Secret Class Chapter 210 Spoiler Updates

Through the new bound knowledge he got, Dae soon started developing feelings for his sister, Mi-Ah, which she gets uncomfortable with. The latest episode of the manhwa will discuss whether Mi-Ah would love Dae. Let’s dive in!

In This article, We will Discuss About Secret Class Chapter 210 Spoiler And Recap.

Secret Class Chapter 210 Spoiler

As a way to teach him, Su-Ah chose to go for a walk in the nearby park one day. The park is a great spot to get him to see things and learn more about them.

Over time, he learns what love and relationships are all about. Su-ah leaves her daughter Mi-Ah with him to talk to him in a soft, loving way so that he will learn more. She is able to plant the idea of love in his thoughts.

Dae starts to like Mi, and all of a sudden he kisses her in public in the park. She played over the awkward scene in her mind until she could make sense of it all. The soft rustling of leaves and the swaying of trees were all around her.

At home, both Mi-Ah and Su-Ah’s mom looked like they were under a lot of stress. They were both aware of how bad it had been the night before, so they avoided making eye contact rather than deal with it directly. The story of Mi-Ah and Dae Ho’s growing love will be told in the next episodes.


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Secret Class Chapter 209 Recap

At the beginning of the chapter, Mia and Juri are in a café. Mia seems upset. When Juri asks, Mia says that she’s been sad lately, but she doesn’t say more. The next scene shows June and Dae Ho having a private moment, which is cut short when June tells Dae Ho to stop.

While everyone else is gone, Dae Ho tries to calm her down by asking for privacy. June, on the other hand, makes them think twice about continuing to talk at home and hints at possible consequences.

Dae Ho keeps their relationship separate while telling Su-Ah that he needs to see her. June says she will leave because she can’t stand the situation. Dae Ho starts to question her love and loyalty because of this, so he forces her to have more intimate contact.

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