Return Of The Mount Hua Sect Chapter 113 Release Date, Spoiler, Recap

The Popular manhwa series Return of The Mount Hua Chapter 113 is announced to be released. The manga series Return of the Mount Hua Sect is written by Lee Dae-ho and contains pictures by Kim Seung-hyun.

Fans are must be eagerly waiting for the next chapter of this thrilling story.
In this article, we will talk about Return Of The Mount Hua Sect 113 Spoiler, expected released date, raw scan release date, recap & more expectations.

Chapter 113 Spoiler

Myung Chung had a hard time talking. He could now be sure. Bad ideas from the evil group made him see the world less clearly. There was no truth to his claim that he was making a lot of money; he was just a wandering monk who was content with food and drink.

Chung Myung scratched his throat harshly, as if he had just eaten hot charcoal. Yoo Iseol quietly walked up to Chung Myung and took the receipt book. He was eagerly anticipating the answer, which seemed set to go off at any moment.

Chung Myung and Baek Cheon got red eyes when they heard what they had to say. Yi Iseol got up from the ground and reached for the sword that was around her waist. She looked worried as she gave Jo Gol the account book.

Joe Gol quickly read it too and said, “Their answers made Baek Cheon and Chung Myung’s eyes turn red.” Three of them looked down their noses at the three who were born rich because they were poor, had no parents, or ended up running away.

Chapter 113 Release Date

The popular Manhwa series Return Of The Mount Hua Sect Chapter 113 is officially confirmed that released on February 28, 2024.

No one has heard from the officials in a while about when the release date will be and now we know the story will continue.

Chapter 113 Release Date Countdown

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Chapter 112 Recap

The Leader of the Demonic Cult instructed the Southern Edge Sect to kill the Mount Hua Sect. Now the Mount Hua Sect has to fix what they did wrong. They might also have to deal with that leader’s anger. Also, they might want to hurt the Mount Hua Sect or do something bad to stop it.

The other groups will have to think about how they feel about the Mount Hua Sect again. They might have to meet with them again or make new plans. They could also look into Chung Myung and the Plum Blossom Sword to either get along with him or fight him.

Chung Myung will have to deal with the notice and fame that came with his win. A new enemy or danger may also come up for him to deal with. He could also talk more about his background and how the Plum Blossom Sword is linked to him. He might also meet up with friends or foes from a past life.

People who follow the Mount Hua Sect, like Hyun Woo, will have to deal with the problems and changes their group is going through. With Chung Myung’s help, they might also have to learn new things or do new things.

Where to read Return Of The Mount Hua Sect Chapter 113 ?

Trustworthy sources for the series consist of Webtoon. Other sites don’t agree with what the author says. It’s worth mentioning that the official version came out not long after the public release. You may read Return of the Mount Hua Sect Chapter 113, in its entirety on Webtoon.

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