What Happened To Gloria In Emmerdale? Here Is All the Information We Need!

What Became Of Gloria On Emmerdale Gloria Weaver is a recurring character in the long-running soap opera Emmerdale. During the episode, she weds Eric Pollard and then vanishes.

People are interested in learning more about what took place with Gloria in Emmerdale. Continue reading to find out more about Gloria and find out what happened to her in Emmerdale.

Gloria Weaver Wikipedia Explored

Gloria was chosen as the Hotten representative in 2002 and was based in Parliament.

Eric frequently visited her in London. The character was never formally eliminated from the show, even though we did not see her again until September 2003. We feel that the marriage has ended now that she has returned to London and resigned from her position as an MP. It is unclear what is occurring at the moment.

The departure of Gloria from Emmerdale will occur on August 3. She is devastated by the news that Eric and she never talked about marriage and that she should not make assumptions about their relationship.

Eric visits her residence to apologize and convey his love for her, but he discovers the necklace he bought her too late.

In Emmerdale, What Happened To Gloria?

Formerly known as Gloria Pollard, Gloria Weaver was Eric Pollard’s fourth wife during their marriage.

When she initially appeared on the show, she was a member of Ashley’s congregation, and she was vocal in her opposition to the connection that he was having with Bernice.

As a result of Kelly Windsor’s unreliability, she was promoted to the position of receptionist at the veterinary clinic. She did, however, end up meeting her future husband, Eric Pollard, and the couple went on to have four children together.

What Is Gloria Weaver’s Age?

In the year 2022, Gloria will have reached the age of 72 years old.

She was born on November 24th, 1950 in Leeds, which is also her hometown. Gloria has lived there all of her life.

Her information has been made available on the website emmerdalefandom.com, and it states that she made her debut on May 30th, 2020.

In Emmerdale, what happened to Gloria Weaver?

After having Eric Pollard appraise her antiques, Gloria Weaver was compelled to sell them due to financial difficulties.

Eric then purchased a pair of vases in the belief that they would complement Gloria’s. When he provided it to her, she was required to give him a greater sum than she was paid.
Gloria also provided Eric with her deceased husband’s stock trading documents because she did not comprehend them.

Gloria Weaver Actress

She is well known for her role as Gloria Weaver in the soap opera Emmerdale. Coronation Street and Family Affairs are among the numerous shows in which she has appeared.

Despite having been on a number of television shows, her primary stage work has been as an actress. As a performer, she has appeared in a number of plays and comedies.


Emmerdale, a fictional village in the Yorkshire Dales, is the location for the British soap opera Emmerdale, which started in 1989 as Emmerdale Farm.

The first episode of Kevin Laffan’s Emmerdale Farm aired on October 16, 2005. Filming interior sequences has long been a staple of Leeds Studios’ filmography.

Amerdale, a historic name for Littondale, may have inspired the name of the series, which was shot in Arncliffe, Littondale.

Originally, outside sequences were shot in Esholt; today they’re shot on a set at Harewood Estate. Every ITV region has the show.


When did Gloria leave Emmerdale?

The actress quit the show in 2004.

Eric married Gloria in Emmerdale, right?

Gloria and Eric’s wedding took place in Emmerdale.

What is Eric Pollard's age from Emmerdale?

Born on May 19, 1948, the actor is actually 74 years old, making him three years younger than his portrayal.

Who is Eric's spouse in Emmerdale?

In actual life, the actors who portray Eric Pollard and Brenda Walker are married. They have shared numerous scenes together, including kissing scenes in lockdown that initially perplexed viewers. In 2008, they first became a couple, and eight years later, in June 2016, they wed.

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