Jen Hatmaker Divorce: What caused their split?

Why did Jen Hatmaker decide to get a divorce and go on a new path in life? In the year 2020, the well-known American author made public her choice to terminate her marriage to her former husband. Her decision was met with widespread support. Find out more about the Jen Hatmaker divorce and the personal life of the host of the television show by reading this article.


Jen Hatmaker Biography

Jennifer Lynn Hatmaker was born in the United States on this day in 1974. In addition to her other accomplishments, she is a Christian speaker, author, blogger, and TV personality. In multiple issues of Christianity Today, she has been featured.

Jen shared on Instagram that she is dating Tyler Merritt, and Tyler was pretty thrilled about her new relationship when he met her family.

Together with her husband and five children, she starred in the HGTV reality program Your Big Family Renovation. The narrative of the show centered around the Hatmaker family’s move into their new home.

There is a Jen Hatmaker biography on Wikipedia. According to Wikipedia, she has the following characteristics:

When Did The Divorce Happen?

In September 2020, Jen and Brandon finalized their divorce.

Jen requested that her fans and followers pray for them and respect their privacy in a Facebook post. She told everyone she was astonished and heartbroken herself.

None of them anticipated a divorce. Request that individuals respect their right to privacy and refrain from requesting divorce reports be made public. She thanked people for their kindness and pleaded for safety and the strength to recover and rebuild.

Why Did Jen Hatmaker Divorce Her Husband?

Jen Hatmaker initiated divorce procedures against her spouse, Brandon Hatmaker, in the year 2020.

the two were frequently seen together at a variety of events around the globe.

In 2014, she starred alongside her husband and three children in the reality television series “Your Big Family Renovation.” The public’s reaction to the divorce’s causes is one of perplexity and confusion.

Brandon Hatmaker has been given ministerial ordination. In Austin, Texas, he and his wife created the Austin New Church.

Additionally, they founded Legacy Collective, a non-profit organization devoted to the prevention of child trafficking, sustainable housing, and healthcare. They began dating in 1992 and were wed the following year, in 1993.

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Their five children are named consecutively Beth, Ben, Gavin, Remy, and Caleb. Jen aired her anger at her prior lover on Instagram by posting that she was “shocked, heartbroken, and broken-hearted.”

Although both parties have kept the cause for their divorce private, there were suspicions that Brandon was having an affair, but these rumors have never been proven or refuted.

Do Brandon and Jennifer have children?

Five children were born to the former couple: Gavin, Caleb, Ben, Remy, and Sydney Beth.

Remy and Ben were adopted from Ethiopia when they were five and eight years old.

Jen said on TODAY how adopting Remy and Ben altered her perspective on racial inequity.

Jen Hatmaker Instagram

Jenhatmaker is her Instagram handle. On her Instagram account, the support of 549K followers is dedicated to fans. She adds new pictures from both her personal life and her professional life on an almost daily basis. There are a combined total of 834k people that follow Jen Hatmaker’s Facebook page.

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