Heartstopper parents guide: Is the Netflix Heartstopper movie appropriate for kids?

Heartstopper is one of the popular romance and drama movies that came out on April 22, 2022, Heartstopper is an inspiring movie that has many life lessons, and in this article, you will find out the Age rating, movie ratings of Heartstopper before watching the movie go through the article and know all the details related to Heartstopper.

Heartstopper Movie Overview

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Heartstopper Info

Heartstopper (2022)

  • Movie Name: Heartstopper
  • Writer: Alice Oseman
  • Director: Euros Lyn
  • Cast: Joe Locke, Kit Connor, Yasmin Finney
  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Music: Adiescar Chase
  • Production: See-Saw Films
  • Producer: Iain Canning, Nicky Earnshaw, Simon Gillis
  • Cinematographer: Diana Olifirova
  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom
  • Original Language: English
  • Available Languages: English
  • Filming locations: Herne Bay, Kent, England, UK
  • Available On: Netflix
  • Release Date: April 22, 2022

Storyline Of Heartstopper

Heartstopper is an adaptation of the graphic novels of the same name written by the series creator, Alice Oseman, and stars Joe Locke as a high school sweetheart named Charlie who develops a crush on a jock classmate named Nick (Kit Connor). The series consistently puts an emphasis on the heart-stopping romance rather than the traumatic events, which is a welcome tone for teen coming-of-age tales.

Parents Guide for Heartstopper

Heartstopper movie is a great Drama and Romance. The movie has been loved by all the critics and the fans. Apparently, like all the other Drama and Romance movies, the Heartstopper has been given a TV-14 rating for all Drama and Romance movies. stuff in the movie which might not be suitable and traumatic for minor people.

Tips for Parents Guides

As a parent, there are many things to keep in mind when watching a movie or television show with your children. Here are six tips to help guide the way.

  • First, look for review sites that specialize in Heartstopper-friendly movies.
  • Consider the age of your children and choose to program accordingly.
  • It is important to be aware of the content of the film and whether or not it is appropriate for your child.
  • Be aware of what your child is watching. It is important to be familiar with the content of the movie before allowing your child to watch it.
  • Always be sure to check the movie’s or show’s age rating before watching it.
  • It’s probably not a smart idea to let your children view the movie before you do. Either watch the movie with your kid and talk to them about why they shouldn’t or don’t watch it with them.

What Parents Need To Know Before Going To Watch With Their Kids

When parents are watching any movie or series with their underage children, they need to pay attention to the content of the movie as the movie involving eHeartstoppertreme violence and drug, alcohol use or any nudity science can leave a bad impact on the children, so before watching any movie or series, parents need have the clear awareness about the age rating of the movie.

Heartstopper Movie Age Rating?

The movie Heartstopper has an age rating of PG-14, There is some content in this show that many parents would deem inappropriate for their children under the age of 14. The Federal Communications Commission recommends that parents “take some care in monitoring this show” and discourages children under 14 from watching without adult supervision.

Heartstopper Movies Country Wise Age Rating

Country Age Rating
IndiaUA 13+
United Kingdom12
United StatesTV-14

Heartstopper Movie includes

  • No S*x & Nudity.
  • K*ssing
  • String language
  • D*inking A*chohol
  • Mild smoking
  • Some emotional scenes

Harsh Language And Profanity in Heartstopper

  • The f s*ur is said once.
  • The P word is also used once.
  • “F*g” is said once.
  • A*s and p*ss are used

Violence & Gore In Heartstoppers

  • There is conflict, but it is not depicted in a particularly violent way.
  • Fight breaks out between Nick and Harry, but it’s over fast and the camera cuts to Nick with a black eye.
  • Nick tries to stop Tao and Harry’s fight, but Harry strikes him. Non-graphic

What’s The Meaning Of the TV-14 Age Rating?

Heartstopper is suitable for viewers aged 14 and up. TV shows with a TV-14 rating may not be appropriate for youngsters under the supervision of an adult. A program with a “TV-14” rating features extremely graphic violence, sexual scenes, or language.

Why Do Parents Need To Give Importance To The Age Rating?

  • All the movies provide proper age ratings to advise the parents regarding avoidable content for their kids.
  • Parents need to be aware of R-rated movies and should not allow their kids to watch such films.
  • As children get influenced early by what they watch, parents need to be aware of the age ratings of the movie.
  • Movies containing violence, s*x activities, d*ug use, and other avoidable content come with a warning, and parents must pay attention to such films and select wisely.
  • All the movies have different content and screenplay in them that makes them different than the other therefore ensuring the delivery of the content to the right age group.

Release Date Of Heartstopper Movie

The movie Heartstopper is pretty old but still very popular. The movie was released on
April 22, 2022, and many people enjoy watching this movie

What Is The Runtime Of Heartstopper

It has been reported that the runtime of Heartstopper is 30 minutes. The movie is set to release in theaters on April 22, 2022. This movie is directed by Euros Lyn and written by Alice Oseman.

Heartstopper Movie OTT Release date

In recent years, the release of movies on OTT platforms has become increasingly popular. This is due to the fact that OTT platforms offer a wider range of movies than traditional theaters. The movie “Heartstopper” is set to be released on an OTT platform on April 22, 2022, on Netflix.

Where Can You Watch Heartstopper Online

You have arrived at the right location if you are seeking for a means to watch Heartstopper online and are looking for a streaming service. This page will include information on where you may watch the game online as well as instructions on how to do so. Netflix is the best streaming service to use in order to watch Heartstopper online

Review of Heartstopper

Wow, what a great show. Exceptional performances all around. This is one of the few situations when a gay story is told exceptionally well. Reviews that are negative can go pound sand. The youth of today are the adults of the future. Kudos to Netflix for their hard work.

Heartstopper Movies Rating on IMDb

The movie Heartstopper has an IMDb rating of 8.7/10, and around 49k IMDb users have given this rating. And according to the IMDb rating of Heartstopper, the movie is pretty popular and worth watching, so if you want to know the IMDb ratings of Heartstopper more descriptively, click on the IMDB.

Heartstopper Movies Rating on Rotten Tomato

The movie Heartstopper is pretty new and has been known as one of the best inspirational movies. The film has also received many positive reviews from viewers and has 100% ratings on rotten tomatoes, with an average audience score of 97%. And this rating proves that the movie has Heartstopper scores and is worth watching.

Our Rating Of The Movie Heartstopper

This is one of the finer shows that Netflix has produced in recent times, and it has a very wholesome and soothing vibe to it. It’s a story about coming of age that’s both beautiful and emotional. Very strongly suggested! A sweet show about homosexual love and finding oneself in the gay community! The highest attainable score of nine is a nine out of a potential ten points.

Heartstopper Movies Character & Cast

Joe LockeCharlie Spring
Kit ConnorNick Nelson
Yasmin FinneyElle Argent
William GaoTao Xu
Rhea NorwoodImogen Heaney
Sebastian CroftBen Hope
Evan OvenellChristian McBride
Momo YeungYan Xu
Stephen FryHeadmaster Barnes
Livia NelsonYoung Tara
Hesper HoldenTiny Gir

Set Photos, Poster, Promotional Images Of Heartstopper Movie

Heartstopper Movies Trailer

On October 21, 2021, Heartstopper was released and almost immediately became a classic. The tale of a humble guy who possessed a tremendous amount of compassion moved people on every continent to tears. The movie was a financial triumph at the boHeartstopper office and was nominated for numerous Academy Awards. On our website, you can find the Heartstopper trailer that you may view.


Heartstopper All at Once is a great movie with a lovely screenplay, story, and acting, making all the aspects of the film phenomenal. This movie has been rated 7 to 9 out of 10 by all the critics and has been loved by the fans; if you wish to watch the film, then you must give this movie a shot. You can watch the movie on Netflix

Frequently Ask Questions About Heartstopper

Is Heartstopper on Netflix Video?

Yes, you can watch Heartstopper on Netflix Video.

What is the age rating for Heartstopper?

Heartstopper ’s age rating is TV-14.

What genre movie is Heartstopper ?

Heartstopper belongs to the Drama and Romance genres.

Is The movie Heartstopper rated?

Yes, Heartstopper is TV-14 rated.

Is Heartstopper on Amazone Prime?

No, Heartstopper is not available on Amazone Prime.

Is Heartstopper on Apple Tv?

No, Heartstopper is not available on Apple Tv.

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