Stranger Things 4 episode 10 won’t happen, but more are coming

The fourth season of the show Stranger Things was the show’s greatest chunk to date, with lengthier episodes than ever before and a record-breaking audience with more than 287 million watched hours in its first weekend, making it the most-streamed series in the history of Netflix.

However, with the launch of the second volume on Netflix on July 1st, viewers were left wanting more after Episode 9 of the series ended on a perplexing cliffhanger.

Despite the fact that Stranger Things Season 4 won’t include a full 10 episodes, the Duffer Brothers, the show’s producers, have already hinted at what will take place in the remaining episodes of the series.

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 Recap

The second volume of the fourth season of Stranger Things blasted into Netflix on Friday, July 1, 2022.

After the incredible cliffhanger at the end of Volume 1, which exposed the origins of the Vecna, the Hawkins gang attempted to confront the terrifying beast in Volume 2.

After being taken over by Vecna in Episode 7, Nancy is permitted to go and is reunited with Steve, Robin, Dustin, and the rest of the Hawkins gang, who immediately get to work devising a plan to defeat Vecna/Henry/One.

stranger things season 4

Using Max as bait to entice Vecna to attack, Steve, Robin, and Nancy enter the Upside Down to discover and kill Vecna’s helpless body, while Eddie and Dustin serve as mines.

Mike, Will, Jonathan, and Argyle are able to locate and rescue Eleven from Brenner’s new Nevada desert facility.

Knowing that they would not be able to return to Hawkins in time, they take Eleven to a local pizzeria, where she is able to return to Max’s thoughts and assist in defending the town from a Vecna attack.

Eddie sacrifices himself in order to give his new companions as much time as possible while Steve, Robin, and Nancy fight Vecna in the Upside Down (or so it seems).

But not before Vecna executes his plan by killing Max (although Eleven keeps her from dying for good), which creates four portals through Hawkins, allowing the Upside Down to seep into our world and forcing the Earth to rip through the town and distant particles. It is terrible to fall from the sky.

Finally, after being destroyed by Vienna, the gang reunites in Hawkins, where Will discloses to Mike that the dreadful monster hasn’t been killed yet, and they pledge to continue fighting until he is vanquished for good.

Stranger Things 4 Episode 10 Will Not Happen

Unfortunately for fans of Stranger Things, season 4 will only contain nine episodes, therefore there will be no episode 10.

Season 2 also featured nine episodes, while seasons 1 and 3 each had only eight.

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In contrast to the prior episodes, which were all released simultaneously, Netflix aired Stranger Things 4 in two parts. Volume 1 contained the first seven chapters. However, Volume 2 only had two episodes. Because there will not be the tenth episode, there will not be a third volume.

Some of the episodes in season 4 are as long as feature films, giving the season a total runtime of 782 minutes (13 hours and two minutes) as opposed to 467 minutes (7 hours and forty-seven minutes) in season 2.

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The Duffer Brothers on Stranger Things.

Fans of Stranger Things will be pleased to learn that season 4 will not be the series’ last installment.

It was announced in February 2022 that the science fiction horror series would return for a fifth season.

However, despite the confirmation of a fifth episode, it was also revealed that Season 5 will be the series’ final chapter, thereby concluding Stranger Things.

The co-creators of Stranger Things, the Duffer Brothers, said in a message posted on the program’s social media pages that the initial goal was to screen the show for ” four or five seasons,” but that the story was “too huge to convey in four.”

In their letter, the co-creators affirmed unequivocally that “Season 5 will be the final.”

In addition, the duo said that the plot will continue in the form of various spinoffs.

“There are still many interesting stories to be told in the Stranger Things universe,” the duo said, alluding to “new mysteries, new adventures, and unexpected new heroes.”

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