Paul Boukadakis Net Worth: What’s an actor’s salary?

Paul Boukadakis would have accumulated a net worth of $20 million by the year 2022.
Paul Boukadakis, an entrepreneur in the fields of technology and media, was born in the United States.
Tinder purchased his firm, Wheel, in 2017, and he is now serving as CEO of the video-sharing app as well as being one of its co-founders.

He was given a promotion to the post of vice president of special initiatives at Tinder as a direct result of the purchase. The Cuban-Spanish actress Ana de Armas, with whom he is currently romantically linked, is the one who brought Paul to the attention of the general public.


Paul Boukadakis’s early life

Paul Boukadakis was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on February 9th, 1984
He was the son of Michael Boukadakis and Paula Francis Wagner, his parents being Greek immigrants to America.

The date of his birth indicates that Boukadakis is currently 38 years old (as of 2022). On February 9 of each year, he celebrates his birthday by cutting a cake.
Additionally, he earned his high school diploma from Bishop Kelley. After that, he turned his attention to pursuing a career in acting. In the business sphere, he has also amassed a large number of devoted followers. At the moment, Paul is both an accomplished actor and a prosperous businessman in the profession.

ENACOMM, his father’s IT firm, was founded by him. He enrolled at Bishop Kelley High School to pursue his education.

Paul Boukadakis Career

Tinder’s co-founder Shaheen was promoted to the role of Vice President of Engineering, while Paul was given the post of Vice President of Special Initiatives at Tinder. Alongside Wheel, an additional streaming platform, he was one of the original founders of OnAirstreaming.

In addition to his employment in technology, this individual is a huge movie buff in his spare time. Paul’s work includes the creation of music videos as well as advertisements.

According to a number of different accounts from various media organizations, he started his career in the entertainment industry in the year 2007.
Rushers was his first role in a film and his debut short film, which was directed by his brother Joey and served as his film debut.

Since then, he has been in a variety of movies and television episodes, including Dangerous Worry Dolls, Dinner with Raphael, and A Fuchsia Elephant, to name just a few. The Snow Monster and Lucy in the Sky with Diamond are two examples of the short films that he has produced in the past.

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Who is Paul Boukadakis Girlfriend?

Paul Boukadak is in a relationship with the Cuban-Spanish actress Ana de Armas. She started her career in her native Cuba.

She gained notoriety through her role as a holographic artificial intelligence. She received a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical.

On April 30, she turned 32 and took to Instagram to post a photo with her boyfriend. She wrote in the caption, “Thank you so much for the wonderful greetings and love! “Cheers to another year of success!”

Paul Boukadakis Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Paul Boukadakis in 2022 is roughly $20 million. After so many years in the media and technology industries, he has earned substantial wealth.

In 2015, Boukakakis co-founded Wheel. The company’s name at the time was Ferris.
Joey Boukadakis and Brian Daughter are two additional co-founders of the video-sharing application. They designed the application to make viewing videos on mobile devices more fun. In 2015, Upfront Ventures made a $2 million investment in the firm.

In contrast, the video-sharing service Wheel failed to gain traction. The app was downloaded 5,000 times and ranked 574 in the Photo & Video area of the App Store.

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