7th Time Loop English Dub Release Date, Dubbing Cast, Trailer?

The story is about a prince and princess, which we used to listen to when we were little. Our ancestors told us that kind of story, and we loved that and eagerly waited for that moment after coming back from school or studying.

This story is like that, some nostalgia. The 7th Time Loop is a fantasy story, but it has some unexpected twists. Yes, but here I’m to tell you a little secret: the twist is going to be a hate-love story like the worst enemies to lovers.

But the question is: how can they become enemies to lovers? We have to know why we have read this article, and after that, we have to wait for that day when the 7th Time Loop English dub will be released. But when will the English dub be released? How do you know? simple; just read this article.

7th Time Loop Storyline

The MC of this character has six lifetimes, and she has already lived six lifetimes. Eventually, she gains more and more experience from time to time. She is Rishe. Rishe’s past life was as a poor peddler, a rich merchant, and also as a knight.

She lives this life with different phases of life every day she learns and gains. As a knight, she fights against other knights too, but her life is too short. But it’s her last chance, so she wants to spend her life wisely and in a richer way, not as poor.

Her wish was granted by God, and she was born as the daughter of a duke. Also, her marriage is fixed with the crown prince, like in a fantasy story, but that prince killed her in her previous life.

But if she wants a happy and good life, will she survive, or will history repeat itself? What is going to happen? If she survives, then how? What if she manages to know everything? We have so many questions, and to know the answers, we have to watch the anime.

7th Time Loop Season 1 English Dub Release Date?

If you are waiting for us to watch 7th Time Loop season one with an English dub, then we have some good news for you: 7th Time Loop started airing in English sub, and it will also be released with an English dub on February 11, 2024.

It’ll continue airing one by one. You just have to wait some more days to watch the full anime in English dub, or you can watch it one by one as it’s airing.

7th Time Loop English Dub Countdown

Timer expired

7th Time Loop English Dub Episode List  

  • 7th Time Loop Episode 1- Sun Feb 11, 2024
  • 7th Time Loop Episode 2- Sun Feb 18, 2024
  • 7th Time Loop Episode 3- Sun Feb 25, 2024
  • 7th Time Loop Episode 4- Sun Mar 03, 2024
  • 7th Time Loop Episode 5- Sun Mar 10, 2024
  • 7th Time Loop Episode 6- Sun Mar 17, 2024
  • 7th Time Loop Episode 7- Sun Mar 24, 2024
  • 7th Time Loop Episode 8- Sun Mar 31, 2024
  • 7th Time Loop Episode 9- Sun Apr 07, 2024
  • 7th Time Loop Episode 10- Sun Apr 14, 2024
  • 7th Time Loop Episode 11- Sun Apr 21, 2024
  • 7th Time Loop Episode 12- Sun Apr 28, 2024

Where can I watch the 7th Time Loop English Dub?

If you are in Japan, you can watch the 7th Time Loop without any disturbance on AT-X, Tokyo-MX.

Each episode started airing on Sunday. If you live in another country, you can watch 7th Time Loop with English dub on Amazon Prime and Hulu with subscriptions, but we anime lovers (otaku) love anime to watch on Crunchyroll, agreed!?? I know. That is why 7th Time Loop is also available on Crunchyroll.

Thanks to Studio Kai, Hornets, and other creators for this amazing story (anime). Also, you can watch 7th Time Loop on Netflix.

7 loop english dubbed cast

7th Time Loop Rating

The audience is happy with the plot, character growth, and how they react. If you want to know, then here it is: it got rated 8.5/10 on IMDB and 7.86 on MyAnimeList. You can see the result till now; it’s the result when we have some more episodes to air.

Just guess what will happen after all the episodes finish airing. We already know the result, don’t we? With more and more love and positive reviews, it’ll be a total blast in 2024.

The manga has a good rating of 7.31/10 on MyAnimeList; you can see the excitement here.

7th Time Loop English Dub voice Artist

We have yet to get an official announcement regarding the 7th Time Loop English Dub cast. Here is list Japanese voice artist.

CharacterVoice By
Hein, ArnoldShimazaki, Nobunaga
Imgard Wertsner, RisheHasegawa, Ikumi
Auguste Hein, TheodoreIse, Mariya
DennisOno, Tomohiro
DianaShimizu, Ayaka
DietrichOkamoto, Nobuhiko
ElsieTsuda, Minami
Evan, MichelleOno, Daisuke
Friedheim, Oliver LaurenzToki, Shunichi

7th Time Loop Blu-ray and DVD Release Date

We don’t have any news about the 7th Time Loop DVD and Blu-ray release date. The creator did not give us any official news about it, and we don’t want to spread rumors, but we can assume that it will come out quickly after all the episodes finish airing.

We have to wait till season one ends. When we get some news from the creators about it, we will let you know for sure. Till then, enjoy the show’s online streaming platforms.

Will there be a chance for the 7th time loop in Season 2?

As of now, there is no news about 7th Time Loop season 2. The studios and creators have not announced anything about it, but after the end of season 1, the creators will let us know about season 2.

Before the announcement, they will review the rain, and we know it will be a blast. So there can be season 2 on fan demand.

For now, we have to concentrate on season 1, and we have to do our best to rate this anime if we want season 2, of course. The manga has good ratings and reviews, and the anime will get more love from fans.

Is there a trailer for Season 1 of 7th Time Loop Eng Dub?

There is no trailer for the 7th time loop English dub, but it will be released shortly. The anime will be released in English dub on February 11, so there is no time left for the English dub trailer release. Just stay with us, and we will tell you when it will be released.

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