Fiona Allison: Who is She? Are Her Thoughts Positive About India?

Fiona Allison is a name that is going viral all over the internet. But most of the people who have been searching for her name have been asking Who is Fiona Allison and why she is becoming so famous. Is it another case of accidental fame? Or did she do something to earn 15 minutes of fame?

Hold on, dear folks! Because we are here to clarify all doubts and debunk all rumours going around about her. In this article, we will tell you all about Fiona Allison: who she is, her marital status and affairs, her career, her reason for gaining fame, her physical stats, her personal life, and some of her achievements.

We will also tell you about her net worth; you might be SHOCKED! So keep reading this article till the end!

About Fiona Allison

NameFiona Allison
ProfessionModel, Social Media Influencer, Content Creator
Based inFrance
Known forHer love for India, her work as a model and digital creator

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Who is Fiona Allison?

Fiona Allison is a French model and social media influencer who is well known for her fashion sense, which can be bold and questionable at times. Regardless, her fans and this amazing model love her.

She recently won massive popularity in India because of her posing in Sarees and embracing Indian culture. Fiona is currently a global influencer because of her immense wanderlust and love for all new cultures she discovers.

She is friends with models and actors all over the world and is also quite active in social work. You will be shocked to know that the Thai model is really new and has started posing for magazines recently in 2023. Her pictures went viral in 2020 because of her beauty and figure.

Fiona Allison Marital Status and Affairs

Fiona Allison is reported to be with an Indian guy named Sachidanand. Though Fiona’s nationality is French and her ethnicity is white, she is currently living in Mumbai, India. Here, she found her ex-boyfriend, Sachidanand.

fiona allison 1

However, the news of her dating Sachidanand has not been received well by her fans. Many have been pretty racist and called her out for dating someone well below her league. People have gone to lengths to insult her boyfriend, which has disheartened the soft-spoken and sweet French model.

However, she doesn’t take the comments personally and is very happy with Sachidanand. She used to post lovely pictures with sweet captions with him. Now she is single.

Fiona Allison’s Net worth

Fiona Allison’s current net worth is estimated to be over $1,000,000. Fiona Allison comes from a middle-class family, but her fame has given her a vast income. She lives lavishly in Mumbai and also owns a Range Rover. She also has a big house back in France. All in all, Fiona Allison leads a rich and elegant lifestyle.

Why is Fiona Allison famous?

Fiona slowly rose to fame after posting pictures of herself back in 2020. Her beauty and grace have captivated her fans, leading to a massive fan following on her Instagram account, which, in 2020, had around 1.7 million followers.

Her fans mainly belong to France, the USA, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. She became more famous after appearing in an Indian music video of the song Badnaam Kar Diya by Utkarsh Saxena. After that, she immediately became sought after and posed for multiple magazines in 2023, and her Instagram following rose to 1.9 million!

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Fiona Allison Height, Weight, Physical Stats

Fiona Allison is a beautiful woman whose nationality is French, ethnicity is white, and religion is Christian. She is a brunette who is 5 ft 7 inches or 173 cm in height. Her weight is 52 Kg. She loves doing cardio, horse riding and exercises that target her glutes.

For her milky and delicate skin, she mainly uses products meant for kids! Yes, she uses kids moisturizer and sunscreen, and for her long and luscious hair, she uses castor oil and coconut oil. She doesn’t limit herself by following a strict diet, but she is reported to eat mostly healthy food.

Fiona Allison Career

ProfessionModel, Social Media Influencer, Content Creator
Start of CareerStarted her career as a small time model for local brands in France when she was in school.
Known forHer love for India, her work as a model and digital creator.
Brands Worked WithGucci, Nike, LV, CK, Lounge, and others.
Magazine FeaturesFeatured in several fashion magazines and graced the covers of four prominent publications in 2023.
Brand AmbassadorBrand ambassador for various fashion and clothing brands.
Other InterestsHistory, Art, Sports.

Fiona Allison started her career back in 2020 after much contemplation. She had started posing as a model on Instagram. In many interviews, Fiona talked about how difficult it had been for her during the initial days because many people wanted to take advantage of her, and many people called her for official work and ended up wasting her time.

fiona allison 2

So she had to learn to trust herself and only a few managers. It was in 2023 when Fiona actually became a full-fledged model by posing for magazines like Forbes, Women Fitness, Ganap International, Los Angeles Business magazine and so on!

She also featured in Utkarsh Saxena’s new 2023 song Badnaam Kar Diya. Moreover, she also owns an Only Fans account for her mature audience, who crave her exclusive content.

Nominations and Honors

Magazine FeaturesGraced the covers of 17 magazines, including Women Fitness India, Downtown Middle East, Style Cruze (USA), and Coral (USA).
AwardsEarned two prestigious awards at different ceremonies in India.
BillboardsHer image has graced billboards in prominent locations in the United States, specifically in New York and Los Angeles.
Music VideoFeatured in an upcoming music video.
Philanthropic EndeavorsActively volunteers in Africa, making a difference in the lives of children in Tanzania.

Fiona has been named the French Muse who captured India’s Heart by LA Business Magazine. Fiona has been lauded for her increasing fame and heavenly looks. Hopefully, her career keeps soaring like this, and she gets featured more in music videos!

Award Winnings

Fiona Allison received an award for being the most glamorous international model in the Mr Miss and Mrs International Glamour Icon Season 5. Her pictures have been showcased on multiple billboards, and within a short period, that is, just three years, she has posed for over 17 magazines and won two awards for her modelling in India.

Fiona Allison Personal life

Fiona Alison is India’s new favourite Digital Diva, but she is very down to earth, and when she meets her fans on the streets, she acknowledges them and takes a selfie with them when asked for one. She loves to travel and has travelled to many countries like Tunisia, South Korea, Spain, Germany, Italy and so on.

Fiona has immense wanderlust and loves to adapt to various cultures worldwide. She also actively volunteers in Africa for children in need when she is free. She has supported three children – Graham, Joshua, and Godbless – at the Mariado School in Arusha. She is truly a wonderful and humble person!


Fiona was happily in a relationship with an Indian man named Sachidanand. She has fallen in love with India and Indian culture. She has been living in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, for quite a long time, and it is speculated that she lives with her boyfriend.

Her fans have mixed opinions about her partner, but she couldn’t care less. However, the couple has recently broken up and now she is single.

FAQS about Fiona Allison

Who is Fiona Allison?

Fiona Allison is a French model and social media influencer known for her bold fashion sense.

Why is Fiona Allison famous?

Fiona Allison became famous after posting pictures of herself in 2020, which led to a massive following on Instagram and opportunities in the modeling industry.

What is Fiona Allison's net worth?

Fiona Allison’s net worth is estimated to be over $1,000,000.

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