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The Lost City was eagerly waiting to watch this new movie, The Lost City which amazon prime produced. Finally, the long-awaited movie of amazon prime The Lost City was released on March 25, 2022, and all the details like age rating and parents’ Guide have been updated in this article, so before watching this new movie know everything about the movie The Lost City and read this article without missing any latest updates.

The Lost City Movie Overview

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The Lost City Quick Info

The Lost City (2020)

  • Movie Name: The Lost City
  • Writer: Oren Uziel, Dana Fox, Adam Nee
  • Director: Aaron Nee, Adam Nee
  • Cast: Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, Daniel Radcliffe
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy
  • Music: Pinar Toprak
  • Production:Luis Alfaro, Rebecca Deelo, Maria Eliza Franco
  • Producer: Liza Chasin, Sandra Bullock, Seth Gordon
  • Cinematographer: Jonathan Sela
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Original Language: English, Spanish, Latin
  • Available Languages: English
  • Filming locations: Samana, Dominican Republic
  • Available On: Amazon Prime
  • Release Date: March 25, 2022

Storyline Of The Lost City

Loretta is abducted by a wacky millionaire who reads her latest novel and thinks she can help him find the lost riches of an old city while she and Alan are on tour promoting it. Alan, intent on proving he can be a hero outside of the pages of her novels, sets out to save her.

Parents Guide for The Lost City

Parents Guide of The Lost City will give the parents clear discrimination on the avoidable content of the movie, which is not suitable for the kids to watch, and as The Lost City movie has the age rating of PG 13. It includes different sex scenes, nudity scenes, and drug use, and it also contains some violent activities, so it needs to be avoided by kids of age group 13 and below.

Tips for Parents Guides

As a parent, there are many things to keep in mind when watching a movie or television show with your children. Here are six tips to help guide the way.

  • First, look for review sites that specialize in family-friendly movies.
  • Consider the age of your children and choose to program accordingly.
  • Start with G-rated movies: It is important for parents to start with G-rated movies and then move on to PG and PG-13 ratings as children get older.
  • Be aware of what your child is watching. It is important to be familiar with the content of the movie before allowing your child to watch it.
  • Always be sure to check the movie’s or show’s age rating before watching it.
  • You should hunt for a synopsis or review of the movie or television series online.

What Parents Need To Know Before Going To Watch With Their Kids

When parents are watching any movie or series with their underage children, they need to pay attention to the content of the movie as the movie involving extreme violence and drug, alcohol use or any nudity science can leave a bad impact on the children, so before watching any movie or series, parents need have the clear awareness about the age rating of the movie.

The Lost City Movie Age Rating?

The movie The Lost City has an age rating of PG-13, which means parents should not be allowed to watch the movie for kids aged 13 and below as it contains inappropriate scenes for the kids.

The Lost City Movies Country Wise Age Rating

Country Age Rating
FranceTous publics
United Kingdom12A
United StatesPG-13

The Lost City Movie includes

  • Consumption of a*cohol
  • S*oking of ci*arate
  • Some S*xual
  • Use of p*ofani*y.
  • String language
  • K*ssi*g

The Lost City

Harsh Language And Profanity in The Lost City Movie

  • 3 uses of “a*sho*e”.
  • 3 uses of “s*it”, and 4 uses of “a*s”.
  • Use of d*ck
  • 3 uses of s*it
  • 7 uses of a*s
  • 3 with h*le
  • 1 use of c*ap, s*upid, and g*d

Violence & Gore In The Lost City Movies

  • Imagine if National Treasure and Romancing the Stone were combined into one action-adventure comedy.
  • There is a good deal of comedy, but there is also some bloodshed.
  • The film has gunplay, explosions, hand-to-hand action, and some graphic violence.
  • One man has been shot in the head, mostly out of sight.

Is The Lost City contain S*x, Romance, and N*dity?

  • With its protagonists working in the romance novel industry, The Lost City is surprisingly mild. Several passionate k*sses are exchanged.
  • It’s worth noting that Sandra Bullock spends the entirety of the film dressed in a rather cleavage-revealing costume.
  • Involuntary male n*dity. Abstinence from female n*dity is strictly enforced.
  • Moreover, Alan’s butt is exposed in a full n*dity scene.
  • As a reward for helping the helpless girl, you get a few k*sses at the end.

What’s The Meaning Of The PG- 13 Age Rating?

The movie The Lost City has an age rating of PG- 13, which means kids below the age group of 13 should not watch the film as it contains scenes unsuitable for them. Hence, parents need to know about all this avoidable content before playing the movie in front of their underage kids.

Is The Lost City Appropriate for Kids Under 13?

Since The Lost City has a certain amount of strong content in it, which includes body horror, gun violence, domestic violence, explosions, and torture, it is hard to say that the movie is suitable for kids under the age of 13 years because all of the strong content in the film might be heavily traumatic for the kids under the age of 13.

Why Do Parents Need To Give Importance To The Age Rating?

  • Parents must pay closer attention while selecting a movie to watch in front of any child.
  • Movies containing violence, s*xual activities, drug use, and other avoidable content come with a warning, and parents must pay attention to such films and select wisely.
  • All the movies provide proper age ratings to advise the parents regarding avoidable content for their kids.
  • Parents need to be aware of R-rated movies and should not allow their kids to watch such films.
  • Movies containing illegal content can disturb the child’s minds, and they can also learn unnecessary things from them.

Release Date Of The Lost City Movie

After watching the trailer of The Lost City, The Walking Dead was eagerly waiting for the movie’s release date. This new movie series on amazon prime was released on March 25, 2022, and the movie is available for streaming on amazon prime.

What Is The Runtime Of The Lost City Movie

The runtime of a movie is the length of the movie. The runtime can be found on the internet or in theaters. Most movies are about two hours long, give or take a few minutes. However, there are some exceptions. The runtime of The Lost City is 1 hour and 52 minutes.

The Lost City Movie OTT Release date

The Lost City was released in theatres on March 25, 2022, theaters all across the world. On the other hand, after the success of the movie in theaters, the movie was released on OTT platforms on June 25 where Amazon prime video has the ownership of the rights to stream this video on their platform all across the world.

Where Can You Watch The Lost City Online

The Lost City is a new science fiction thriller that should be at the top of your list to watch if you are seeking something fresh to watch in this genre. On March 25, 2022, the movie The Lost City will be made available to the public. If you want to view this movie online, your only option is to use the streaming service amazon prime.

Review of The Lost City

Nicely played, everyone did an excellent job, but Daniel Radcliffe stood out as particularly entertaining; I always look forward to seeing what he does next. It truly does make the most of Channing Tatum’s features, and it does work; he is insanely attractive, and there are several tongue-in-cheek moments; he seems to be a good sport about it all.

The Lost City Movies Rating on IMDb

Many people who watch the movie live their reviews on IMDb, whether negative or positive. These reviews will be helpful for those audiences who haven’t watched the movie yet, as they will give them a clear picture of whether the movie is worth watching. The movie The Lost City has an IMDb rating of 6.1/10, and around 95k IMDb users have given this vote.

The Lost City Movies Rating on Rotten Tomato

People are very satisfied with this new predator movie, The Lost City, and are dropping positive reviews all over the internet. On rotten tomatoes, the series has 79% of Tomatometer around 260 reviews, and 83% of the average audience score which is 2500+ ratings.

Our Rating Of The Movie The Lost City

The tale provided a lot of fun to read. I really enjoyed the places that were chosen, as well as the special effects that were used. You might make the case that it was a little bit dated, perhaps. Some of the more tender and romantic parts were possibly a little cheesy, but I guess that was to be anticipated given the subject matter. It is worthy of a perfect score of eight out of ten points.

The Lost City Movies Character & Cast

Sandra BullockLoretta Sage / Angela
Channing TatumAlan / Dash
Daniel RadcliffeAbigail Fairfax
Da’Vine Joy RandolphBeth Hatten
Brad PittJack Trainer
Oscar NuñezOscar
Patti HarrisonAllison
Bowen YangRay the Moderator
Stephen LangFantasy Villain (as Slang)
Joan PringleNana
Héctor AníbalRafi

Set Photos, Poster, Promotional Images Of The Lost City Movie

The Lost City Movies Trailer

On March 25, 2022, The Lost City was released and almost immediately became a classic. The tale of a humble guy who possessed a tremendous amount of compassion moved people on every continent to tears. The movie was a financial triumph at the box office and was nominated for numerous Academy Awards. On our website, you can find The Lost City movie trailer that you may view.


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Frequently Ask Questions About The Lost City

Is The Lost City on Prime Video?

Yes, you can watch Pirates on Amazon Prime

Is The Lost City on Apple Tv?

No, The Lost City is not available on Apple Tv.

Is The Lost City on Disney?

No, The Lost City is not available on Disney

Is The movie The Lost City rated?

Yes, The Lost City is Pg-13 rated.

What is the age rating for The Lost City ?

The Lost City’s age rating is PG13.

Is The The Lost City on Amazon Prime Video?

Yes, you can watch The Lost City on Amazon Prime Video

What genre movie is The Lost City ?

The Lost City belongs to the Action, Adventure, Comedy, and Romance genres.

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