Airship Knights Tier List [February 2024]: Best Heroes Ranked

Airship Knights is a gacha game inspired by anime. As per resources it has been available online for some time, but the full release of the game was on December 7, 2022.

For newcomers in the game and who are new to the whole idea of the game, read along carefully to get an idea of what gacha is and tier list is. 

Gacha game is a game or a type of mobile games where players are made to spend real money or use in-game money/currency to get items listed virtually, equipment or characters through online lottery in the game or a type of vending machine/spinner to gain random rewards, called as ‘loot boxes’ or ‘gacha pulls’.

The items then gained can enhance the characters, increase points and levels of the gamer, gain more advantage over the other players in having advanced outfits and items and mostly for collection purposes. 

With the gacha games being popular nowadays, like KartRider Rush, Arknights, Genshin Impact, RAID Shadow Legends, etc, the game Airship Knights are doing the rounds of popularity with players trying to reach the top list.

It is important to know what to invest in and which character will make you win, and the weaknesses of other characters which we got to ignore while picking.

This article is going to help in knowing the top tier list of Airship Knights as we are going to rank characters in the game based on their ability and power. 

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What are Airship Knights? What’s an Airship Knights tier list?

Airship Knights is an exciting and fun game by Super Planet, which is set in an arcane world. It is a competitive game that has its thrills and downhills, but the stages posed for each player is tough and they should pass each challenging stage to become the ultimate legendary hero. 

This RPG game has a different format where it involves team building by recruiting captains, adventures to fly through, and an easy interactive game play.

For gamers and players, it is imperative to know the tier of each character to build their team to become the legendary hero. Airship Knights characters are ranked from S Tier to C Tier- from the strongest characters to the weakest ones.

The game is available on Android and iOS and has been popular lately with hundreds of downloads. 

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What are Airship Knights Whats an Airship Knights tier list.

Exploring Airship Knights Tier List

As per sources, we get to know about the tiers of the characters which are categorized as per their power and ability to being the strongest and weakest.

Seemingly all the characters have their strongest suits and skills that stand out from the others. As per our ratings, it may differ based on the preferences of the players – a character ranked higher here may rank lower for others.

So before getting into it, check in with an open mind that the ranks may vary based on the players preferences and considering the short time from the game release, it may be hard to estimate the full form of each character. 

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Details About Every Tier

  • S Tier: S Tier characters are apparently the strongest and these characters guarantee wins levelling up your game. 

The following are the best Airship Knights characters:

  • Christine
  • Samantha
  • Fatima
  • Eleanor.
  • A Tier: A Tier characters are quite on the strongest level too, but a bit less than the S Tier player. You can choose A Tier characters to your team to battle against enemies and or with other captains in the arena. 

Tier A Airship Knights characters are ranked as:

  • Flora
  • Albi
  • Ana
  • Cnut
  • Celine
  • Drake
  • Miranda
  • Sunhwa
  • Ludwig
Details About Every Tier
  • B Tier: B Tier characters are below the A Tier characters and are an average pick for the team based on their skills they bring in. Though they aren’t the best in the team, they are not the worst pick either. They bring in contribution for the content, but would not be able to keep up with the powerful tiers. 

Tier B Airship Knights characters are ranked as : 

  • Bao
  • May
  • Yui
  • Naul
  • Dana
  • Horang
  • Jake
  • Narin
  • Carlo
  • Beatrice
  • Igor
  • Laurent
  • Dayden
  • Silvia.
  • C Tier: C Tier characters are the weakest of the lot and they are hardly chosen, so players are asked to ignore the units if they don’t want to experiment with their winning streak. 

Tier C Airship Knights characters are ranked as:

  • Maxim
  • Maurice
  • Seola
  • Aurelia
  • Suwol
  • Wilbur
  • Maru
  • Gloria. 

How is this tier list determined?

The tier list is determined based on the characters powers and skills.

They are based on how their performance is in different content of the game. The game’s characters are diverse and different from each other and new characters added may vary the tiers and ratings of the characters.

The list here is provided after referring to many gaming sites and authentic sources where the game was played by themselves and tier were framed as per their performance. 

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Airship Knights System Requirement

Online sources cite Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 or above, and an idle processor would be Processor Intel or AMD Processor RAM with at least 4GB or 5GB disk space or storage. 

It is also available to play on PC with BlueStacks and in Android and iOS for mobile games. 

How To Get Better at Airship Knights Tier List?

With around 40 knights in the game differing from their speciality, all are not equal in strength. Not all of the characters are strong, and based on their performances and abilities, the tier list is created.

Considering the RPG game that Airship Knights is, you cannot determine how each character or tier fights, but you get to pick the strongest unit and wait for the knights to deal with the damage.

Choosing the best knights determine the win for your air fly team, and determining the performances of each character and categorizing them in tiers, will make it easy for you to determine which captain to choose. 

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FAQS about Airship Knights Tier List

What Is a Tier List?

A tier list is a list of characters that you can unlock in a game – For gamers and players, it is imperative to know the tier of each character to build their team to become the legendary hero.

How is this tier list determined?

The tier list is determined based on

  • the characters powers and skills.
  • how their performance is in different content of the game.

How Often Do We Update Our Airship Knights Tier List?

This tier list is regularly updated by us to ensure that it always follows the latest meta. 

Who is the best character in Airship Knights?

The best character in Airship Knights is Suwol.

What should you aim for in Airship Knights?

If you get a Tier S, you’re in luck, of course link your account and keep playing. We recommend you do the same if you get a Tier A, the meta usually changes, and although today the Tier S are one step above, they may not be so in a few weeks.

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