Rent a Girlfriend Chapter 321 Spoiler Revealed

Rent a Girlfriend, Chapter 321, is a manga story from Japan. Another big reveal was left open at the end of the last chapter of Rent a Girlfriend. As such, fans are looking forward to Rent a Girlfriend, Chapter 321.

We will also talk about the release date of Chapter 321 and the possible plot of Chapter 321 of Rent a Girlfriend. So keep reading till the end to learn more. 

Rent a Girlfriend Chapter 321 Spoiler 

  • In the upcoming chapter, Chizuru can play the board game “Bounce Off” in the morning with Mini.
  • It’s sad for Chizuru to miss three times in a row, and Kazuya comes up to see what’s going on. Because she feels weak, Chizuru tries to switch with Kazuya, which makes her feel bad.
  • Mini gets Chizuru to stay, and in the game, she changes places with Kazuya.
    Kazuya has less fun with the game as Mini’s team gets more goals, creating a gap.
  • Chizuru says that the game should start over, and Kazuya and Mini work on their moves.
  • Even though Chizuru tries hard, she has trouble with the game, and Kazuya sees how dedicated and calm she is. Kazuya admires Chizuru’s drive, and watching her play makes her forget about her own problems.
  • When Chizuru sees Kazuya and Mini’s sneaky looks, she calms down. The game is stopped, and it’s not talked about again.
Rent a Girlfriend Chapter 321 Spoilers

Rent a Girlfriend Chapter 320 Recap

In the previous chapter, Mini brought over the famous board game “Bounce Off” for Chizuru to play one morning. They were living together at the time. She wanted to have fun with your cat. It was sad for Mimi, though, because she missed three times in a row. To find out what was going on, Kazuya walked up to them. 

But Chizuru tried to switch with them because he felt inferior. It was uncomfortable for Chizuru, even though Mini told her not to, and she tried to leave. Mini talked her into staying, and she switched places with Kazuya. The game became less fun for Kazuya as he made his first move. The gap grew as Mini’s team scored more goals. To restart the game, Chizuru suggested starting over. 

Meanwhile, Kazuya and Mini practiced their moves. Even though Chizuru tried hard, she had trouble with the game because she wasn’t very good at it. In everything Chizuru did, Kazuya noticed how controlled she was and how hard she worked. She respected her dedication. 

Chizuru was determined. Kazuya found herself forgetting her worries. She felt this as she watched Chizuru rejoin the game. Then Chizuru quickly calmed down when he saw Kazuya and Mini’s sly looks. He stopped the game and brushed off the situation as nothing special.

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