nate Hallinan created a smurf cat as he was curious to know what would smurfs look like if they were real.

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