Who is Chloe Bennet’s boyfriend in the year 2022? Is She Dating anyone?

Chloe Bennet is best recognized for her portrayal of Daisy Johnson on the ABC spy drama Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Among her additional film credits are Nostradamus and Valley Girl (2018). She provided the voice for the character Chase in Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast.

She is also renowned as an actress who has dated numerous men. Her allure and attractiveness are enticing. However, what else must we know about her relationship? Wonder no more.


Chloe Bennet: Is She in a New Relationship?

Currently, Chloe Bennet does not have a boyfriend. She has had numerous relationships in her lifetime. Let’s recall some of Chloe’s most successful former relationships. Even on Instagram, they stopped following one another. Your friendship with John Cody did not last. Chloe Bennet has been rumored to be dating various A-list celebrities, although she is now single.

Recently, she’s been linked to the actor John Cody from Power. John and Chloe were an item in 2020. They began dating in 2020 and posted photos of their emotional moments together.

This couple ensured that everyone was aware of their relationship status by frequently updating their social media following. However, their brief affair ended abruptly.

Their relationship appeared to end abruptly shortly after they began dating. However, the reason for the split was never discussed. John and Chloe did not date anybody else after their breakup.

Chloe Bennet’s and Logan Paul’s Relationship

Chloe also had a brief relationship with the American YouTuber and social media personality Logan Paul. After his breakup with Chloe, Logan stated in an interview, “I have so much affection for her, and I’m so fortunate that I was able to work on that film with her, spend time with her, and benefit from her presence.”

He said, “and in many respects, she became a beacon for me during a period when I had none.” It appears like Logan places a great deal of importance on their connection, but what does Chloe think of this? How did these two individuals first meet?

Chloe shared the same opinion. Chloe stated on Twitter that he also described Logan as “kind, creative, witty, vibrantly curious about life.

Logan and Chloe confirmed their relationship status on Logan’s vlog in July 2017 after being seen kissing in Hawaii. They met for the first time in the film Valley Girl when they worked together and became fast friends. Chloe appears to be a mature and considerate girlfriend.
However, they did not disclose the reason for their separation. Nevertheless, they spoke about one another.

Chloe Bennet & Austin Nichols Relationship

Chloe Bennet has been dating Austin Nichols for four years. Chloe Bennet makes good romantic choices,
Their four-year relationship is shocking. After dating in 2013, they parted up in 2017 Austin was Chloe’s on-screen boyfriend in 2013 on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Even when the cameras weren’t rolling, their chemistry was distracting. Those who knew them said they shared “tremendous affection and respect” Both are open about posting PDA and love images.

Austin and Chloe’s fans praised their social media activity. Austin and Chloe were last seen on April 29, 2017, at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

They didn’t specify why they split up, but they said they’re still friends. Everything went smoothly.

Sam Palladio & Chloe’s Relationship

Sam and Chloe had a short-eight-month relationship. The split rumors first surfaced after Sam’s interview revealed that he was currently single.

“I am not currently dating anyone.” I am unattached, unmarried, and currently uncommitted. ” During the premiere of his film, Runner Runner, the actor shared the truth.

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This couple does not provide us with a great deal of information. However, they appeared to have a steady and loving relationship. When Sam and Chloe began dating, neither of them was the subject of any negative rumors or unpleasant drama, despite the fact that both of their identities were becoming increasingly well-known.

Tony Oller & Chloe’s Relationship

Chloe was reportedly linked to Tony Oller, who played Chucky in The Purge, in 2012. Tony has also appeared in Teen Nick’s Gigantic and Disney Channel’s As the Bell Rings, in addition to The Purge. Now that he is a member of the successful music group M.K.T.O., Malcolm David Kelley has switched Tony’s focus to his music career.

Tony and Chloe were together for an indeterminable amount of time, however, they remain close friends. In addition, they did not reveal the reasons for the split. Apparently, Chloe never desired to discuss the specifics of her separation with anyone. Considering that they remained friends after the separation, it seems likely that it was amicable.

Chloe Bennet and Chandler Parsons were popular.

Chloe has been seen with men who are not necessarily her boyfriends. Originally, there was another male engaged in Chloe’s “entanglement.” Chandler Parsons was a well-known NBA athlete. This rumor began to circulate at an early stage. Chandler and Chloe were first sighted visiting the romantic Italian restaurant Pace in Los Angeles in November of 2017.

According to credible sources, Chandler and Chloe were affectionate and acted like a couple. Chloe was also spotted at one of Chandler’s games the day after their romantic dinner when his team faced the Los Angeles Clippers. Neither the NBA players nor Chloe have commented officially on the rumor. Even though they were not dating, it was impossible to deny that they had chemistry.

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