Is Bad Boys LA Star Kerrion Franklin Gay?

Kerrion has been suspected of homosexuality since he was a child. Despite a widespread belief that he is gay, there have been no official remarks.

Who is Kerrion Franklin?

Kirk Franklin (Instagram), a 52-year-old American choirmaster, is Kerrion’s father! He is best known for his leadership of modern urban choruses.

He has led several gospel choirs, including The Family, God’s Property, and One Nation Crew. Kirk’s eldest son, Kerrion, has followed in his father’s footsteps as an author, producer, cinematographer, and reality television star.

Kerrion stated that his parents enrolled him in a private school, and he accompanied his father to award events such as the 1999 Essence Awards. Kirk will then tour with Maverick City Music in 2022.

Allegations against Kerrion Franklin

Anyone who follows Kirk is fully aware of his struggles with his son Kirk. Kerrion’s disclosure of their phone records demonstrates that they appear to have a troubled father-child relationship.

The two of them were seen in the recording using obscene language, and Kirk later apologized to his supporters for his behavior. Nonetheless, the media is talking about them again following Kerrion’s tearful appearance in the Bad Boys: LA Super preview.

Is Kerrion Franklin Gay?

Kerrion has been a candidate for a long period of time, and his se*uality has always been a point of contention. Although he has never publicly identified as gay, it is difficult to be certain.

He has been rumored to be dating Durrell Smylie. However, this has not been proven. At the moment, the public does not know why he has such a wonderful relationship with his father.

Numerous individuals assume this is due to his sexual orientation. In any case, this claim is without merit, as there is no evidence that Kirk is homophobic. Kerrion could shed some insight on the matter.

Allegations against Kerrion Franklin

While several posts on social media stated that the TV personality was wrongly arrested, other conflicting accounts attribute the arrest to factors such as his supposed involvement in a murder or his car’s taillight.

Larry Reid, a social media personality, claimed that Kerrion Franklin was arrested without a valid reason. Additionally, the self-proclaimed digital artist claimed to have spoken with the jailed star, who then claimed he was wrongly arrested for a taillight issue with his automobile. Kerrion reportedly told Radar that his next court appearance, at which he can plead for bail, is scheduled for Tuesday, April 12.

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