Genting Highland cable car Accident Explain: Is It Real or Is is A Hoax?

Genting Highland Cable car accident explain – is it a hoax or is it skillfully covered up by the government? The news is spreading like wildfire on the internet, and netizens are confused about whether the accident really took place or if is it just fake news.

Before starting, we would like to inform you that this is not the first time such a thing has happened. Genting Highland has been quite famous for all the wrong reasons. In the past, such an incident was reported but if you can guess, no one mentioned it until this accident that took place in 2024.

To find out how many people died, how this accident happened and whether Genting Highland is really a safe tourist spot, you need to read this article as soon as possible.

You must read the article before you book your next trip to Malaysia, especially the beautiful Genting Highlands.

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Genting Highland cable car accident explain?

LocationGenting Highlands, Malaysia
IncidentA grave mishap involving the Genting Highland Cable Car system.
ImpactThe incident has deeply affected the local community and visitors alike, prompting a collective reflection on the safety measures in place at such attractions.
AftermathSeems to be a Hoax
ResponseFurther information surrounding the accident and the response from the authorities is being closely monitored by us.

At one glance into the news, it almost seems as if such a tragedy has never even occurred, as the only major news available about Genting Highlands is about landslides and a tourist accident.

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This looks very suspicious as people all over the internet are talking about the accident, and there are some news articles out there talking about the cable car accident. Still, none seem to give any proper details about the date, time, how many died, injured and other such crucial information that can prove the cable car accident.

Turns out there has been no cable car accident in 2024 as of yet. The only major accident was a van crash that claimed six innocent lives. Many netizens have taken to posting news about this unfortunate cable car incident.

The timing of this accident is a debatable topic. Some say it happened in broad daylight, either early in the morning or during the day break. It has been claimed that the rope of the cable car snapped, and the cable car fell, causing the death of over 17 people.

Many netizens in the comment section of this news have pointed out that if the news was accurate, why isn’t it posted as Malaysia’s top news? Where are the other details? Where are the relatives of the people who were killed? Similar news had been streaming back in 2016 when people got the news of cable car ropes getting snapped quickly.

The Pahang Civil Defence Force (APM) clarified that no such incident has ever taken place. They even hoped that the public would understand what the actual reality is and stop spreading fake news. They took to their official Facebook page to notify the people about the investigation.

So, as you can see, there are people who claim there has been a cable car mishap, but there are no proofs or witnesses of this accident. So what do you think? Is it all just a hoax? At least for now, it feels like a hoax.

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How many people died in the cable car accident?

If we talk about details, some news handles say that 17 people have been killed while some say that the entire cable car system came to an abrupt halt after that incident, and what happened is 70 people got trapped in multiple cable cars for hours, causing mass hysteria and confusion in the otherwise peaceful and serene Highlands of famous Genting.

However, nothing can be said without proof. Neither of Malaysia’s higher authorities has spoken about this gruesome accident, so as of yet, people are advised to take this news as a hoax and nothing else.

Many tourists, while visiting Malaysia, make it a point to visit the Genting Highlands and especially try the Genting Skyway as it is the best way to observe the natural and serene beauty of Genting. With this news of cable car accidents running rampant all over the internet, it may indicate a drop in the number of tourists trying out the cable cars in Genting.

They might look for alternate ways of exploring Genting, like opting for vehicles rather than skyway. However, the situation of landslides, which is much more common and dangerous in Genting, makes opting for car rides an even riskier option.

Recently, in February 2023, there was a van crash that killed six people. The leading cause is the roads being full of fatal twists and turns and skidding. If the condition of the streets is not improved, it is expected that tourism in Genting might drop to an all-time low, and this will impact the Malaysian economy negatively.

Hopefully, Malaysian media will do an investigation regarding the supposed fatal cable car accident in order to save the tourism of the beautiful Genting.

How safe is a cable car?

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Cable cars today are much safer than they used to be back in the 70s, 80s, and even 90s. Today, cable cars need to meet specific standards in order to function as a regular mode of transportation. Cable cars in Genting are safe and secure as they are equipped with emergency brakes and appropriate safety handles.

According to Trip Advisor, the Genting Skyway can carry up to 2000 people with eight people per cable car, and it takes up to 15 minutes to travel up to the Mountain peaks. The speed is plodding at about 22 km per hour, making it safer for almost all age groups.

The well-known Leitner Ropeways design the system of cable cars; they are known for ensuring the safety and security of passengers in their cable car systems.

If you feel paranoid about whether the cable cars are regularly inspected and checked or not, rest assured, as the cable cars in Genting are periodically reviewed and maintained before every trip to ensure passenger safety.

So, just because of some fake news, don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit the lovely Genting Highland. Don’t forget to check out the cable cars because they are the main attraction of Genting, Malaysia.

FAQS about Genting Highlands Cable car

Has there been a cable car accident in Genting Highlands in 2024?

No, there is no concrete evidence to support such claims.

Are Genting Highlands cable cars safe?

Yes, they are equipped with safety features like emergency brakes and undergo regular inspections.

Why is there confusion about the cable car accident?

Some news sources have reported the accident, but details are lacking, leading to skepticism.

What is the impact of the fake news about the cable car accident?

It may lead to a drop in tourism to Genting Highlands.

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