Who Is Arif Naqvi: How rich Arif Naqvi 2022?

One of Pakistan’s leading businessmen, Arif Naqvi, founded The Abraaj Group and the Aman Foundation in Dubai.
He also serves as the CEO of both of these organizations, which he established.
Abraaj Capital was established in 2002 by Naqvi, and in 2012, the company combined with Aureos Capital to form what is now known as The Abraaj Group

Who Is Arif Naqvi?

The renowned banker Arif Naqvi was born in Pakistan on 13 July 1960. Cancer is his zodiac sign, according to astrologers.

Two Dubai-based private equity firms, The Abraaj Group and Aman Foundation were formed by Pakistani entrepreneur Arif Masood Naqvi, who also served as its chief executive officer.

At the beginning of his career, Naqvi worked for Arthur Andersen in London and American Express in Karachi. He joined Saudi Arabia’s largest trading corporation, the Olayan Group, in the early 1990s.

Beginning in the 1990s, he joined Saudi Arabia’s largest commercial enterprise, the Olayan Group. In 1994, he started the Dubai-based investment firm Cupola with his personal funds of $50,000.

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In London, Naqvi worked for Arthur Andersen, and in Karachi, he worked for American Express.

Cupola Investments was the name he gave to his Dubai-based investment firm, which he founded in 1994 with his own $50,000.

MENA region’s first leveraged buyout was Naqvi’s purchase of Inchcape Middle East in 1999 for $102 million, with $4.1 million in equity. After that, he made a total of $173 million by selling off portions of the business.

Founded in 2002, Abraaj Capital was merged with Aureos Capital in 2012 to form The Abraaj Group.

As a collector of art, Naqvi has established a Middle Eastern art collection.

Christie’s sold Naqvi’s artwork for £2 million in 2018.


How rich is Arif Naqvi in 2022?

Naqvi is regarded as one of the wealthiest bankers in the world.

Arif Naqvi is a successful entrepreneur who hails from Pakistan. It is estimated that Arif Naqvi’s overall net worth is somewhere in the neighborhood of $ $500 million.

The particulars of his pay are currently being examined. His professional career is what provides for Arif Naqvi and his family financially.

Arif Naqvi Wife

Arif Naqvi, a Pakistani businessman, is married to Fayeeza Naqvi. She is the Aman Foundation’s Chairman and one of its founding members.

She has made a tremendous impact on Pakistan’s socioeconomic development during the past few decades.

Facts of Arif Naqvi:

  • He comes from the country of Pakistan.
  • His star sign is Cancer, and the element of his zodiac sign is Water.
  • His opposite sun sign is Capricorn, and his duality is Passive.
  • Naqvi is well-known as an art collector who amassed a collection of Middle Eastern artwork.
  • In 2018, Naqvi’s artwork was sold by Christie’s for £2 million.

Who Is Arif Naqvi – FAQs

Who was Abraaj's original founder?

The Abraaj Group was founded by Arif Naqvi.

How much money does Arif Naqvi have?

The net value is estimated to be approximately $500 million

What is Arif Naqvi's Age?

The 13th of July, 1960.

Why is Arif Naqvi well-known?

He is well-known for his achievements as a banker.

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