Codename Anastasia Chapter 38 Spoiler Revealed

Codename Anastasia is a popular manhwa. The previous chapter ended, but it was interesting, and the next chapter will be out soon. Fans are very excited about what happens in the upcoming chapter. Now, the fans can’t wait for what is coming in the next chapter, 38. 

This blog post will tell you everything you need to know about Codename Anastasia, Chapter 38. This includes when the book is expected to come out, any new details, a summary, and more.

Codename Anastasia Chapter 38 Spoiler 

According to the blueprint, a ventilation fan was found in the right place in the house.

For air flow, vents throughout the house, even in the basement, are linked to the spire.

Getting past guards who had left their places. To get to the cellar, take the left road when you come to a fork. I heard a strange sound but thought it might have been rats. I found a piano in the dark cellar, which was a letdown. I thought about going down the air shaft to look around more.

After getting tired, they climbed back up, using gear to help them. The doorbell rang unexpectedly, and it was probably Sergei or one of his workers. It was an important message. Despite the problems in the house, she wants to go back to the room to rest.

Codename Anastasia Chapter 38 Spoilers

Codename Anastasia Chapter 37 Recap

In the previous chapter, Hari Noona and Minwoo are busy with their daily lives and church activities, but they find meaning in volunteering to help lost dogs and an old person. Even though their days are busy, they find time to do important things, and they enjoy giving back to their community. 

They meet a lot of different kinds of people at church and learn how rich relationships can be. He sees Hari Noona getting more beautiful while they are eating and hanging out, so he decides to help her reach her goals. 

When they talk about things they have in common, even when they act funny or weird, their relationship gets stronger. While they’re talking, they are given unexpected tasks, like taking care of a pet that is dying and planning the future of a friend’s business. Minwoo is hesitant at first, but he is determined to do what needs to be done. For him, doing what he’s supposed to do and wanting to make a change are essential. 

When they remember the times they talked with Father, they deal with the facts of life and the things they don’t know yet. They’re not sure what to do and are hesitant, but they jump at the chance to help and support those in need because they know that what they do will change their community. 

They make decisions based on their shared values and sense of duty when things go wrong or take a turn they didn’t expect. They learn throughout the journey how important it is to be strong, kind, and always there for each other when they need help. 

They are strong because they work together and are determined to make a positive change in the lives of those around them, even when things are hard or uncertain. Even though life is still hard for them, they are still sure that kindness and human touch can make a difference.

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