Is Troy Roberts Married? Learn About Troy Roberts’s Spouse, Wiki, Net Worth, Career

Troy Roberts is a well-known television journalist in the United States. His birthday is September 9th, and he was born in 1962, thus which makes him 55 years old.

It was in the city of Philadelphia, in the state of Pennsylvania, in the United States of America that he was born.

He is well-known for his work as a journalist for the American news magazine television series ’48 Hours,’ for which he has held the positions of news anchor and reporter.

NameTroy Roberts
ProfessionTV news reporter, anchor, and correspondent for 48 hours of mystery
Birthdate9 September 1962
Birth PlacePennsylvania
Net Worth$1.5 Million

Is Troy Roberts now married?

Currently, there is no suitable response to the question, “Is Troy Roberts married?”

Troy Roberts is not yet married and does not have a partner or children. Even though he’s married, he’s obligated to disclose it, but little is known about his private life.

Therefore, the likelihood of producing children is diminished. In 1996, Troy was formerly linked to the American radio personality Robin Quivers. Due to personal difficulties, they broke up after dating for over a year.

Troy Roberts has kept his private life private and has not shared it with the outside world.

As Troy has not maintained a social media presence for his personal life, the ludicrous idea that he is homosexual has circulated. Roberts did not share his dating life or girlfriend, or else he would have secretly wed and not disclosed the fact.

In 2003, Troy Roberts adopted the 48 Hours Series character Jonah Grey Roberts as his son.

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The Health of Troy Roberts

Reporters frequently find themselves the target of gossip from their fellow employees. The disease that Troy Roberts was suffering from is one example. Some people are under the impression that he vanished because of this problem.

This is not the case, despite the widespread perception to the contrary. Some individuals had the mistaken impression that Troy Roberts was significantly more ill than he actually was. He had been recovering from a little stroke when we saw him, but now he is in perfect condition.

It was reported that he was suffering from the sickness; however, he has now been cured, and Troy Roberts, who is now 60 years old, is in excellent health.

Troy Roberts’s Net Worth

Troy, has worked as one of the most well-known TV news presenters and anchors, and he is currently a correspondent for the show 48 Hours Mystery.
According to various reports, his wealth is reported to range anywhere from $1 Million to $5 Million.


Troy Roberts Wedding

Troy Roberts has not disclosed any information about his personal life on any of the available platforms. As a result, his marital status has not changed from single to single, and he does not have a girlfriend.

He hardly ever uses social media to keep his friends and family up to date on his life. He is not coupled up with anyone at this time. In the year 1996, Troy was a buddy of Robin Quivers, an American radio personality.

Some people claim that they dated for a year before ending the relationship due to various personal problems. In 2003, he took Jonah Grey Roberts, a boy from the 48 Hours Series, under his wing and raised him as his own.

Because he did not share any of his personal details with anyone, there was also a notion circulating that he was maybe gay.


For eight years, Roberts served as a host and producer at KPIX-TV, a San Francisco-based television station owned by CBS.

Before relocating to New York to work for another CBS-owned station, WCBS-TV, he spent five years working for KATU-TV in Portland. During his tenure, he reported for Channel 2’s This Morning and anchored local news segments for CBS Morning News.

Roberts has co-anchored the CBS News program Up to the Minute since 1993, conducting interviews with newsmakers and notable figures. Between 1995 and 1996, Roberts co-anchored the CBS Morning News.

Nevertheless, Troy Roberts established a successful career in journalism and gained a reputation in the area.

FAQ About Troy Roberts Wiki

What is Troy's identity?

Troy Roberts is a television news reporter, news anchor, and 48 Hours Mystery correspondent.

Who is Troy's wife or girlfriend?

It is unknown

What is the approximate age of Troy?

59 Years of Age

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