Naomie Olindo coming back to Southern Charm with a new look! with plastic surgery

Naomie Olindo will be making her way back to Charleston and Southern Charm for season 8, and many viewers are excited to see how she has changed. On June 23, the first episode of the new season of the Bravo show will air, and the cast, including Venita Aspen, Craig Conver, Austen Kroll, and Kathryn Dennis, are now getting ready for it. Let’s find out more about Naomie from Southern Charm and see if we can determine whether or not she has had plastic surgery.


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Naomie from Southern Charm has had plastic surgery?

Yes, in 2018 Naomie Olindo opted to get a nose job. She revealed to Bravo that she had craved the procedure ever since she was a child.

The Southern Charm discussed her procedure, expressing her satisfaction and wishing she had undergone it sooner.

To be transparent about her surgery, Naomie released before-and-after images on Instagram Stories.

Fans recognize Naomie’s weight decrease

Her look has evolved over the years since she first appeared on Southern Charm in 2015, and fans are eager to comment on her beauty whenever it comes up in conversation.

Naomie disclosed in 2021 on The Skinny Confidential Him & Her that she is a pescatarian and that she chooses to engage in intermittent fasting as a means of achieving her weight loss goals.

Naomie mentioned that in order to form a habit of eating healthier foods, a smart approach to start is to choose a smoothie before eating the other food that you want to consume. “It took me over a year to lose weight, but people noticed all of a sudden, but it was a long build-up,” she explained. “But it was worth it.”

Naomie of Southern Charm had filler in 2021 as well

In addition to undergoing rhinoplasty in 2018, Naomie, age 29, chose cheek, chin, and jawline filler as well as Botox injections, according to cosmetic injector Cameron Moskos.

In 2021, she posted on Instagram that Naomie had visited her office for “a little rejuvenation.” She said, “We reviewed her cosmetic goals and devised a plan to improve her cheekbones, chin, and jawline with dermal filler. Oh, and of course a sprinkle of Botox!”

Apparently, Naomie was “a dream” to inject, and images of her before and after the cosmetic treatment were included in the blog article.

The post contained photographs of Naomie before and after the cosmetic procedure and claimed that she was “a dream” to inject.

Follow Naomie on Instagram at @naomie Olindo to stay up-to-date with her latest posts.

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