Who Is Symonne Harrison Dating? Nick Bencivengo’s Relationship Status

Symonne Harrison was given the name Symonne Brianna Harrison after she was born on June 19, 2006, in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. She is an American actress, dancer, model, and inventor, on top of all those other things. She had her first performance when she was just three years old. Furthermore, nine years have passed since Symonne began dancing. She has competed on a national level, performed at Walt Disney World, and danced for the Cleveland Cavaliers, which is her hometown NBA club.

Jim Harrison is the name of her father, and Tania Harrison is the name of her mother. At the age of seven, Symonne began her career as an actress. During that time, she had an agent in Ohio who was representing her interests. At the age of 11, she had the opportunity to showcase her ability in Los Angeles, and talent management in the city signed her up on the spot.

In order for Symonne to pursue her ambition of becoming an actor, her family uprooted and moved to California. Growing as an actress, getting better at what she already does, and learning from different performers have been really enjoyable for Symonne.

Additionally a kid inventor, Symonne has a design patent for her product, which is called the Bear On The Chair. The National Invention League considers Symonne a wonderful addition to their team as their Child Ambassador. Symonne is thrilled that her invention can be of assistance to autistic children. Her product was featured on the television show “Black-ish” during the holiday-themed episode that aired in December. Modeling is another hobby of Symonne’s, and she has been featured in the publication Art and Beauty.
Symonne enjoys her role as a social influencer on Instagram and YouTube, where the number of people who follow her is rapidly expanding.

This article is going to present the most recent details, and because people are interested in finding out who Symonne Harrison is dating in 2022, read on to learn more about it.


Symonne Harrison’s boyfriend? Nick Bencivengo?

Nick Bencivengo made the assertion that he and Symonne Harrison, the woman he had been dating for the previous eight months, were going to get married. The YouTuber updated his channel with the latest information. Despite the fact that the content’s creator, who was only 18 years old at the time, was conscious of his age, he felt that it was “the perfect moment” to move forward with the engagement.

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They did not tell anyone about their relationship until November 2021, despite the fact that they had been seeing each other for eight months at that point. On his Instagram account, Harrison posted the following:
It is now common knowledge that Snick exists. 11/23 I am the luckiest girl in the world because I am dating the most amazing guy in the entire universe.

The term “Snick” is a portmanteau formed by combining Bencivengo and Harrison’s first names.

Nick Bencivengo posts engagement video on YouTube

The celebrity of the video-sharing platform TikTok uploaded a video to YouTube with the title “We got engaged.” He proposed to the woman he was going to marry in Las Vegas, where they had vacationed together. He got down on one knee.

During the course of the video’s first ten minutes, he made the following remarks:

As you may or may not know, I’ve been with Symonne for the past eight months, and those eight months have been the best eight months of my life. I’ve been with her for the past eight months. We are fortunate enough to be able to spend practically every waking hour together; as a result, we not only adore one another but also have the best fun.
And he said:

“The year is now 2022, and I believe that right now would be an appropriate moment to propose marriage to Symonne,” the man said.

It was also the name of a song that Symonne Harrison and Nick Bencivengo had written and released together under the same title. Over a million people have already viewed the official film that was uploaded to YouTube.

On the other hand, it became clear that the film in question was a hoax (or was it?).

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