Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound Chapter 65 Official Spoiler Leaked

Anticipation for Chapter 65 of “Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound” is steadily building among fans eager to delve deeper into its intricate plot. Excitement surrounds reports of official spoilers being leaked in English, giving readers a sneak peak into what awaits in this captivating manhwa series.

In this blog post we will investigate these rumored official spoilers in English as they emerge; discussing potential impact they could have on story development as well as anticipation among fans. Fasten your seat belts for a fascinating discussion about this highly anticipated Chapter 65 release!

Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound Chapter 65 Release Date

The popular manhwa Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound, Chapter 65, is going to release very soon. Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound, Manhwa fans are looking forward to knowing what will happen in the upcoming chapter. As per the official report, Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound will officially release on February 12, 2024, on Kakaopage.

Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound Chapter 65 Spoiler

In the last part of Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound, St. Dolores encounters a major challenge as she investigates the origins of a widespread illness.

She suspects that the disease may have originated in the slums, where it is more likely for people to become ill.

The individual diagnosed with the deadly illness has limited time left before falling ill, enduring immense suffering before passing away.

Dorothea possesses empathy towards others and is eager to contribute to finding a resolution for their predicament. Prominent figures request her presence at a rehabilitation facility.

It is not surprising that the upper class can be uncivilized and bothersome. It is common for individuals with immense influence and wealth to display such behavior.

Their actions at the camp indicate that they might have ingested something unpleasant. Although it may not have appeared to affect Dolores, it actually did.

Her actions stem from her personal convictions and principles. One of these beliefs is that divine power, such as God’s love, should be selfless.

This is considered to be the closest humans can come to being like God, so this reasoning is rational. When Dolores visits severely ill patients, she witnesses the diligent efforts of the nocturnal Bloodhound.

Vikir was aware, based on his previous life, that certain saints possessed unique methods of healing those in their proximity. He also performed good deeds that accumulated positive karma, enabling him to channel divine powers.

Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound Chapter 65

Dolores and others were astonished by the speedy and efficient functioning of our Vikir motor. This scene revealed the unfortunate reality of people’s numerous flaws, evoking strong emotions.

The Baskerville family, recognized as one of the top seven prominent families in the “Rok” Empire, holds a reputation for their strength and commitment to their customs. Within this family, Massivo assumes the role of the antagonist, leading the group of fierce individuals.

Hugo, known as the empire’s greatest blade saint and the leader of his clan, has successfully defeated numerous monsters, preventing any barbarian invasions.

He has always been known for his strict leadership, but recent events suggest that his formidable demeanor may be weakening.

Individuals are curious about the level of stability Hugo possesses and the information he holds while his family engages in conversations or prepares for a significant feast.

It is evident to everyone that he is highly enraged. Vikir, Hugo’s nephew, assumes a crucial role in the story as he assists the family in financial affairs, which has the potential to alter their future.

Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound Chapter 64 Recap

1. Emotional Encounters and Secrets Unveiled:

The chapter begins with Hugo experiencing a range of emotions, from Pomelian’s visit during a thunderstorm to Penelope’s nervous reaction to his moustache. Vikir, Hugo’s son, senses something unusual and reveals Pomelian’s mysterious background and visit to their property.

2. Puzzling Revelations and Perplexing Thoughts:

Hugo is left perplexed, wondering about Penelope’s age and the mysteries surrounding Pomelian. Vikir, witnessing his father’s openness, learns about the upcoming Baskerville feast, triggering Hugo’s memories with the Ballak warriors.

3. Unease and Family Traditions:

Vikir reflects on his unease in the luxurious surroundings and Hugo’s openness about the feast, a Baskerville tradition. The narrative hints at the influence of Hugo’s past with the Ballak warriors on the family’s traditions.

Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound Chapter 65 Spoiler

4. Doubts and Protective Measures:

Vikir doubts Hugo’s actions, especially concerning Pomelian, and decides to keep a careful eye on the situation. Recognizing the importance of Pomelian’s pendant, Vikir fears that Hugo’s love for her might endanger the family’s legacy and pledges to take decisive action.

5. Rumors and Midnight Attack:

Fast-moving rumors surface about Sindy Wendy’s midnight attack on Vikir, which he skillfully avoids. The chatter suggests a past connection between Vikir and Sindy Wendy, and Vikir’s return from presumed death is shrouded in mystery.

6. Intriguing Past and Financial Maneuvers:

The conversation reveals Vikir’s rejection of a substantial sum, raising questions about his past. Sindy Wendy’s expertise in financial matters is highlighted, indicating a complex history. Vikir recognizes her power despite their history and commits to managing the intricate network of ties and threats jeopardizing the family’s security.

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