Project Slayer Trello: How To Get Ores

Project Slayer Trello is a game that will take you directly to the virtual Demon Slayer world, the popular anime and manga. It is a Roblox game by Project Slayer. The players embark on an adventure and fight the enemies, use the skills, and earn rewards and upgrades.

The game is a hit among many fans. Fans, especially Demon Slayer fanatics truly want to explore more about the game. Let’s get into all the details about Project Slayer Trello.

Project Slayers Trello also has the Ores. Ores are basically the game currency that you can get from the shop. However, in the game, the question always comes around how to get the Ores.

The article will provide every answer to the questions related to the game Project Slayer Trello. Read the article until the end if you want to learn about Project Slayer Trello and how to get the Ores.

What is Trello?

Trello is a kanban style and web-based list-making application. It was considerably developed by Trello Enterprise, a subsidiary of the software renowned Australian-American software company Atlassian.

However, it was first created in 2011 by Fog Creek Software. Then it was sold out to Atlassian in 2017. The original authors of the company are Joel Spolsky and Michael Pryor. Trello is available on both Android and iOS.

Trello is basically a task board with different columns where users can update their. The tasks can be moved between different columns. It includes task statuses– to-do list, Done list and In Progress list.

It is preferably used in personal and office works like real estate management, software project management, lesson planning, web design, gaming and many more.

Project Slayers Trello: How To Get Ores?

In the Project Slayer Trello game, Ores are used to purchase Robux-based items. Players have to gain Ores to get Wen, race and breathing resets, boosts for exp, and spinning for a new demon art and clan. The useful components. One can easily understand that this is the best way to find a spin.

Players can get it by completing The Final Selection Quest. Leaving that, one can even get it by looting it from a Tier 1+ Chest. However, it has a setback, players can only have a very little, just a 1% chance to get one out of the chest. 15 clan spins are equivalent to 2 Ores.

In the first method, the Final Selection Method players will get an Ore but they can not repeat the quest unless they revert to human again. So gotta be careful.

On the other hand, by slaying Bosses one can obtain chests. But only a few will drop a chest. Players may want to kill Kaden, Sabito, Zenegutsu, Shiron, Sanemi, Giyu, Nezuko, Slasher Demon, Yahaba, Sasumaru, and Hand Demon.

Ores can be used by hitting the M key on the keyboard, on mobile, tap and hold. Then click Shop. You can see Ire at the top of the menu. Click the Use button to purchase the various in-game items.


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What is the Project Slayers Trello Link?

The easiest way to get to the link is to head towards the Project Slayer Trello page. Click the link below to get all the details about the game.

Check out the Project Slayer Trello here —

Who Runs the Project Slayers Trello?

Project Slayer Trello is a game by Roblox Platform. Ouw0pp created it in November 2020. Along with Ouw0pp, other developers are Knoxity, Diabolica Elias, Note, and TBGlitch.

Does Project Slayers have a Wiki?

Yes, Project Slayer has a Wiki page. But it is a community where anyone can contribute. The page currently is not detailed enough however it might get better in the future. But for now, stick to the Trello page.

How To Redeem Project Slayers Codes?

Project Slayer Trello codes are easy to use. Follow these simple steps to redeem the code–

  • First, open Roblox
  • Then launch the Project Slayer
  • Find the menu from the bar
  • Click the book icon
  • Enter the code in the box
  • Lastly, click the redeem button

Project Slayers

Just like code helps gain more benefits, Codes in Project Slayers Trello are extremely useful too. They provide you with in-game goodies, coming from the developers. Codes are added when players archive new milestones.

It includes Wen, free demon art spins, free clan spins, and XP. Codes stay for very less time, even less than a week. So players need to redeem it early before they expire.

Codes can drop at any moment– as a reward for hitting milestones, or as an apology for bugs and shutdowns, or as a reward for new updates. Codes usually grants in-game currency and ability benefits but sometimes it can also grant exclusive items that were usually hard to achieve.

  • NewYear24Spins–players can get 25 daily spins, 25 art spins, 75 Clan spins
  • NewYear2024Breathing– the benefits include Breathing Resets
  • NewYear2024Race– Benefits include Race Reset.

How do I become a Demon?

To become a demon, players need to locate the demon Muzan. However, players have to wait until night time as he spawns only at night time. He appears in random spots in the dark hours.

Players have to find five Blue Spider Lilies flowers. Bring these to Muzan along with Doctor Higoshima. To find the Blue Spider Lilies, players can easily find it on the map as it appears randomly on the map. It can be found in the town too. Be attentive and you can find it easily. 

After finding the Blue Spider Lilies, bring these flowers to Doctor Higoshima and then take them to Muzan. In the end, Muzan will provide his blood as a reward and then the player can turn into a demon.

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