8 Possible Reasons You’re Pooping Blood

Finding blood in your stool or whole poop can be alarming and shocking making you jump to conclusions, mostly negative ones. Though the reasons for a bloody stool are not always alarming, it should also be considered where the blood is coming from.

It can be for small health reasons or an alarming situation based on the health issues or the body’s reactions to any recent changes in the lifestyle or diet.

This article brings you, though not the complete medical details, valid information regarding what it indicates and when to see the help of the doctor and further details for a precautionary measure, just in case.

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What bloody poop is?

Bloody poop can be caused by many reasons like haemorrhoids, or in the worst case scenario, colorectal cancer, which requires immediate care and review.

Bloody poop can also be due to many other reasons like ulcers, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and anal fissures. Hematochezia, which is the medical term used for blood found in stool or rectal bleeding, can be determined by doctors or medical professionals.

When to see a doctor about bloody poop

What are the symptoms of rectal bleeding?

You can notice bloody poop while looking down or wiping off your business and find some clots or red colour along with your poop. You can also find your poop to be reddish-black in colour or dark red.

If the bleeding comes out from the butthole aka anus area, it can be called rectal bleeding. However it is stated that it can be anywhere from the gastrointestinal tract.

Any issues with the stomach, anus, small intestine or rectum meet in the same path and tract and any such issues with such organs also may have a bloody impact.

People may have different forms of finding blood in their poop like that of mucus mixed with blood, bright red or clots of blood.

Can food and drink cause blood in your poop?

Yes, it is possible if certain foods irritate the intestines. In the case of certain individuals, if they have an underlying health issue or a health condition like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), it can cause the stool to be bloody.

And also some food that is red can cause the poop to appear to be reddish like beetroot, and the most likely occurrence of a bloody stool would be any kind of allergies or food poisoning.

And it is to be noted that people who are allergic to dairy or milk or any other beverage, can cause irritation or inflammation, ending up having blood in the stool. People suffering from Crohn’s disease and ulcers in the intestines can make blood in the poop.

Bloody poop causes

Rectal bleeding can often be the result of any kind of allergy reaction or the bleeding can be from your lower colon or rectum. The blood poop can also be caused by a gastric ulcer, where an open sore is present, leading to bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract making the blood appear in the poop.

It can be also a symptom of colorectal cancer, but one should consult the doctor immediately in case of any family history and previous issues in health. Major common causes include haemorrhoids, diverticulosis, anal fissures, colon polyps, e.coli, peptic ulcer or colorectal cancer.

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Can food and drink cause blood in your poop

When to see a doctor about bloody poop?

If you find blood in your stool and have doubts regarding the major or minor results or symptoms of it, it’s better to consult a doctor who is specialised in that field. The doctor can ask to take a lab test, physical examination, endoscopy, imaging tests, gastric savage and laparoscopy.

These measures and steps can be taken when the doctor suspects certain conditions or issues based on the symptoms mentioned by the patient and the needful measures can be taken when the root cause is known such as blood in poop.

Hemorrhoids may not require the immediate attention of the medical professionals but it is to be treated as well, in case of prolonged illness.

But in the case of colorectal cancer, it requires immediate attention and action for checking in with a doctor and taking the required measures to assess the situation at hand as soon as possible, to not delay the period of treatment.

How to Treat Blood in the Stool?

It depends on how it affects your body and what kind of health conditions you are facing. If one has haemorrhoids or anala fissures, they would be advised to a diet that is rich in fibre and frequently hydrates themselves to poop in a small quantity.

And any kind of immediate or home remedies may not help for certain conditions. So to prevent such worsening of the situation, you are asked to consult with a doctor and work on taking up the medications prescribed which would be mostly antibiotics, drugs for anti-inflammation and other medicines based on the conditions.

The cause for such blood in poop can be discovered through various tests by medical professionals and one can conclude the cause of finding blood in stool, which can be either cancer (in the worst case scenario) or haemorrhoids, inflammatory bowel disease pylori infection, etc.

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Is blood in stool a sign of cancer?

It may be a sign of cancer. But it is not always the case. Jumping to conclusions or any kind of paranoia regarding finding blood in the stool is valid, as it is quite an alarming situation to face.

But to be rest assured, it is advised to consult a doctor and take necessary tests and medications as prescribed by them. It can also be due to inflammatory bowel disease, haemorrhoids, bacterial infection, or diverticulitis which also requires medical attention.

FAQ About Pooping Blood

1. Can food and drink cause blood in your poop?

Yes, it is possible if certain foods irritate the intestines.

2. When to see a doctor about bloody poop?

If you find blood in your stool and have doubts regarding the major or minor results or symptoms of it, it’s better to consult a doctor

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