Olivia Flowers and Austen Kroll: Do They Have a Relationship?

Olivia Flowers is a well-known actress from the television show Southern Enchantment, and many are curious about who she is seeing.
Olivia is a wonderful, beautiful woman who has joined the cast. During the NBCUniversal upfront presentation, the North Carolina native told us, “I’m really excited for everyone to meet her. She restores, in my opinion, the allure of our program.

Earlier this month, when the brewer and Olivia accompanied Shep and Taylor on a romantic trip to Napa, California, they gave fuel to the romance rumors. The recent trip, during which the men served as judges for Hall Wines, was described by Austen as “simply Napa has done well.”

Olivia is Austen’s girlfriend, and they are currently dating. The two individuals look great together. According to usmagazine.com, the couple is finally prepared to reveal their feelings for one another before the eighth season of Southern Charm. They have been enjoying their time together.


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Continue reading for more details about the new love interest of Jane Austen:

1. Where did she get her start in life?

Olivia remarked on social media in April 2021: “Before moving from Laguna Beach, California to Greenville, South Carolina in April 2021, some of my first memories with my family were created in this tranquil location.” By posting an image of Palm Desert, California, she revealed that she was once a California native.

In addition to Laguna Beach, Olivia has lived in Dallas, Los Angeles, and South Carolina over the years.

2. Which University Did She Attend?

The former Los Angeles resident graduated from Clemson University in May 2015.

3. What does she do for a living?

The TV personality has recently shifted from a career as a model to that of a photographer and cameraman. You may check out her work with Koz Films, a company based in Charleston, on their social media site.

4. Which deceased musician was her favorite?

Olivia has shown her appreciation for Elvis Presley repeatedly on Instagram. In February 2022, in honor of the premiere of the first trailer for Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis, which will be viewed in theaters in June 2022, she paid homage to the late artist.

“I’ve been anticipating this Elvis celebration for quite some time! Elvis’s passionate voice played throughout my childhood. As a sentimental old soul, I’ve always believed that oldies music and films encompass everything nostalgic. Through the use of cinematic time travel, bio-dramas provide each generation a sense of the impact legends like Elvis had on our world. I am also present for this event.

5. Has she experienced reality television?

Olivia had previously made an appearance on MTV’s Teen Cribs prior to making her debut on Southern Charm in 2009. She showed off her Dallas home along with her brother, Conner Flowers, displaying her golf area, backyard pool, and playrooms for movies and sports. When Olivia was 17 years old, she filmed the episode in question.

6. Does Instagram Have Olivia Flowers?

Olivia Flowers is represented on Instagram as @oliviabflowers. She has acquired 16,000 followers with 162 posts. On her Instagram account, she has detailed what she does every day.

Olivia Flowers is the primary character in the short film Chasing Waves and has collaborated with Chelcie Might and Jeff Prater. Olivia was born in South Carolina and grew up in Dallas, Texas. She attended Clemson University and received her degree in 2015. Kiara Ramirez was in charge of its operation.

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