Who is Macky Gonzalez? Macky Gonzalez’s Age, Career, Net Worth

Macky Gonzalez, as an athlete and social media personality, has captivated a large audience for quite some time. Not only does she have a great personality, but she also has a tremendous influence on many young individuals.

This Mexican star has represented her country in many national and international fields. Making extensive records, she is one of the biggest influences of Mexico, especially to women.

Her field in multi-sports doesn’t stop her from studying in higher education. She pursued sports as well as education even after her injury. Now, she is one of the biggest and most followed athletic influencers on social media.

To know more about her, check out this article. We have covered everything from her career and relationship to her net worth.

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NameMacky González
Age35 year old
Birth DateJuly 1, 1989
Birth PlaceMexico
Material statusUnmarried
Boyfriend NameManuel Anaya
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Height5 Feet 6 Inches
Weight55 kg
Net Worth$2 million

Who is Macky Gonzalez?

Macky Gonzalez is a Mexican athlete, sports star, model and social media influencer. As an athlete, she achieved many medals and recognition through sports. As a track runner, Macky even broke many records by men. She even participated nationally in the high jump category as well.

Gonzalez has a vast following on social media, where she posts various fitness videos for her followers. To be more specific, she is a fitness enthusiast, inspiring many women in sports.

Macky was born on July 1, 1989, in the country of Mexico. Macky’s interest in athleticism came from her family, as they were directly involved in sports.

Besides sports, she equally studied in college. However, she earned an athletic scholarship and went on to University. Macky did her Bachelor’s in Communication. Later, she completed her Masters in Marketing from Anhauac Norte in Mexico City.

Fans might also know her from her appearance in Mexican reality shows focused on fitness competitions, like Extalon Mexico and Beast Master.

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Who is Macky Gonzalez

What is Macky Gonzalez‘s Nationality?

Macky Gonzalez is from Mexico. She represented Mexico in many national and international events. Although she is Mexican, her father’s family’s side is from Argentina. So she is half Argentinian. Her Instagram bio retains both flags.

How Macky Gonzalez Started Her Career?

Macky Gonzalez started showing interest in sports at an early age. As her father was an accomplished football player, she was typically fit for sports. However, she grew up to be interested in athleticism.

Macky participated in many forms of sports at first, but she later specialised in athleticism, especially running. While training for nationals, she participated in track events and even won medals in 100m, 200m, 4×100m and many more.

After joining college, Macky participated in long jumps and won national championships.

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Why is Macky Gonzalez famous?

In her initial career, Macky Gonzalez was well-known for achieving many athletic goals. She is a national and international champion in running and long jump. However, her career went down when she was wounded with an Achilles tendon injury.

However, Macky didn’t stop there; she worked as a model in media and communication. Later, she became famous for her social media presence, where she presented herself as a fitness icon to her over 1 million followers.

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Why is Macky Gonzalez famous

Personal Life and Relationship

Macky Gonzalez’s dating history is unknown as she is extremely private about her life. However, there is a rumour that she is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend, Mr. Manuel Anaya.

He is a well-known businessman from Mexico, considerably the cofounder of Chrono Logistic Mexico. They have been dating since 2021.

Macky Gonzalez Family

Macky was heavily inspired by sports by her family members. Her father, Ariel Gonzalez, was a professional footballer. Her mother was Eva Franco; however, her profession is unknown. As a Mexican Latina, she follows Christianity.

Macky Gonzalez Career

As mentioned earlier, Macky was an athlete in her initial career. As for her achievements, she won several medals nationally and internationally. She specialised in track events, particularly 100m and 200m run, as well as 4×100m and 4×400m.

Sporting genius Macky furthermore participated in the long jump category in her first year. Not only that, she even won the national championship. However, her career took an uneventful turn when an injury-hit her.

She suffered an intense injury, an Achilles tendon injury. It was the moment her career in sports started to fall. She didn’t participate for long. After a bit of time healing, she took low-impact exercises.

However, she continued her study in communication at UDLAP in Puebla. Later, Macky pursued a Master’s in Marketing. From that, she took the chance and worked in advertising media.

Macky posed as a model in various companies, magazines, television shows and many more. As she took social media for a good cause of teaching fitness and health, she participated in some of Mexico’s top sporting reality shows. Macky participated in shows like Beast Masters and recently in Extalon Mexico.

Through social media, she collaborates with many brands and endorses some of them. From sports star to her fitness influencer days, Macky is truly an inspiration to many women, especially women in sports. She will continue to spread her charisma in fitness and sports and inspire many human beings.

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Macky Gonzalez Net worth 2024

Macky Gonzalez is a famous sports star and social media influencer. She has over 1 million followers on Instagram, which indicates her big earning. Furthermore, she also participated in reality shows and collaborated with brands.

Macky Gonzalez has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

FAQS about Macky Gonzalez

Who is Macky Gonzalez?

Macky Gonzalez is a Mexican athlete, sports star, model and social media influencer.

What is Macky Gonzalez‘s Nationality?

Macky Gonzalez is from Mexico. She represented Mexico in many national and international events.

What is Macky Gonzalez‘s Net worth?

Macky Gonzalez has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

What is Macky Gonzalez‘s Height?

Macky Gonzalez is 5 Feet 6 Inches tall.

Who is Macky Gonzalez‘s boyfriend?

There is official confirmation from Macky Gonzalez herself. But, news has been going that it is Manuel Anaya.

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