Villain To Kill Chapter 139 Release date , Spoiler , Recap & Raw scan

The Famous Korean Manhwa Villain To Kill Chapter 139, is set to be released. Villain to Kill is a manhwa that is written by Fupin and illustrated by Eunji. Fans have been waiting to know more about the upcoming storyline of this famous manhwa Series.

There are a lot of people who like Villain To Kill Chapter because it has a good story. 
In this article, we will talk about Villain To Kill Chapter 139 release date, plot, spoiler, and more expectations.

Chapter 139 Spoiler

The world has both bad guys and good guys. Cassian Lee is one of the good guys who does good things.

But when he goes to Greece to see his friend, things go badly. The strangest things happen, and Cassian wakes up in the body of a Korean high school boy who has just turned bad! He knows very well what is right and wrong.


Will it win out in the end, or will he give in to the darkness and turn into a bad guy? Cassian is having a hard time figuring out how to live in this new world because he is feeling mixed emotions and can’t figure out how the bad guy has turned inside him.

Evil wants and drives in the body he is now living in are at odds with his natural goodness and sense of right and wrong. If he feels the urge to embrace his new dark side, will he be able to fight it, or will it finally take over?

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Chapter 139 Release date

The Upcoming Villain to Kill chapter 139 will air on March 5, 2024, as announced by the officials.

Every Manhwa fans has been expecting for a while to hear from the authorities about when the person will be freed.

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Chapter 138 Recap

At the end of “Villain to Kill,” the Seven Captains attacked Seoul’s dark zones. This was a very bad thing for Cassian. Things are still not steady, even though Cassian has carefully planned and there have been some friends who showed up out of the blue, like Gaichi’s interesting offer. He has to deal with dangerous enemies and figure out how to get through a web of changing relationships and secret plans.

Things get even worse when the strange and strong Don King shows up. Having him around makes things even worse. There is a lot at stake for Cassian and he is under a lot of stress. He did something that will change his life and the lives of those around him. In the last fight, Cassian’s strength, imagination, and ability to connect things will be tested. It will also change the story a lot.

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