Is Mason Jenkins Still In Prison Or Released In Parole? Mason Jenkins’s Career, Family, Relationship & Net Worth

A Canadian documentary film called Life with Murder was made based on the real-life incidents of Mason Jenkins murdering his sister, which sent shock waves throughout the nation.

The documentary film was released in 2010, primarily focusing on the parents of Mason who was convicted of murdering their daughter. This film went on to bag numerous awards including the International Emmy Award for Best Documentary in 2010.

For people who are unaware of the incident and about Mason, this article is here to provide more insights and details into the personal life of Mason Jenkins and what pushed him to murder his sister.

Who is Mason Jenkins?

Mason Jenkins was born in 1980 and he is 44 years old at present. He was born in Chatham, Ontario to Brian Jenkins and Leslie Jenkins. He had a younger sister, Jennifer who was shot dead by him when he was 20 years old.

It was revealed that Mason shot his sister twice in her chest and thrice in her head when she was 18 years old at that time. He was charged with first-degree murder and sentenced to life imprisonment in jail.

Considering his repentance for his behaviour that has turned his family upside down and resulted in losing his sister’s life, The Parole Board of Canada has kept him on the list of low to moderate range of risk repeating the same thing.

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Is Mason Jenkins alive

Is Mason Jenkins Still In Prison Or Released In Parole?

Mason Jenkins is still in prison serving his life sentence, and as per the information available online, he had no chance of parole for the crime committed for nearly 30 years.

But was given a temporary leave or break in 2019 to pay last respects to his father, who passed away under scrutiny of the escorting officer. The news of such heinous crime and murder within the family got spoken about and discussed online and offline owing to the controversial and unique matter at hand.

People were so engrossed in it as the family had lost two of their children, each being the perpetrator and the victim. How the family is coping up, and how are they still hoping for their son to get back was the intriguing question on everyone’s mind.

Where is Mason Jenkins today

Mason Jenkins at present is serving his life sentence in prison. No mercy was shown to him during his past 24 years of serving in jail and any chance of parole was also dismissed as he murdered his sister, in a cold-blooded way.

What is Mason Jenkins doing now?

At present, Mason Jenkins is said to have served his life sentence and also by doing community service in the volunteer group. He is serving life imprisonment for the crimes that he committed when he was 20 years old.

He shoot his sister twice in her chest and thrice in her head when she was just 18. Since then, he has been serving his sentence of life imprisonment in jail and was charged with first-degree murder.

How did Mason Jenkins start his career?

Any details regarding his career are not available online. He was sent to prison during the early days of his 20s and any chance of career prospects are impossible as he is serving his sentence in prison.

He is currently charged with a first-degree murder sentence for killing his own sister in 1998. He was sentenced in 2001 and was not let on parole even though he pushed for it.

Mason Jenkins net worth
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What is Mason Jenkins famous for?

Mason Jenkins is famous for his murder trial as he killed his own sister by shooting her five times, twice in her chest and thrice in her head. This real-life incident was taken into a documentary film which went on to gain huge popularity solely based on the director and this controversial subject.

Family Background

Mason Jenkins is the son of Brian Jenkins and Leslie Jenkins. They hail from Ontario and Mason also had a younger sister, Jennifer who was shot dead when she was 18.

Personal life

Mason Jenkins was born in 1980, in Chatham, Ontario to Brian and Leslie Jenkins. He had quite a controversial and turbulent personal life, as he was sentenced to lifetime imprisonment for the murder committed by him for shooting his sister.


Mason Jenkins’s relationship details are not disclosed to the public and further details and information about his previous relationships are not disclosed.

Nominations and Honors

A documentary film was made based on his life and his parents’ dilemma titled Life in Murder. His parents were at a loss with losing both their children, with one shot dead and the other serving lifetime imprisonment in jail.

Award Winnings

The documentary film gained much attention and garnered discussions about the family on how they lost their beloved daughter to their own son, who shot his sister thrice in the head and twice in the chest in 1998. He was charged with first-degree murder and sentenced to a lifetime imprisonment.

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Mason Jenkins Net worth 2024

The net worth of Mason Jenkins is unavailable to comment at the moment. Considering his criminal records and being charged as guilty of murder, he has been fulfilling his sentence in prison and hasn’t been let out on parole even once, except in 2019 for performing his father’s last rites.

FAQ About Mason Jenkins

1. Is Mason Jenkins alive?

Mason Jenkins is not dead and he is alive and continuing his sentence. Any details after his 2019 30-hour escorted release have not been publicly stated yet. But considering the sources online, he is alive and is awaiting his parole consideration in 2026. 

2. What is the name of Mason Jenkins's sister?

Her name was Jennifer.

3. How old was Mason Jenkins when he killed his sister?

Jennifer who was shot dead by Mason Jenkins when he was 20 years old.

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